HighExistence — You need to get Higher, or become BuzzFeed

 TheSeer (@drallarnnat)3 years ago

HighExistence content has grown down as HighExistence as grown up. I’ve noticed a steady decline in the overarching sophistication of the content. I don’t blame you; it’s hard to output steady content this long, let alone content of the highest quality. 

The eye-grabbers like “5 ways to do X” and “Top 7 reasons you are Y” are not as novel as they once were; the web is oversaturated. Further, the rigor of the content is not what it once was. When I found HighExistence years ago, I felt that they catered to a group of people who wanted to be revolutionaries in one way or another. Now, it appears the target demographic has somewhat shifted: HighExistence has jumped on the “counter-culture fad” bandwagon.

Time is due for a change in your goals or your implementation of your already-existing goals. Don’t be another content mill; don’t be a buzzfeed for counter-cultural sophists.

Just some friendly advice from one of your longest-standing active members. 

June 23, 2017 at 5:30 am
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