Heres a message about God

Greater ordinance directives
The greater ordinance of directives is life in it’s finest detail.
It’s everything, the past, present and future, and everything that has happened
or that is bond to happen.
To understand G.O.D, you must refer back to the electrolysis.
Everything has an energy, energy flows through everything.
This is the electrolysis.
The electrolysis contains all the information of whatever has happened, will happen.
It’s the essence of life.
Everything that has happened, the information from it, goes back into the electrolysis.
It records and contains all the information of everything we done or has happened, therefore it 
records everything that is wrong or right.
The electrolysis is the energy that takes a turn in everything, including individuals.
taking in everything that is possible, thus it is infinite, it flows through us all
At one point in time or another.
The nature of infinity is something that never ends, reality is infinite, time is an illusion.
Time doesn’t exist.
Reality started years ago, mistakes happened over and over, time simply repeats it self.
What G.O.D and the electrolysis wants is that everything that is wrong, wouldn’t happen
This is called perfection, G.O.D Knows everything but in order to know everything infinity must have
had already happened.

Life would be flawless, in order for this to happen
Everything must repeat itself over and over, infinitely, in order to see everything that is possible.
Which is never ending, everything that happens, repeats over and over, every little thing we do right
gets recorded and used for further analysis from G.O.D and the electrolysis.
The electrolysis jumps from person, to person, thing to thing, too and from every atom that exists
Will exist or has already existed

For example: If I tried to do everything to the best of my ability and I mess up.
The electrolysis jumps from me to something else, such as when I have no choice but to throw a styrofoam
cup into the garbage instead of somehow recycling the item, though it’s probably burned for fuel, it isn’t the perfect or best option.
Randomness could happen over time, infinitely, so the atoms of that cup, or my other potential actions
Will be infinitely played over and over in time, until the most suitable, perfect, flawless version is created
This analog applys to everything else, that has happened, will happen or even won’t happen.
You must refer back to G.O.D in anything and everything that you are doing.
Think of life in it’s finest detail and do the best you can, always refer back to G.O.D
and remember about the electrolysis, which is the information infinitely obtained from reality and recorded.

June 30, 2016 at 7:29 pm
Sergeant Major General loony tunes (15) (@downscript) 6 years, 1 month ago ago

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