has anyone questioned the impacts down the road of life for medical law?

stormcloudmafia (@redriffle) 7 years, 10 months ago

in a day and age where its quickly becoming second nature to pop little colored pills created in a lab to “heal” so many new and powerful illness that didnt even exist 100 years ago….
human controled by law to altar physical, mental, and even mindstates threw the same group of few deciding for you, what to do..
its really not different than hilter… just a more plotted out ant farm for use to run and eat whats put infront of us….

theres a reason for a secret burred bunker contain ORGANIC seeds of most plants of earth in the arrtic… and theres a reason the ones who help create the concept of money own this…
and theres a reasson this money bought the disipearing plane…
smae man with seeds, and money was the only man out of 5 with ownership of a patendent aprroved days into dispersing…
and theres meaning as to what that ownership of new technology dealing with a conductor of new and greater power currents are capable…. is in one mans hands
a man who now hold seeds, owns money, and new power technology
… i think we foooked lol
is there a pill for this?

March 27, 2014 at 3:44 am
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