How to restore peace to a country?

Naseer (@Naseer1) 6 years, 3 months ago

Dear folks, 
As you might have been in the picture of what is going on in Afghanistan, there have wars and skirmishes between different parties from the world super powers to civil warring groups, Taliban and IS for almost three and half decades. Although there is a body or forum, created for settling conflicts and dragging opponents to peace talks, which is called the High Peace Council, every peace effort, launched by the government, particularly by the aforementioned body, is faced with failure.
Could you tell me the experiences of some other countries where there was war in the past, but now stability is placed. 

What did they do? how they could restore peace? 


May 18, 2016 at 2:40 am
briightnow (0) (@briightnow) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

If you want peace,

You have to solve why the war is occurring,

So first, you need to know why the war is taking place,

Then, come up with solutions.

War usually comes from someone wanting to dominate or take away someone’s resources, rights, or freedoms. In some cases a political or religious leader might create war to force others to submit to their demands.

Usually on the other side of the war, the other side is trying to defend themselves from being dominated or oppressed, sometimes their land, food, water, or other rights are being taken away, perhaps their freedom of deciding what to believe in, or their freedom of speech and expression.

Usually the people who start wars in the first place is a political, or religious leader.

The best way to end all war,

Would be to allow all people to have their physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs met. This would include allowing them the freedom of thought and expression. 

Or, if all people just refused to participate in war. If everyone refused to pick up a gun or fire a weapon, war wouldn’t be able to take place. However, usually the people participating in war believe what they are doing is justified, and sometimes are deeply influenced by propaganda and other forms of brainwashing

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</div></div></div></div></div></fieldset></div></div></section>These people disregard it’s murder and perceive what they are doing as good. When someone goes to war, who you’re killing is no longer a human. It is an it, and it is a target, not someone with a life, a story, or a family.

However, in a world run by people who sometimes, don’t really regard the needs of others as important or valuable, that can be more easily said than done.

If somehow it could be got through to those people that others matter, and there is value in valuing others and investing in their pains and joys as our own, it would make a big difference.

I would imagine that, if the worlds religious and political leaders interests were solely based on the best interests of all humans and life regardless of ethnicity, beliefs, or other factors, war would cease entirely.

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