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I’m pretty sure that ganja and all of the different strains of this plant are capable of solving just about every problem there is on this planet? Obviously some other forms of entheoginic plants, personal self-explorations, and inter-connectedness are catalysts as well. But at the core of planet earth is the marijuana plant. A cure for just about anything because of the ability to build up the body’s immune system using oils and raw forms of the buds/leaves/roots (curing anything by a means of nourishing the natural defenses and powers of ones entire body instead of trying to attack whatever the ailment is by formulating drugs). I shower in that shit. The mind expanding and overall calming effect of getting high, and the variety in which this occurs too. Enables neurons to fire more creatively and stimulates neurogenesis. Aside from all the benefits to humans, there is no other type of plant that is as well rounded in all the things hemp can be and what it does for the earth. Foreseeable unlimited resources. And I know this is generalized, but if you look at the way humans have evolved, or at least just look at how our bodies have the capability to adapt to the different climates there are, this is what made the human being the dominant species in the animal kingdom: the best ability to adapt, advance, and survive. In the same way, I believe cannabis is the dominant species in the plant kingdom seeing how the plant survives and adapts/changes to different environments. Like if you had a dozen or so seeds of the same exact strain and spread them out all over the globe to different environments, after a few generations the resulting species would all be slightly altered. So I see parallels between humans and weed. Perhaps a partner in evolution? if ya look at how long humans have been reefin’. And maybe things were designed this way? Thoughts?

P.S. I’m 22, jobless and broke :). And in my laziness I have decided the best way to beat this sick monopoly game is to get really rich. So I’ve come up with a big-business idea involving our magical plant companion (I know ppl say stuff like that all the time but its pretty much a sure bet, simple in concept but will take a hwee bit of effort and money). So if time and space is no matter to you and ya wanna go into business and get rich and continuously super high and help the world at the same time, lez dooo it. Like I said though, I have no cash at the present moment. This isn’t the main purpose of the post though, so only if you’re serious or have suggestions.

August 5, 2014 at 5:01 pm
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