How to be clever than this fucked world (SCARED)

 Light Yagami (@L.ight)7 years, 6 months ago

I am becoming dull after a day . if I continue like this I am gonna be slave of this world.
i dont know , what am I gonna be in future. T’m poor in study . I have got social anixeity. I’m in different country .
cant speak fluently, I sometime felt racism in school. I am not good in sports. people make fun of me sometimes amd I become nervous , that they gonna pick fight with me . kid of 8 years irritates me, their family live with us , so I have to bear with it . I sometime have to babysit , he makes baby cry , I tell him to stop , he stops then later starts again, their parents know , he irritates me that much that I want to punch him in face. I know its just because I am coward, not clever, if there was other clever guy he wont do it.
like , when I go to play table tennis , they dont let me , I also have right to play , but they dont let me , I dont speak for my rights . I become nervous . that they gonna pick fight with me or they gonna bring their gang.
I am always scared.
I am scared even with kids, I am scared to fight . When I am passing through street , some kids come and make fun of me , I just pretend that I didnt heared anything ,
its really embrassing when I am walking with my friends and someone make fun of me , saying “hey indian , u smell really bad”.
I am in school ,so they cant control me or use me , if I get out of school they gonna use or I wouldnt get any job they would put me in end .
I feel really ashamed for being like this .
think IIIIIIIIIIIII AMMM scared when a kid pick fight with me.
They gonna do pranks with me.


March 17, 2014 at 11:03 am
James Moynihan (0) (@jamesm0792) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

I think the general problem for you is that you feel threatened by other people because they deem you inadequate, and as a result, you yourself begin to feel this way about yourself. The best way to deal with modern society is to build confidence. If language is a barrier for you, it may be in your best interest to put 110% into strengthening your communication skills. If you can express yourself coherently and thoroughly, you may find that others will sympathize or empathize with you much better. After you’ve built up your ability to speak, the next step is your courage. Take the time to remind yourself that everyone is human, and all capable of amazing things. Yes, you are capable of amazing things. So if you allow yourself to put forth the effort to become a stronger person, then others will have a harder time pushing you around. I have respect for those who reach out to others in situations like this, so have no fear friend, I am on your side.

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

Children do not know how to behave properly, they do not have much experience, that is why they need people to babysit them, with that kid you should give him something to do that keeps him busy or entertained so he stays away from the baby, like homework from school or playing a game, something he likes to do and wants to get better at.

People who pick on you because you are different are probably scared of you, what you represent is change, different kinds of people from all over the world coming to their place and they worry that soon it will no longer be their place anymore. So they make it hard for you hoping that you will tell others that people are scary here and do not come.

Really they just don’t understand how humans are all one family even if they look different or act different, eat different foods and have different customs. It shows that they are children in their minds that they cannot be mature and treat others with respect. I cannot really say anything to help you, just be kind to people and in time there will be many people who like you and bullies will not want to hurt you because they know you have many friends.

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