I met this girl named "Lucy" and she changed my life

Yama (@YamaChan) 8 years, 2 months ago

I recently had my first experience with LSD. It was incredible. I truly believe I was born to take that trip. It was so enlightening and familiar. Yes, familiar. I have serious episodes of deja vu but never has one lasted as long as the one I experienced during my trip. At one point I felt as if I was in a scripted movie of my own life. I had vivid dreams of the trip about four times over the past year. I bonded with a higher spirit that has filled the hole in my heart I’ve had since I was born. My trip was a rebirthing and I feel like I belong in my own skin now.

What has Lucy done for you?

July 28, 2014 at 9:52 pm
Anonymous (64) (@) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

Lucy has amplified my senses letting me overhear conversations at distances beyond the range of human hearing. Lucy has given me the giggles and not just haha giggles, but belly laughs of orgasmic joy that lasted seemingly forever. Lucy led me to a 100 foot red velvet oversized royal throne sitting solemnly in the desert and upon ascending the throne a french man-monkey dressed in an organ-grinder outfit bestowed upon me an oversized remote control that let me control the universe which when viewed from that vast height was splendid cornucopia of whirling lights and fire and a frenzy of energy–a mass of life that was so intertwined as to move a single organism. Lucy has allowed me to feel the moving of the tectonic plates perceived through oversize LED illuminated weather balloons which reduced me to let loose an outpouring of tears and emotion because I understood the sanctity of this planet and the interconnectedness of all things. Lucy has bestowed upon me the privilege of making love to a beautiful women who meant everything in the world to me and feel the act as if I were her, our bodies truly unified, as we soared through the cosmos and other dimensions seemingly forever our bodies one until the rapturous release and then collapse a mass of salty human flesh bathed in moonlight and the milky way amidst shooting stars with thunderstorms rumbling a long way off in the distance.

I wonder if I have done enough for Lucy. Given her back perspective. Honored her in the way she respected me. I hope that our relationship is symbiotic and that I have helped her manifest and unify the portal between her reality and mine.

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