Homework Duration

Nathan (@birdmannan) 9 years ago

For those who are in school/university/research or anything. I would like to know how much time you spend doing homework each day.

Personally I get an average of about 1:45 – 2 hours per day. I’m in University at the moment and all my subjects are quite heavy on the workload. This amount however is not enough for me to get an HD on some subjects, so I think an average of 3 would be suffice. I record the amount I do every day for the past 4 weeks now.

Thanks, Nathan.

September 15, 2013 at 4:07 am
Viner Cent (50) (@Viner-Cent) 9 years ago ago

Huh, good question. Im in school and I think I spend like an hour or so a day. But university is another thing. You know what is one thing that is really good for understanding and memorizing something? My brother (whos in university) is taking every lesson and cutting it down to the important stuff and rewriting his notes to like a page or less per lesson. That way you see if you know it and you have an advantage at your tests

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