How should I spend my teen life ?

 Light Yagami (@L.ight)7 years, 6 months ago

well, my teen life is going to end , I am nearly 17 , never had a girlfriend, and I wont have any because I am too ugly
with lazy eye, until now I spent my life on computer,watching animes,hentai,etc. I am not to inteligent , I have poor points in many subjects, I am not social (social anxiecty), so I dont have many friends, not good in sports, always afraid of fighting , when I have big discussion with somebody my body starts to shake , I become cold,alwways infront of computer,

how to spend my teen life , I am surely gonna regret for not having good memories , fun in teen life.

March 21, 2014 at 12:54 pm
josephm (772) (@josephm) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

smoke some good bud, but only to find good ecstasy, ingest MDMA….. understand how it feels to think clear, achieve clear thinking.

dieseltrain (21) (@maximilian1) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

self love, my friend. say to yourself in your mirror that you love yourself… it will work, over time. its like a hack almost..

freefly (7) (@freefly) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

try not to be so hard on may not seem so to you but 17 is young you have many many good years ahead of you :) i once felt similar to you do but i sort of fell in love with life again and am much happier in myself now. know that so much change is possible, and likely. alot depends on mindset – if you practise approaching life more positively it turns things around. maybe start a journal, think of some new hobbies/activities and try them, maybe go for a walk in nature and open yourself to your surroundings, or think of some challenges for yourself.. and i second smoking some bud, it helps to get a different outlook on things. the world has more to offer you than you can see right now. good luck friend

freefly (7) (@freefly) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

also with the social anxiety, what helped for me was to first focus on myself and find things i love to do and am interested in..and self work through meditation, keeping a journal, even awareness of my thoughts and so..and as ive become happier in myself im more relaxed and myself with others.

Manimal (2,998) (@manimal) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

“never had a girlfriend, and I wont have any because I am too ugly
with lazy eye”

-Plenty of ugly people with lazy eyes have girlfriends and boyfriends.

“until now I spent my life on computer,watching animes,hentai,etc.”

-Then it’s no wonder you’ve got issues. Crappy habits do that, drop ’em.

“I am not to inteligent , I have poor points in many subjects,”

-Does it matter?

“I am not social (social anxiecty), so I dont have many friends”

-Then be more social. The anxiety will go away.

DoThatThing4 (21) (@thatguy46and2) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

You said that you watch hentai, I’m guessing you masturbate too. Try going a week without doing either of those. Not just hentai though, stop watching all other porn too. Maybe some of your social problems will get better. That is my recommendation.

Obviously, you’re not a golfer (605) (@donjaime23) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

Spend your teen life realizing that almost everyone else hated their teenage years, and most of those that didn’t now hate their adult lives.

Almeida (304) (@xetado) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

I sure know many people like you, bro (I’m 16).
First of all, girlfriends are not that important, come on, it’s much more fun to have fwb. But if you really want one, just go out and chat as many girls as possible, just try not to show you want something with them.
I was once too addicted to computer stuff. I used to play RPGs all day long, wasted many of my summer vacations when younger. Of course you can watch anime or play video games, but don’t exaggerate, it’s not worth it.
The way to solve your social anxiety is to be social. Conquer social spaces, turn them familiar. There is no other way, you may be nervous for the first or second time going out, but for sure you’ll get used to it. This also works well to find some good friends.
Finally, just think what cool things you want to do, and go fucking pursue them. The only time is now, don’t limit yourself and be fucking awesome.

peoplecallmeDC (1) (@peoplecallmeDC) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

I can relate bro, I’m 14,I am not one of the popular kids and also one of the quiet one’s in class. But I have come to terms with that. There’s no one I would rather be than myself. Don’t be so hard on yourself show some self love. Thoughts become things so choose the good one’s

Enrique S (2) (@filix92) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

I’ve lived the life of friends, average popularity, socializing day in and day out with different kinds of people. Thinking that life was the best cause you feel like the best when you know everyone.

Truth is I realized (luckily it wasn’t too late) that all that world is usually full of superficiality and that you should appreciate life, your friends and your dreams. Don’t fight for being more social. Stop the hentai, maybe stop watching anime day in and day out (do it every weekend or so) and START READING about topics you find interesting. Once you are start being happy with your life, everything else appears to flow in. I’m talking about really good friends you can have interesting talks with and maybe a girlfriend (don’t feel the need to HAVE one just because everyone does, that is nonsense).

If you want to stay with something, stay with the following: Being a thing in your 17’s doesn’t mean you will remain the same the rest of your life. People change. Specially on the 18’s onward, on yearly, monthly or even weekly basis depending on at what speed you open your mind to new things.

Best wishes, suffering is stupid but you can learn a lot from it. Much more than people that have never suffered in their life in any way whatosever.

Light Yagami (3) (@L.ight) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

thanx people
thanx very much

Matheus Pinheiro (44) (@Mattgood) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

Okay, I will try to surprise ya!
I am seventeen too,
Brazilian, nice body and already got a woman that is a “Dr. Hollywood”, she was 50 and had a fake-everything body, all artificial and perfect like in porn. Besides, I can speak English, Portguese, Spanish and I am learning French by myself nowadays. I studied in a school directed to “smart people”, because there are 400 places to 10,000 that try to enter every year. I talk easily with people, good speaker and I’ve already inspired lots of people around the world ( because I am Always in Copacabana Beach knowing girls that come from abroad to enjoy Rio de Janeiro).

But I wasn’t like this before! I learned all of this with huge ammounts of effort and seeing people laughing of me. I was fat as hell, totally not attractive to females, I didn’t talk to people so easily as now, always afraid to active live my life. Had lots of school crushes that never loved me back, because I wasn’t hot enough to them. I am not good at Math and without the languages in the past I didn’t know what I could do to be fenomenal. I hadn’t a special ability as everyone else. I am terrible at soccer and here in Brazil that is the only thing people can play (if you are bad, you are considered with problems). The only activity I love was reading… So I read too much books during most of my teen phase, putting what I’ve learnt into action all the time I could. When I as 13 started working out and learning English, because my mother wanted. I discovered I had a talento with languages, because I had a very easy way to communicate in English. Learned the other languages, read books on seduction and improved my life. But HE had an really important function in all this! Gave me mind blowing material / people to talk with. With English I could import this knowledge and use it here. All the books on seduction I’ve read are English.

So, all the years of your life are going to be terrible if you don’t fight for what is YOURS! Watch some motivational vĂ­deos on youtube they are made to make us feel beeter and MOTIVATED (of course). Don’t waste your life, others spermatozoids that could become the nex Einsteins lost the race of life to you and please… Don’t let this victory to turn into a huge loss in the future. No one deserves that. The power of NOW is all in your hands, boy. GO FOR IT, I know you CAN.

Almeida (304) (@xetado) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

Great piece of advice, I must admit. I can relate a lot to you, by the way… Reading, ashamed of playing football, loving beaches (I prefer Posto 9 :P ). HE is definitely an awesome way of improving in many ways, @l.ight should be more present here.

Matheus Pinheiro (44) (@Mattgood) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

It is really, really good! I dare to say it is amazing.

Lestat (9) (@lestat) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

dude, can u name some of the books u read?

Matheus Pinheiro (44) (@Mattgood) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

Every self-hep book you can find. But seduction books… Search for Mystery, Neil Strauss, how to read body language… Go to: This website has a lot of books on every topic. Everything free!

onelovechange (440) (@jakefloria) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

Good points on here. Just relax man and enjoy life without worrying about it. Accept yourself and live in the moment with a positive attitude and you will learn more about life and what matters. The teen life is way overdramatized and you will come to realize that they are small matters. A lil bud always helps too..

Angela (17) (@preston.tobes) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

if you spend all your time on the comp then of course youre going to regret doing essentially nothing. you overcome your fears with experience. start talking to people. I know, easier said than done. but how bout instead of going straight home after school to watch anime you stay after school for some club, and start talking to people there? or even just go to the club and hang out? its a social situation even if you dont start talking to ppl right off the bat.
and yea, if you spend all your time on the comp your grades are gonna suck too. do subjects in school you actually enjoy and make an effort in that class. maybe you still wont get a fabulous grade, but itll definitely be better when you make an effort vs. when you halfass it.
a bunch of people arent good at sports and they find an infinite number of other awesome things to do. i suck at sports and i sure as heck wont regret my senior year.
then dont fight! why would you want to fight?
if you shake during discussion, then start to build up responding. like in english. when you have discussion in english, slowly start saying more and more. you’ll work up to the point where you will be way more comfortable.
take a theatre class to up your confidence!
join some clubs which interest you!
go do community service with some organization! do an internship!
take classes which interest you!
get off that computer and go find a hobby other than just gaping at a screen and jacking off to hentai!
these are suggestions, but dude, really. you’re one step ahead because youve acknowledged all of what you posted, but if you don’t act to change it, then its your own darn fault if you regret it later. inspiration + action = life. without the action, it means nothing.
go act. do stuff.

Emmi (1) (@carouselscrumble) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

You’re still young, you still have years to spend as a teenager. It seems to be that you are taking your life too seriously and trying too hard to have experiences. Life is all an experience, and you have your entire life ahead of you. It doesn’t really matter when your best memories are, what matters is you are making new memories and spending life how you want. Enjoying each day, whether you’re outside, inside, alone or with people. Some of my best days are spent alone, others are out with people. I think you should embrace who you are, learn to enjoy and love yourself for exactly who you are. You only feel socially unacceptable because you are allowing yourself to feel that way. It’s harder than it sounds, but accepting who you are and embracing your life and just living it are the best things you can do for yourself.

Light Yagami (3) (@L.ight) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

thanx to all of u
thanx alot

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

My friend you must realize other people mean nothing. You must live by your own ideals and then answer for them in the end. You control your destiny and you pick how your story ends. People who are 40 and homeless drug addicts are all but lost but you my friend, are just beginning your journey. You have SO MUCH TIME to change your story so get to it. Stop thinking in terms of me me me and think about all the good you can do in the world and all the people you can help. Little children are born with cancer and children in Africa with no food or shelter would KILL to have what you have so don’t take it for granted. Everything is perspective.

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