Heart racing, love, and other things.

 Jimmy (@VastOneAlive) 7 years, 8 months ago

I never really believed in love at first sight because I myself had never experienced anything like what people describe it as, until within the last year so.

If I remember right, growing up I maybe got the heart racing and chest thumping once or twice before I reached my twenties. And it was only on a girl that I had a huge crush on. But it would pass rather quickly – either I got over that feeling or I got to know her and realized I was just in lust for her, which would also pass in time. A few months at the most.

But now I’ll see this one girl, and it always happens. Heart races, hard to breathe, etc. I can still talk and be fine around her, I’m not incapable of being normal when I’m feeling these things. I’ve just never had it last this long or happen this often. I wonder why I feel this strong attraction, why it feels like more than just an attraction. It feels more like my brain is telling me, “Hey bro, wake the fuck up, cause this girl is perfect for you. Go get her.”

Maybe It’s just lust again. But maybe not. I’m hesitant to say it’s love. Almost everyone has different descriptions for what they believe true love is, so I won’t go there. I’m just wondering, how often do you people get this feeling? It has never persisted like this in my life, that’s why I would put it ip there with the definition of love at first sight.

February 11, 2014 at 8:08 pm
jgreen (35) (@andropar) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

I had it with my girlfriend and still get it when I’m with her. And I definitly think that I found a potential partner for my whole life in her.

In my experience, you better go and try whether you two fit together or not. If yes, congratulations, if no, atleast you can say “I tried.”. Just go on a date or two with her, have fun, show the best of yourself when you’re around her.

And believe in love, its a wonderful thing.

AlmaA (0) (@Alma) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

I say give it a try..would you rather think what could have happened if you went after her 3years from now…I really don’t know what true love makes you feel or if we have soul mates but either way I say try it. Good luck!

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