Need 6 HEthens to RP with!

Justin (@justinc123) 8 years ago

So HE, I’m positive I want to write books and become an author. I plan on writing some education, philosophical, social-political books, but first, I want to write Fiction. The first book I plan on writing is Fiction, so Im looking to get a little more experince in character structure, developement, structure, etc.

So in the following post, I’ll be explaining the rules, and then soon after, the set, setting and plot of this hopefully succesful RP. :)

November 21, 2013 at 1:26 pm
Justin (20) (@justinc123) 8 years ago ago

Character Slots:

Justin (20) (@justinc123) 8 years ago ago

-Stay consistent with the plot!
-Stay consistent with plot development and your character development
-Don’t troll! If you’re going to participate, don’t do anything ridiculous. Be creative, but don’t purposely try to throw the story
– Profanity and relationships between characters are allowed, just try not to be gross or to vulgar
-If at any point you decide to stop with the RP, find a way to kill your character off or pass them on to somebody else!

Once I have enough participants! I will be the one to kick off the RP. DO NOT start Role Playing until all slots are filled!

Justin (20) (@justinc123) 8 years ago ago

Story Basis:

The year is 3250. Humanity has recently received a message from the center of it’s Galaxy, the Milky Way. The message states “To find the secrets, you must first return 7 of you to sender.” 7 brave humans have been assigned with the task of making this voyage to find what mysteries lie at the center of our Galaxy. They are urged along the way to stop and explore various planets, star systems, and anything that may come of interest. Any of the 7 members may determine a point of interest as long as it does not appear to put the rest of the crew in jeopardy.

Justin (20) (@justinc123) 8 years ago ago

Character Submission Summary:
Position and or purpose of being on the ship:
Brief Character Summary:
Reason for joining the crew:

Justin (20) (@justinc123) 8 years ago ago

Okay, begin posting! :)

PsYcheDeLiC (50) (@xavv) 8 years ago ago

Name: Ben Howard
Position and or purpose of being on the ship: Captain
Brief Character Summary: Chilled captain who loves kicking back, rolling jays and socializing. enjoys feeding off the lower echelons of the ship as he is a known sexual deviant
Reason for joining the crew: Main reason for participation is to make sure everyone keep’s their heads up and their hearts strong. He is also looking for an old pine tree.

Justin (20) (@justinc123) 8 years ago ago

@xavv, Excellent! Once I get all character slots filled! I’ll post yours with the rest!

Faelynn (75) (@Faelynn) 8 years ago ago

first, Christopher Vogler’s Writer’s Journey and Hero’s journey might interest you ! (helpful to know how to write a successful story, he gives insight into scenario structures and character types)’s_journey.htm
– Name: Lethrin Melanoxor
– Position and or purpose of being on the ship: On earth I’ve been an active shaman for about 50 years. I think I have the skills to communicate with the spirits to be found at the center of our universe. I have the wisdom to understand encoded spiritual messages and can heal people during the voyage. (With plants or massages).
– Brief Character Summary: I am an old, tall, skinny, mysterious shaman. I only speak when highly necessary, but I observe a lot when not in meditation. I am tanned and simply dressed)
– Reason for joining the crew: I have been dreaming about the spirits of the center of the universe for years, I feel like they are calling me.

hello (113) (@smortlur51) 8 years ago ago

Name: Joe Jackson
Position: Janitor/ basically everyone else on the ship’s bitch
Brief Character Summary: Joe is just your everyday guy, with no real special talents other than having a big heart and always looking to help others and put them before himself
Reason for joining the crew: Somebody has to clean the toilets…

Corrosive (4) (@Corrosive-Morality) 8 years ago ago

Name:he only goes by “Brayden”

Postition and purpose of being on the ship: He seems passive and inert , in charge of minor duties ,but actually he is the man behind everything and secretly in charge of the mission. He has specialized knowledge in regards of the functioning of the ship.

Brief Character Summary: One Word. Mysterius. Nobody ever knows what he is up to. We is constantly dressed in black and wears shades. He seems dedicated to his responsibilities in the ship and keeps a low profile ,at least in the beginning…

Reason of joining the crew:He knows the ship like his old neighbourhood as well as the background of everyone else aboard. He has to inspect the crew and keep them from screwing things up.

TheSkaFish (962)M (@theskafish) 8 years ago ago

@justinc123, ahhhhh I would love to do this if I wasn’t already in an RP of my own! (Star Wars). Kudos to you though, for this cool idea :)

YHVH (462) (@spaceghost) 8 years ago ago

@smortlur51, I feel like your character is going to be a hero…or die first.

Hasenfus (11) (@hasenfus) 8 years ago ago

Character Submission Summary: Journalist and reporter of the trip. Offers a separate stream of thought and dialogues throughout the story. His opinions and point of view are of a spectator, apart from a narrator of group mind. He also loves music and often is heard creating ambience in the background, at random and sometimes inappropriate time. His productivity sometimes lacks, so his coverage is sometimes fragmented
Name: Hoss Hethen
Position and or purpose of being on the ship: To record and report the expedition, occasionally sending updates back home.
Brief Character Summary: Only got on the crew by knowing the captain.
Reason for joining the crew: Lack of any other direction in life

Justin (20) (@justinc123) 8 years ago ago

Thanks for all the submissions everyone! I’m hoping to get a few more submissions before I decide!

Thunderfeet (161) (@thunderfeet) 8 years ago ago

Name: Orgon Jenda’kar
Summary: The Youngest member on board Orgon grew up in a wealthy family that emphasized over indulgence and excessive consumption. When the Mission to the Galactic center was announced Orgon knew he had to give up the self destructive behaviors of his family and start fresh. Orgon is a recent graduate of the Einstein Academy for Space Exploration, and his main purpose on the ship is to make repairs and upgrades so the journey is completed safely. Although he is the least experienced of the crew Orgon has a deep connection with his inner humanity and brings a child like sense of wonder to all situations. Orgon is easily distracted but can complete almost any task when it has his undivided attention.
Personality: Orgon is Intelligent, Energetic, and Creative. His social skills are below average and in new situations he will not say much unless he has to. When he becomes comfortable in a new setting he is able to relax more and take command if he sees what needs to be done. Orgon is deeply spiritual and enjoys meditation as well as researching various topics and trying out new plants that allow him to access an altered state of consciousness.
Appearance: Orgon is below average height at only 6’5, he weighs around 90 kilograms and maintains peak physical shape from a healthy diet and exercise. he has long brown hair and a scruffy beard. Orgon’s eyes are a very deep blue and they always drove the girls wild back on Earth. When on duty Orgon wears a plain blue jump suit, off duty he prefers shorts and a t-shirt.

yoinkie (1,498)C (@yoinkie) 8 years ago ago

Name: Echo Zeta
Position and or purpose of being on the ship: hired gun, with over 300 years of recorded military service. Weapons expert, hand to hand combat proficient.
Brief Character Summary: one of the last known humanoids. Believed to be part of a failed experiment conducted 500 years ago; each individual organ was grown separately and built together much like a robot, but using 100% artificially grown human organs. Top of the line human, you could say. Intelligent, distant, sarcastic and often seems bored with normal human conversations.
Reason for joining the crew: hired for protection; also proficient in over 3000 dialects and speeches. Has his own agenda; he doesn’t believe his history to be true because barely any data exists on him. He believes that his origins are not of earth.

Justin (20) (@justinc123) 8 years ago ago

Awesome guys! Just a few more submissions needed so I can decide!

i4c1m2b (70) (@i4CiM2B) 8 years ago ago

@justinc123,Name Paul Quid Goes by Quid Pilot / part time engineer/Inventor
16 yrs. as fighter pilot call sign ” Capt. Quid” Decorated veteran of 3 system conflicts
Designed Precision Plasma for Zero point maneuvering Capabilities On XT 7 class fighters
4 yrs. test pilot and flight instructor trained pilots on XT 7 W/ ZPM system
retired from military age 38 . hired for R&D Sys Corp. Improved on existing Gravity Drive propulsion systems for stability in low altitude environments.
Made an undisclosed amt. of currency as an investor and co inventor of Morph-cap. (added morphing capability to cruiser class ships .
Designed and built The Phoenix ,an Explorer Class Research and Reconnaissance Ship
Has Morph 1 and the experimental Morph 2 capabilities, Quantum Gravity Drive, plasma thrust, and Dual core and ZPM mod. (experimental) not to mention the new toys on board
Altogether The Phoenix is testing 12 different Adv. tech Systems in areas of weapons, maneuvering, and a revolutionary neural net control system. Even though his was a privately owned ship there are 3 exp military L7 (highest secrecy class) systems on board.
In short The Phoenix is designed as a Exp. class long distance Cruiser that could morph into a Battleship with the maneuvering capabilities far surpassing the best fighters. Quid had been preparing for a medium range full bore test run when his sister called and asked him to consider some mystery and no doubt pointless mission Known only as sender 7. Had the request come from anyone but Sarah, who just happened to be one of the best Council Advisors, he would had powered up The Phoenix an just claim he missed the call. But he promised he’d check it out. Maybe advise them on a better ship for the mission. Lie to the Council, better ship, there is no better ship, I could always play drunk, he thought as sleep over took him. 4 hrs later, Quid shot up out of bed like there was a fuckin’ earthquake, but the room was still. Sweat rolled steadily down his face as he tried to remember the dream. It had something to do with Sender 7. He couldn’t remember, but he did know one thing. Something so foreign to him. For the fist time in his life Quid was afraid. Whatever this sender 7 mission is….he needed to warn sarah….

Justin (20) (@justinc123) 8 years ago ago

Sorry guys but I gotta postponed this :(. All of your ideas are great, but I just got a job and now don’t have the time to keep up with a story like this, at least not until I finish this year of a College and get out :(. But feel free to run away with this if you’d like :)

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