I called out and BLESSING FOUND ME :)

 Rob (@Bobert)7 years, 9 months ago

Hello everyone, my name is Robert, but my friends (which are all of you now) can call me Rob (: I am 22 years old and have a passion for helping others and being a creator of my own existence. I am fairly new to HighExistence, but already in this short period of time I have been so incredibly blessed by the website and everyone else who participates here. I have read many of the blogs and can say that I have learned a whole bunch by all the very gifted free-thinking people here and will continue to learn more as the days go by (: Just recently I started participating in the “Discussion” section of the website and have found another great gift here, I think it’s amazing that there are so many amazing people who are willing to help each other out in any way that they know how.. People are crying out for answers and all the love, insight, knowledge, and experience that I see people freely give to them is just inspiring to me! So thank you all, it truly means a lot, and know THAT YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

So I will start this out by telling you my story.. The journey I had going from being totally lost, depressed, heart-broken, confused, sick, etc. and how I remembered that I had within my own self the power and ability to change everything at any moment for the better and did, coming out FAR stronger, happier, healthier, no longer lost, and just enjoying the abundance of blessings in every part of my life (:

So about a little over 2 years ago I had been working a full-time job at a wealthy gated community in Northern Scottsdale doing security at a gate house (logging in roughly 300 some-odd guests, residents, and workers every day) for over a year at this point and the job had become extremely trivial and boring, I had no appreciation my work (even though I was in a very good location, residents treated me excellent for the most part, and I had a steady pay check) and I began to lack in enthusiasm for my work which made it horrible going to that little box everyday, it felt like a jail in which I was forced to log people in all day through the bars haha.. Plus, my boss wasn’t exactly the nicest guy. And with that said, I think it’s obvious that I disliked my job.

Then about the same time… the girl I had loved for 3 1/2 years or so and had just started “officially dating” a few months prior to the moment comes to me and tells me that she doesn’t want to continue being with me because she “just discovered” that she still had feeling for her ex-boyfriend and doesn’t want to hurt me anymore (I later found out that she had plans to visit him out of state where he moved for a week during the summer that was almost at hand and wanted to be free for him, which really sucked to find out) And so we broke up. At the time I was 19, I had loved her already for a few years and she was what I felt like was my whole life, I felt like part of me was dead after the break-up (no joke) and started to sink into some kind of depression (I had never experienced depression before this moment), I would crawl out of bed everyday, drive to work listening to John Mayer while crying my eyes out, be a complete zombie at work (which wasn’t like me), drive home, drink some cough syrup and then go in my room and pass out for the night.. This repeated for a few weeks and it was obvious to everyone that something was wrong with me, I looked like death. My passion for life, energy, joy and about everything else good in me seemed to be gone too.. But deep in side I knew that I couldn’t continue down this road, it was killing me.. I was raised better than this by my mom and knew that I was the only one who could take control over my situation.. I don’t even know how I allowed myself to stay in that state for how long that I did (I’m sure to some of you my length of depression is nothing but as I’m sure you know, any length of time feels like forever when you are depressed)… But I started to feel that there was hope, I just had to act on it.. and about this time I fell upon a few really great books, one being “The Law of Attraction” which I really felt resonance with and another book called “Your Best Life Now” and those two books along with getting back into reading my bible really helped to inspire the actions I was about to take..

Ya see, I was raised as and still am a believer/follower of Jesus Christ and growing up my mother would always read us the bible and a few verses came to mind when I realized that I wanted to take charge of my life like.. ” Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. ” Proverbs 18:21 (Basically saying that we will eat the fruit of our words, whether they create negative or positive experiences) I remembered that my words had great power and so one of the first things I would have to do to change my experience would be to control my words, and so I immediately stopped talking about any depressing or negative thing in my life and I would literally search for positive things in my life or my friend’s/family’s lives to always be talking about and in doing this brought about a HUGE CHANGE in my life perspective, I started to “see” all the good things in my life that I was so blessed with and all the negative things began to seem so small to me.. and I realized my life was better without certain things and that everything was happening to me for a reason whether it be to make me stronger, or be able to help someone else get passed their issues the I had already dealt with.. It was really cool and I felt sooo much better already.. and it was crazy because I started to notice more and more positive things happening in and around my life and I knew it was because I changed my words.. So I thought that maybe it’d be a good idea to try a few of the things I had been learning in books about speaking things into life with our words and so I decided I would try an experiment, it took me 25 minutes to get to work everyday and I would no longer use that time filled with depressing or overly emotional or sexual music, but I would fill it with first praying to God and giving Him thanks for everything He has blessed me with in life and made me capable of doing myself and I mean everything (safe ride, coffee, breakfast, energy for the day, beautiful morning, etc.) and following that I would PASSIONATELY AND EMOTIONALLY speak into life out loud everything that I wanted to experience in life.. For example: I AM SO FULL OF JOY AND LIFE AND LOVE AND I CAN ALREADY FEEL THE ABUNDANCE OF ALL GOOD THINGS SPILLING OVER IN MY LIFE EXPERIENCE, THANK YOU JESUS, I LOVE EVERYONE AND EVERYONE LOVES ME, I AM FULL OF STRENGTH AND ENERGY, I AM SMART, I AM INSPIRING, I AM FULL OF FAITH AND HOPE AND AM ABLE TO ACHIEVE GREATNESS, I WILL ENJOY THIS DAY AT WORK AND EVERYONE THAT I TALK WITH WILL EXPERIENCE JOY FROM IT, I HAVE ABUNDANT FAVOR IN MY LIFE, I HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER MY MIND AND WORDS, I WILL GIVE AND RECEIVE BLESSING ALL THROUGHOUT THIS DAY, ETC. ETC… Basically anything I wanted to feel, get, give, be, experience, whatever I could think of that were good qualities I spoke it into life… And immediately I could feel a difference. So I kept it up and it seemed like as the days passed by I would start to see, feel, and experience everything I spoke into life, it was amazing!! I felt like my whole way of living had been changed, I suddenly had control over my life and that felt SO AMAZING!! I was more full of happiness and love and passion and energy and drive to achieve greatness than I ever was before in my life!! I cared more about others and even began to be sensitive to there feelings and would speak life into them as well, I would see people go from grumpy and pissed off depressed people who hated the world and wanted to die to some of the happiest and most sweet people I ever met, it was beautiful!!! People who came through my line at work would say stuff like they looked forward to seeing me all week and that I make their day and have positively impacted their lives and some would even say they can feel a strong positive energy around me every time they came through (: It was just the coolest thing I ever saw! And it turned my “boring job” that I hated into something I looked forward to on a daily basis, I loved seeing the some-odd 300 people I checked in a day and attempting to make their lives more enjoyable and blessed! And so my whole attitude at this point had changed and I viewed myself as a co-creator in this life with the power to change things. In the bible it says that we were created in God’s very image and he was the creator of everything in my belief so that would mean I too am a creator. God spoke our world into existence and though I’ve never seen anyone else create on that sort of scale I believe that through our words we can create and speak life and death into existence. A VERY EMPOWERING THOUGHT (:

At this point I had started to notice that more and more blessing were coming into my life and I didn’t want to soon forget any of them, and so I bought a journal and decided that I would record EVERY “blessing” that I would experience in my daily life from the littlest things to the greatest, what I gave and what I received. I figured this not only would be a good record keeper of everything but it would also serve to be a good tool for me to be in constant positive thought while writing of all the great things in my life, therefore “attracting” more blessings! So I recorded everything.. and found that my appreciation for everything grew as the days went by, I enjoyed the “little things” once again and they began to grow.. I learned through this that whatever we appreciate or focus on grows. I mean it makes sense, when an item appreciates it becomes more valuable ya know? So I began getting more blessings than I could handle haha.. my hands would get very tired from all the pages I would fill on a daily basis and I would be a blessing to others more and more often as well, it was really cool! Some of the blessings I got in the first few months were: Getting invited to fly in a residents private plane any weekend I want when he goes and I got to control the plane too (I was in a pre-airforce group when I was 12-14 so I had prior flying experience), it was so cool and we did flips and barrel rolls in the air and stright down drops haha I felt pretty sick after the 45 minutes flying around and doing all those tricks but it was so much fun and that resident never flew any of the other guards ever so I was obviously highly favored ( just like I spoke into existence)..

Another resident gave me a really nice speed bike that he didn’t need anymore because he bought a new one, it originally cost him over a $1,000 dollars and was still worth almost that, and he gave it to me just cuz I said I mentioned to him once that I wanted a speed bike and would have to save for one (;

And during Christmas a lot of the residents give stuff to the guards, I came out of the holiday season with so many cards of appreciation which were all blessings to me and so many snacks and goodies and over 500 dollars in cash and gift cards while all the other guards only received the typical cookies or rare 10 dollar gift card… Again, I had experienced huge blessing and favor in my life because of my new way of living… It got to the point where all my co- workers and especially my boss was wondering what was going on and would always say that I must have been conning them into being so nice to me or favoring me so much, that part was annoying.. and my supervisor even snick into my blessing book just to see all the stuff I received haha… He said in all the years that he had worked at that job site he has never seen any guard get treated the way I did. It was pretty great until my boss made a new rule just because I was being so blessed and he thought it was unfair to everyone else I that I personally could not except anything more from the residents or I would be fired… And that he didn’t want me being so personal with people anymore because he knew that it was getting me invited to pro golfers parties and hooked up all the time by athletes and all sorts of things.. It even got to the point where resisdents would try to be sneaky and give me stuff and I actually got brought to the office once for a guy taking my car to get it fixed at the shop for free while I worked… So I couldn’t get anything more or I’d be fired.. But I STILL received plenty of smiles and kind words from everyone and did the same back so my job life was still very blessed (:

There were plenty more times I have been blessed at work and outside of work but I know you all don’t want to read an entire book here haha.. The point is that through taking action and controlling my thoughts, words, along with the tool of my Blessing Book and meditation and speaking into life my experience was drastically changed for the better, and have become the best me I could be and continue to grow on a daily basis.. OBVIOUSLY LIFE IS NOT PERFECT, but I do believe we have a choice on how we react to it and perceive it and that it makes a huge difference in your life! I honestly wish I could sit down and talk to each of you and help you anyone who needs it and share all the other amazing testimonies of this change in my life but I can’t do that here…

So remember..

CONTROL YOUR WORDS: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” Proverbs 18:21

CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

And remember, you can change at any moment, start now (:

A favorite quote of mine:
“ Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” – Oscar Wilde

I love you all, hopefully this helped some of you (: I am hear if you need me!

I apologize for the length! Hope some of you made it through all that haha…

September 20, 2013 at 4:24 am
layymazoo (4) (@zoolayyma) 7 years, 9 months ago ago


WOW!!! I seriously needed to read this!

Thank you so much!

I’m also 22 and I just go out of a relationship that went on for 4 1/2 years. I have let negative thoughts and words take over me. It’s so dificult though to kind of ignore them and try to be happy :(

Anonymous (46) (@) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

Spoken with wise and experienced words, i commend you :-)

Rob (19) (@Bobert) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

@zoolayyma, You’re very welcome my friend! I’m sorry to hear about the sad news :/ Losing someone you’ve loved for so long is never easy… There is definitely a time for mourning a loss but eventually you gotta realize that you can’t let the situation take/hold you down forever and that it’s gonna take a conscious effort to really get passed all this.. I’m not saying it will be easy but it will definitely be worth it! So my suggestion to you and your current situation would be this..

Step 1- Stop listening to ALL love songs (sad, happy, sexual, whatever).. Or any depressing or negative music for that matter, I know this is probably asking a lot but if you knew how much music effects the way we think and feel you would understand why this is so important for you getting past this and feeling awesome again. After my break-up I would practically meditate to all of John Mayer’s music haha.. And yeah, it sounded better than ever, I was able to relate to almost every one of his songs and that almost makes you feel like your not so alone in this pain at the moment but I would be in almost constant thought of “how much I miss her” and “how sad I was” and “how bad i was hurting” and “Idk what I am gonna do now” and “I’ll never love again”… ALL THIS CRAP FILLED ME UP WITH SO MUCH SADNESS I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA EXPLODE AT TIMES… And Finally I just realized I gotta let it go, I trashed all my John Mayer cd’s along with any other negative, sexual, depressing, or angry music (which you’ll find is most out there on the radio today) and all I let myself listen to was Classical Music, uplifting instrumentals, and the occasional Christian Song(I found that even Christian music is much too depressing a lot of the time)… I also got into a lot of cool meditation/zen type music which was very calming and nice, check out “Deuter” on youtube sometime.. But yeah, I found that those types of music had no negative effect on me and weren’t “planting” any kind of negative feelings or thoughts into my head, it helped A TON!! I’m not saying you should trash all your cd’s, I’m just a bit extreme when it came to the time, I was REALLY wanting to feel better, but, there is a time and place for that kind of music I guess, and it’s not right now for you… Think about it (:

Step 2- Intentionally think and speak out out to yourself how you wanna feel, you’re words have so much power like I said in my post! Say stuff all the while with the biggest most genuine smile on your face like: I AM HAPPIER THAN EVER BEFORE! I AM FULL OF LOVE FOR MYSELF AND OTHERS! I AM STRONG! I AM THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME BECAUSE I AM NOW SMARTER AND STRONGER THAN EVER! PEOPLE LOVE ME! JOY IS CONSTANTLY OVERFLOWING INTO MY LIFE! EVERYDAY I FEEL BETTER AND BETTER! MY LIFE IS JUST THE WAY I WANT IT! I KNOW THAT ALL THINGS IN MY LIFE ARE WORKING TOGETHER FOR MY BENEFIT IN THE END!! ETC,ETC… You’ll quickly notice how good you feel after doing that a few times a day just while driving around or when you wake up or whenever, anytime is great to speak life!! Also, there are tapes you can listen to called “Positive Affirmations” you can listen to that are always beneficial, not just when you are depressed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3J_O2q2BOM

Step 3: (I probably should have put this as step 1) Idk if this guy hurt you emotionally or if you are mad or whatever at this guy but YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE HIM AND EVEN WISH HIM THE BEST!! Idk if you are planning on getting back together or not but in the mean time I would suggest WISHING THIS GUY THE VERY BEST EVEN IF IT’S WITHOUT YOU (This part was tough but I did it too and it helped a ton) Whether he was the sweetest thing or the worst thing at the end you have to let it go at this moment because thinking about that will only keep you down… So yeah, forgive and forget. Wish him the best. But don’t dwell on him for too long or you will find yourself sinking back in.. Let go of him now, if you guys are meant to be in the future it will work, if not someone better will come along who fits both of you perfectly (I know no relationship if perfect but some work better than others and I know this is tough to hear, sorry)… Remember, ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR YOUR BENEFIT!! You just gotta see the BIG PICTURE!!

Step 4: Enjoy life, go out with GOOD friends, people you can trust and know care about you. Or just stay home and read a great book, one of my personal favorites is “The Alchemist”, I found it to be very inspiring! Do some meditation. Eat healthy. Workout and run. Do art. Just go back to enjoying what you do (:

So I hope that was helpful to you, it’s not easy but it is SO DOABLE (I’ve done it which means anyone can do it) Stay strong, Stay positive, Stay full of love (: Peace!

Rob (19) (@Bobert) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

@spiraltouch, Thank you very much! (:

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