I dreamed about a same thing after a long time.

 Sylissa101 (@Silyssa101)4 years, 8 months ago

(Sorry if englisch is bad im from Serbia)

Last year i dreamed about a girl she was like a main character in series, you can tell by the way she looks like, i dont know her name , i dont know anything exept that she is 2 years older than me . There was like so many peaople i didnt know but we had conversations about that girl, the dream goes how i started riding a bike with her but she was the driver and no conversations not anything, then when we stopped we talked and talked then like she was fading away and after that she was like angry at me or something because i was younger or something like that i dont remember clearly. In dream i was focusig on her and i tried to be with her, but i never finished it ( I mean the dream) and i never really get close to her. And dream just like that stopped and i felt like shit when i woke up. The same thing happend last night i dreamed about the same thing and i felt like shit again and i dont know why the fuck, it is like somebody is always behind my back and stabbing me with a knife. I know that dreams always come with some experience in my life but i dont remember if there is anything like that and all those peaople in my dream i never met them but they keep showing in my head, exept for the girl, she was just in that dream twice , last year and now.

I just want to know what you think about this and is there any reason why i had this dream twice.

December 31, 2016 at 8:30 am
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