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Calvin (@Calvin-Drews) 5 years, 10 months ago

Awhile ago, HE published several articles by my friend Justin Alexander. He’s a world traveller and does lots of adventures. Recently he was on a bike trip around india on a royal enfield motorcycle. Now he’s gone missing and his friends and family have enlisted a search and rescue party but he hasn’t been found! it’s been OVER a month since he was last seen. there is a page on facebook making updates on the search: https://www.facebook.com/adventuresofjustinalexander/posts/1168428839905789?hc_location=ufi

We know that other hikers must have seen him, but we have no way to contact them. If someone with information reads this and gives us more information, it could make the search area smaller…right now its over 30 square km. If you have a blog or if you have any friends who amy also be in the area, word of mouth could help us identify other hikers in the area.

if you have any question or information, please ask https://www.facebook.com/adventuresofjustinalexander/?fref=nf

thank you,

October 12, 2016 at 12:02 am
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