I have an idea i would like to share with you…

Blah (@tentninja) 8 years, 3 months ago


long story short i’ve hit rock bottom. lol i have no money, and i have no desire to earn any.

I have become depressed in this enviroment people reffer to as modern society. I’ve become extremely sensitive to everything and its as though i can see what everyones problem is, i know i have the answer, but nobody wants to listen.

I want to break away from society and have an idea on how i want to do it.

I’ve noticed that a big problem with our society is in our hunger for power.

We can see this problem in its full ugly grotesque details when we look at how the pet culture has boomed and how we’ve handled it as a species.

Pets have become not friends or members of the family, but objects we own to express what ever the hell it is we want to express, whether thats getting a pit bull because your hard, or a cute lil stupid faced puppy because its adorable and fits in your hand bag.

We treat them as though we have a power over them that we were born with.

I have ended up with a puppy, because the previous owners didnt want him any more and they were just going to get rid of him as quickly as possible. He wasnt a bad puppy, in fact he’s the best puppy i’ve ever come across in my life. They just didnt like that he shit and pissed everywhere.

I wanted to make sure this puppy had a good life, and didnt trust the previous owners would find a good enough home, so i’ve taken the dog from them and its now in my care.

The problem is i’m a traveller. I cant stay in cities for too long for some reason i cant really explain. I become super emotional in working environments and i cant control my temper and its all way too embarrassing for me so i have to avoid it all together.

So i’m a traveller with no money, i’m depressed and i’ve ended up with a puppy because i didnt have the heart to let fate take him away from me.

I want to leave on a journey and i want to take the puppy with me.

I want to travel the world on foot with my little buddy, moving from place to place and i want to record the experience of me and doggy living without money on the road together.

I want to show the world a way to raise an animal, not as a pet, but as companion. A friend.

Someone to protect and in return he will protect me.

We will protect each other.

And we will cover the globe. As a free man and a free dog.

While we go i will try to develop the dog in as many ways possible. Teaching him what ever i can so we can both develop our skills together.

I’m not going to raise the dog with any form of power.
I’m going to show you how i live and you can learn from it if you want too.

If i was to document this? as an alternative life style choice and showed people how they could do it as well, would you watch it? would you think it was interesting?? would you keep up with it if i was to put all of my passion into it and film the whole thing?

Let me know what you think of my idea??

:) i was hoping to make a big thing about it maybe, but keep myself as anonymous as possible because i dont have any intention of being rich and famous.

i dont want to become rich from this idea.

I just want to live, and live happily. I dont need money to do this.

i could make a regular blog post, youtube videos, a documentary, a book, etc etc.

The possibilities with where i could take this are endless.

I was just wondering what the rest of you would think about it??

June 11, 2014 at 5:58 pm
sssofia (5) (@sssofia) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

I definitely would be interested on watching/reading this! :) I don’t know at the end how will you do it, but I was thinking… considering you want to be like an anonymous figure, you could do it from the puppy’s point of view.

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

haha, i fucking love this website already.

THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING!!!!!!!!!! then i would never have to be in the videos. or in anything. lol completely anonymous :P

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

ish… haha

MonkeyZazu (1,865)M (@monkeyzazu) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

I’m concerned for the dog. I don’t think you should take it with you.

How do you plan to provide for it and yourself? You should first prove that you can survive like this on your own before bringing a companion with you.

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

haha :P

no thank you, its good that you are concerned about my dog. that is compassion.

i think i might be qualified. but i dont know what you consider to be qualified. You could read my blog if you like? i have a post i can share with you that will probably tell you if i’m experienced enough or not.

don’t believe anything i say :)

make your own mind up about me.

MonkeyZazu (1,865)M (@monkeyzazu) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

I just got done reading most your blog. Yea, I’d say your qualified :)

I didn’t mean to come off as an ass, or imply jokingly sarcasm in my reply. I’m always serious when it comes to the wellbeing of animals. In your original post, I think my mind zoomed in and focused on the “So i’m a traveller with no money, i’m depressed and i’ve ended up with a puppy” part. I’ve constantly seen animals suffer at the hands of people’s ignorance and stupidity. I guess I thought this was another one of those cases. For that, you have my apologies.

On a sidenote, your blog is pretty badass. Aside from seeing if you had experience, I was actually enjoying what I was reading. Is lucy the puppy your talking about? I’d have a hard time giving up a dog like that too :)

Also, another site you might be interested in is http://www.workaway.info/
A friend showed this to me. Basically you got to any country you want and just work. Where ever you go, they provided food and other living accommodations. Check out their youtube promo.

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

haha :) glad you think i’m qualified haha

i didnt think you were an ass dont worry.

I know what your mind zoomed into ;) lol we gravitate towards the things we relate to first, then the things we dont second :)

I’m glad you liked my blog brother. No lucy isnt my dog, lucy is my mums. My little friend is called sausage :) i’m gonna do a blog about him to set up this idea in the future i’ll be sure to pass it you when i do it :) he’s an awesome dog as well.

thanks for the link i’ll be sure to check it out!!


Josh (213) (@reinvented2012) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

You pulled me in, sounds like an awesome idea. I would definitely watch it. I am traveling as well but not bare bones like you, props for doing it this way. I was fortunate enough to land a work at home job, but move every few months. Go for it!

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

:P at the moment im not doing anything :) these are just ideas that i will try materialise into this reality ;) lol

saraelizabethtawfik (0) (@sweetsalsa77) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

You start off your introduction by saying that you are broke and you are depressed. Now are you depressed BECAUSE you’re broke? Or is it because you’ve stayed in one place for too long that you’re depressed? Wherever the depression may be coming from, tackle that before you start anything, it could be healthy to spend sometime with yourself and see how YOU’RE doing, you don’t want that kind of negativity on the dog or yourself, especially if you’re trying to bring back the idea that superiority and ownership don’t have to be only motive. Also, being broke, I can respect you for choosing to go out on a journey aware that you can’t afford much, but you must keep yourself reminded to be flexible. Some nights you might not be able to sleep comfortably, or eat a reasonable amount. Always remember to persevere though, and maybe that dog might teach you a few things about life along the way.

PS great move looking after that pup, I know people may think that it’s common but it’s unlikely to find human beings like that in this day and age.

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

I went through a weird stage of hating money, now i don’t hate it, i just cant find any desire to want it anymore. My life plans all consist of living without it. to be free :)

I would say the reasons for my depression would be as followed:
1. did a bad ass 18 month trip and fell in love with the world now i have to stay in a room in manchester that i dont want. When i was away i saw a lot of beautiful things and i make it sound like it was easy as pie but i saw a lot of bad things. I experienced a lot of emotional hurt on my journey, and now i’m back. Everything just seems like bull shit to me. I can see no ones problems are real. I find it hard to relate to anyone in manchester anymore.

Its as if everyone lives in a different world to me. And i have to walk around it seeing that everyone is living in illusions while i have the answer to their problems, but the more i try to tell people about it and this better way of living the more i realise i push people away, so i had to become a recluse and keep myself to myself for a little while over the winter. All these people carry such bad energies. I can handle it for a while but after 3 months i can usually REALLY feel peoples energies (is the only way i can explain it, i dont mean it in a mystical way) i seem to carry everyones problems around me on my shoulders.

I’m good at talking so the people that love me always seek me for advise.

I’m good at giving advise and fixing problems so now becoming a recluse has temporarily trapped me haha,

:) when i talk about my depression i dont feel its something i need to worry about. Just a stage i’m going through because of the current environment i’m in.

But i’m an adapter :) i find ways to change and mold myself so i can bop along without problems.

I like your advise :) and its advise i will be taking. I wont be leaving until i feel 100% ready.

I talk about my ideas confidently as if they are absent from fear, but i’ve always been scared :)

its only in facing my fears i feel alive anymore. If i do anything less i feel my life is going in the wrong direction. I want to learn and I want to grow. I can only go so far being depressed and being a hermit :)

i know what you mean about passing negativity to an animal. Dont worry, this dog is going to be fine i promise you :) he’s a good dog, and i’m a good ‘owner’ lol if you ever met me i’m sure your worries would go away :)

Yeah i’m very used to going hungry haha, its not hard for me at all, sometimes i can go a few days without eating much at the moment. But i’ve been to the doctors because this was worrying me but apparently i’m perfectly fit and healthy :) so i dunno how else to consider what i’m going through at the moment as its own form of training.

I dont have a bed a sleep on floors and in my hammock. I can sleep anywhere, even in dirt. lol i’ve tried and slept quite comfortably.

Its crazy i can sleep anywhere i find :)

I’m not sure what my problems will be. But i’m quite confident it wont be with food or sleep haha, i’ve lived in pretty low conditions in my lifetime. Its more than normal to me.

PS and its not unlikely!! :P you just arent looking in the right places.. haha

really love this blog :) I like the conversation its community can perpetuate :D

everyone enjoy your day!!!

much love :)

MonkeyZazu (1,865)M (@monkeyzazu) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

“I went through a weird stage of hating money, now i don’t hate it, i just cant find any desire to want it anymore. My life plans all consist of living without it. to be free :)”


Blah (363) (@tentninja) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

beautiful :)

Animal lover (1) (@Kristinrs7) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

I FUCKING LOVE THIS!!! It’s so nice to hear someone who cares for the obsession our society has with controlling these amazing creatures that were not simply put here for our pleasure. But I won’t go off on a diatribe on my views on animal cruelty lol.

I am also a fellow traveler and know that I will also never be rich or famous. I simply get bored and want to suck the life out of each and every place I can. I would hang on to every word if you were to document your adventure.

I am sad to hear that you are depressed and have hit rock bottom. I will let you in on a little secret though and it’s simply that moving from place to place will not cure your depression if it’s internal. It will simply mask the pain for a moment of time. I move every 2-3 years and have done so since I was pretty much born. I was in the same situation as you are now not too long ago and hope that maybe doing this would release the hold the depression has on you.

I wish you the best of luck and would absolutely love an insight into your world.

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

i’m glad you love it :P thanks for the kind words i wish you the best of luck as well!!! share your insight too!!

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