How To Transend: Channeling From Beings Of Love

Soul Finder (@Inthebalance) 7 years, 5 months ago

I am Drake, I am a channeler of BOTH sides (light and dark if you will), however, for this channeling I chose to communicate with only BEINGS WHO BENIFIT THE WELL-BEING OF HUMANITY.

This following message contains channeled information from LOVE CENTERED beings at a HIGHER STATE OF CONCIOUS EVOLUTION. Also note, unless you make a PERSONAL psychic link to me, the channeled information WILL be FILTERED through MY OWN WORDS because of my PERSONAL verbal understanding. Understand words of langage have different meanings to different people, however, I will try my best to select words that are most commonly agreed upon. However, if you would like this information BEYOND reading, THE PSYCHIC CHANNEL is open for you to recieve it TELEPATHICALLY from me, or the LOVE CENTERED beings who I recieved it initially from. I will be discussing later different METHODS of psychic communication for those who do not know where to start.


Right now we are going through a change in humanity’s conscious perspective; there are many names for this, The Awakening, The Golden Age, the Apocalypse, The Age of Aquarius, The Rapture, whatever you call it to be, we are shifting towards a new state of being. How it turns out is ultimately up to the collective decision of EVERY INDIVIDUAL. Will it be the end of man, or the new beginning? If you are of the ones who wish to guide our world into a better being, here, I offer channeled advice from LOVE CENTERED BEINGS OF HIGHER EVOLUTIONAL CONSCIOUS as well as my own INTUITIVE guidance.

Step 1) Stay in “the now” your presence in this exciting time we are going through is essential to the evolution of the human mind, spirit, and well-being, this is something worth submersing yourself into. Not worrying about the past or future will enable you to be more constructive in this moment rather than occupied in worry.

Step 2) Seek new information, knowledge is important to protect yourself & prepare for the events to come. There are forces working against your evolution; or in other words, obstacles for you to over-come; you must be aware of these things so you may over-come them.

Step 3) WE BEINGS OF LOVE cannot keep you from your free will, you must TAKE CARE of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health with your own hands. And aid in care for others mental, emotional, and spiritual health, you must take care of all these elements, and we all must take care of and love each other in every, and any way possible.

Step 4) Some of your foods, such as GMO, that you eat are altered in ways that is harmful to you, this will effect you on many levels, it will effect your ability to function and make healthy choices, which makes it easier for UNHEALTHY POWERS to control you. Some of your water too, is tainted, such as fluoridation, this too, will harm you, and your evolution.

Step 5) Do not consume poisons, be that any poison, to mind, body, or spirit, they will harm you and only get in the way of your evolution. You must let go of old ways of living to make room for new. There is psychological MANIPULATION you must be aware of, poison of MEDIA, and DISTORTED INFORMATION, be cautious of this, be careful what sources you deem trust-worthy, and consider if their motives are for SELF-INTEREST or FOR THE GOOD OF ALL LIFE. This is how you can tell what is TRUTH.

Step 6) If you cannot avoid consuming poisonous products, ensure you consume the proper detoxants to combat the ill effects, there are many natural, organic herbs that can heal your body, and rid you of the toxins. This will not only make you physically stronger, your intuition and psychic abilities will also be stronger, and less re-pressed. If you are in good health it will be more difficult for UNHEALTHLY POWERS to control you. Be cautious of what you purchase, be that soap, shampoo, jewlery, or medication, that may be harmful to you. Some things are purposely formulated to MAKE YOU SICK in order to sell you more USELESS products.

Step 7) Release what no longer serves you, focus your energy on truth, happiness, and unconditional loving kindness. These things are of Devine Value that things such as money or selfishness cannot measure up to.

Step 8) Celebrate every second of life, decide to be happy, loving, and able to do anything now. You have the power to shed your chackles, only you surrender your freedom, and only you can take it back. The fact you exist itself is reason enough for celebration! Free yourself of all guilt, shame, anger, or resentment. Allow yourself to embody your free spirit and exploit your freedom for the joy of yourself and those you share it with. Embody love that loves everyone and everything in it’s path! Love is the purest form of being.

Step 9) Welcome & be open to receiving information. The BEINGS OF LOVE/HIGHER EVOLUTIONARY CONCIOUSNESS or otherwise known as angels, ascendant masters, beings of light/love and light workers/human angels are happy to share their knowledge with you for your well-being and the well-being of all living beings. You may receive this information through:

-images, sound & music, as well as technology. Many kind & wise humans as well as higher powers at this time, is taking advantage of the internet, media, and video to aid you during this transition, as the human conscious grid is changing. When you are open to this information, it will present itself to you. When student is ready, teacher will teach them, however, you may need to take the initiative (but sometimes not). You have been dirrected here by a higher power.

-you may also receive telepathic information through:

-visions/visuals/instant information within the imagination, emotional and Intellectual zone, containing positive, loving, enlightening concepts. may also be present with or as physical/emotional sensations, music or audio, and verbal phrases.

-this information may be considerably compared to having someone else’s thoughts/knowledge being introduced as your own, however out of the normal or otherwise things you wouldn’t have conceived yourself, you always have the choice to receive or decline any information though, your free will is always respected.

-you may also receive channeled information through other people around you, they may say or do something very profound with great significance to your life, you may want to write these down. As well, allow yourself to be open for channeling loving energies for others, you may notice impulses to say something to someone out of your regular behaviour, you are blessed the higher powers have chosen you to work through, but keep in mind your free will is always respected, and you always have a choice.

Step 10) recognize your ” synchronicities”

These are signs from the higher powers at this time, that happen to strike right at the perfect moment. They may appear as:

-number codes with spiritual significance to you on radios, t.v.s, tags or receipts, licence plates, buildings, on webpages, absolutely anywhere. These include 11:11, 3:33, 4:44, 1:11, 131 among many others, you may even have a unique number code tailored to your needs.

-may also appear as music or lyrics with a deep meaning for you, that you hear, or spot just at the moment it’s useful.

-random objects such as items, posters, etc that represent a spiritual significance to you which happen to appear from no where right when you need them.

-to any other “coincidences” that suggest some kind of divine guidance

Other Notes:
-During this shift, our brothers and sisters of other realms/worlds have decided they want to help aid us in this transition, with our permission, they have decided to make themselves physically present, there may be more craft sightings, lights in the sky, etc, do not be fearful of these events because these beings do not wish to bring harm. They may become physically present at this time, it may be beneficial that we make it known we are ready for their assistance and public appearances. You may do this simply by thinking or saying it out loud in your own words. Also by asking others to do so as well.

-Our psychic abilities are waking rapidly from slumber, now is a great time to strengthen your abilities by practicing telepathy, energy healing, attention to intuition, as well as distant viewing and tuning in your energetic senses.

-this is how information is usually channeled, but can be done with any person, animal, or living being. This is mostly a non-verbal communication consistent of emotion, memory, and visuals within the mind’s eye. It is passed by directing the point of a emotion/concept to another, this information will be received instantly in a way that makes the most sense to the receiver, they may see visuals of their own memories linked to the topic/feeling, share emotions with you, and/or hear relative phrases or sound, as well a simple instant, intuitive deep understanding.

-humans communicate this way at least to some extent without realizing it in everyday regular conversation. When you feel like someone around you is unhappy or very happy, or didn’t mean what they said, even if it appears physically they are honest, this is a form of telepathic communication.

Energy Healing:
-Energy healing is the usage of the energy called piraƱa, reiki, and sometimes chi. This can be done hands on, with or without crystals, tuning forks, water, meditation, singing bowls, herbs & casting, incense, candles, dance, etc. The energy used is these practices may be described as intention/life force or love/light/psychic energy, which can be channeled through the tools described, and/or higher powers.
-energy healing can be used for illness, enlightenment, guidance, relaxation, protection, etc.

-this is how you can tap into psychic visions/guidance as well as telepathic information. Your intuition just “knows” right from wrong, when you are in danger, or if someone is trust worthy or not. This is your most powerful tool in navigating the illusions of society and knowing what you should do. My advice, trust your intuition, it already knows. ;)

There is so much on these topics to be discussed, that I am too tired to do so at this time.

I urge you to pass along this message, you may private message me/reply any questions or corners, or if you just need some love or have your own knowlege to share. :)

Namaste. <3

March 7, 2015 at 5:05 am
Soul Finder (60) (@Inthebalance) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

It seems I can’t edit out the spelling errors, very sorry, however beyond my control. I really hope it doesn’t take away from the message. Much love <3

Alex (0) (@Alexandru) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

My intuition tells me that you have had great experiences and that you know what you are talking about. But there are parts in me that are scared and ask “what if all this info is just taken from somwhere and but together in a way to resonate with your tipical spiritual newby”. Yes I am new to spirituality, my search for palance adn for greater good has started about a year ago and has transformed my life, but the deeper I go the more some parts of me fight back.

I a lot of things that you have written seem very outlandish to me, but they do give me a good feeling. It would be awesome if you could guide me towards having any experience that comes close to telepathic contact or any coincidence at the right time and the right place.

Soul Finder (60) (@Inthebalance) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

Firstly, thank you for your comment, I’m glad this post has been encouraging :) I hope atleast it’s somewhat useful, I encourage you to remain skeptical, as it is important for you to decide for yourself what is worth your energy. these topics are absolutely not individual, and there are many people expiriencing these “coincidences,” perhaps you are aswell, but aren’t aware of it? the -universe (i mean this term to discribe “higher powers” and or “other kinds of love-based being”) works in such a subtle, respecting way for your free will, that it WILL NOT usually do something flashy. This power prefers working in very, very small, barely noticable ways, so you can still decide for yourself if you don’t want to believe, your free will is always respected this way. But, if you would like to channel US (beings of love/light) first you must be open to recieving, simply, in your own mental way, declare your openness & receptivity to information from a LOVE-CENTERED SOURSE, but only if you are ready & comfortable. after this, you may make mentally known what information you are looking for, you may recieve this imeditately like a sudden understanding, as well as in other more visual, or physical ways, within the area where usual thinking processes occur. However, keep in mind, if this would be too over-whelming or scary for you, you will not be contacted in this way, this is because the BEINGS of LIGHT do not want to scare you, or force you to believe in them. However; lower beings, they are not like this-make it known you absolutely DO NOT want to communicate with those beings; they cannot harm you; but they can pretend to be someone they are not; and there intentions do not hold your best intersts, just ensure your own intentions. Good luck, let me know if I can be there for you any other way :)

Josh (213) (@reinvented2012) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

It seems this sort of information is coming out more and more in things I read or watch over the past 7 months or so. I have always been skeptical of psychic powers, telepathy, but am more open minded now that I have started on this path of awakening. I would love if you could share some ways to practice and strengthen these powers that we have. I have crystals that I just started to meditate with but have not been doing it long enough to notice a difference in meditation. I also think I need to look into more ways to decalcify my pineal gland, I already eat well, but I am on city water so its hard to get away from the flouridation. Peace. Love. Good Vibes.

Soul Finder (60) (@Inthebalance) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

There is absolutely a mass surge of information available for those who are receptive. Being skeptical as well as open minded is going to benifit you greatly, both these traits are important for both learning new information, while not being falsely influenced by unhelpful information. are crystals something you feel drawn too? If so, they may be a powerful tool for you, if not, what are you drawn to? following your own intuitive knowing is the best thing for you. do you believe your pineal is calicified? What steps can you take? As far as city water and flouridation, i will share this inexpensive method I encourage you to share aswell. Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is a natural herb available in health stores & tea shops, or anywhere else you can buy leaf seasonings and herbs. It is capible of almost (roughly 99.8%) completely purifying flouridated water. I suggest between 1/4-1/2 cup tulsi to a pitcher of boiled tap water you can keep fridgerated. :)

There is no “one & only” or “best” method for telepathy or other psychic abilities, as any other skill, you may need to try a variety of methods until you find what works best for you. Doing so is honestly going to be the most effective way of not only strengthening your powers, but forming your relationship and your own technique. But for now, I can share one of many methods other than those I already expressed, that maybe will work well for you or you can expand on, I hope atleast to encourage you to get started :)

-Telepathy is the non-verbal/non-physical communication of one being to another; there are some native tribes who speak only in this form of language, although they can also speak a physical language like the kind we most commonly use. Animals also communicate in this telepathic way in certain situations, that any pet owner is aware of.

-There is a fun card game I encourage you to try out with a friend to increase your ESP&psychic powers:

Step 1) Cut a piece of paper into 6 cards, write one of the following symbols on each card, each in a different color:
-a square
-a circle
-two wavey lines
-a triangle
-a heart
-a 8
Step 2) with a friend, take turns as being the reciever or the sender. If you are the sender, shuffle the cards and focus on one, try to send the image to your friend telepathically by thinking about sending the picture to them. Try sending in different ways, the color, the shape, ideas that remind you of the picture, other things that are that color, feelings it gives you, etc. try different things and keep track of your progress with a tally chart. :)

Good luck! Peace & love<3

JustinDanger (41) (@JustinDanger) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

This was a very clear message, thank you for the channel!

LVX (297) (@Vovinawol) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

@Josh>The whole psychic thing is all well and good, but it’s not for most people as it is merely a form of phenomenalism in most cases. When I first began my studies I started with the whole psychic power thing and it was all fine and good, BUT…all I can tell you is “Watch what you wish for because you just may get it”. When we are given enough rope we will normally hang our self with it if you know what I mean. All I am saying is if you are not a natural psychic then be very careful with it all. : )
When you seek the true master within you, and for the right purpose, then you will be given all you need to full fill your original purpose of this incarnation. That’s a message from your HGA and also myself to you. When the time comes that we actually need to be psychic then we will be, and if not then we are not supposed to be at the time. It’s kind of like when a soldier just happens to get down when a bullet whizzes over his head I suppose. Most will only see that as damn good luck or coincidence, but most likely it is not after all.

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