How to have more real connections with people?

 Matheus Pinheiro (@Mattgood)5 years, 9 months ago

Hello my people from High Existence. I am a fan of interpersonal relationships, so I study them during my free time and understand what passes in our minds while we are sharing ideas with other people through the verbal field.

So I want you guys opinion on how to straighten a bond with people we know, it can be through talks, meditation together, simulating telepathy, let your minds flow and post your ideas here!


December 20, 2015 at 8:01 am
k8 Catlin (1) (@Kate-Catlin) 5 years, 9 months ago ago

I’ve spent a good portion of my life shielding myself from the deepest of relationships for one reason or another. Mostly poor self-esteem. I’ve felt like an impostor most of my life, and am just now, in my early 40s, figuring out how badass I really am and knowing that I have a lot to offer others. I used to think I had nothing of value to bring to friendships. Finally, I’m able to reach out to others and I’m learning how to form bonds of friendship and allow myself to be vulnerable. I feel like I’m still in the early stages of learning this, so I really look forward to reading others’ contributions to this discussion. 

I just finally got into the burner community after watching for literally decades, being afraid to play with the “cool kids,” out of fear I wasn’t cool enough and they’d know. I went to one regional burn this year, and plan to go to several next year, and I am working on an art project to share in 2016. The concern that my idea isn’t good enough, or original enough, is still there, but I’m not giving that fear much attention. 

I joined a group of people who I met at the burn in September who are studying expanding consciousness, expanding our psychic abilities in many different ways (we try a different method each week), meditating together. Meditating together is really interesting to me, and our group has had plenty of synchronistic moments together. Overcoming that fear of exposing my true self to others and talking with the group about my internal experiences has been really good for me.

I think in general, real honesty and not censoring myself when I feel like talking about something has been what has helped me feel the most connected to others, and not just my group. I’m finding myself being more open with everyone I see, even total strangers. I am looking for ways to connect with everyone, not just staying within my core group and staying safe. Smiling sympathetically at the harried mom in the grocery line who’s obviously about to cry because her toddler is being a jerk. Complimenting the server on how they succeeded in handling a large table with grace. Noticing things and pointing them out instead of keeping my observations to myself. Those are all ways that I am learning to strengthen and create relationships with others.

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