I need a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, and a Rastafarian…

Laureny (@iliterallycant) 8 years, 5 months ago

I wrote this down on a piece of paper today while watching the Jerry Springer show. Yep, classy.

I’ll save you time, don’t read this unless you wanna get deep. I am simply speculating. Real deep… open your mind…

Has one religion ever been worshipped at two different places at the same time? What if there is one true God and He created a different origin for each religion or “language”? If you read the bible, it says they were ‘scattered’ (check out Genesis 11:9). What if he created parallels within the language of each religion, and scattered them on purpose? Maybe this understanding through difference is the true ‘stairway to heaven’ compared to when mankind could not handle speaking the same language.
If you are analytical and do not consider the bible a source, consider nature, or the biological explanation of race. If we originated from early microorganisms and differentiated into races due to basic evolution, then explain why we have a human compulsion to worship something. Why are we not self-sufficient beings? It scares the shit out of me to be honest. Why does one kill over God?
2 Theories:
1. If a religion was observed at the same time, from different populations in different locations, instead of being spread by conquerors and missions, we could consider it the “true” religion.
2. If one can understand the parallels between religions, they have the key to uncover the true religion. Each religion has disposable yet important differences between customs. Examples are specific rules, songs, chants, rituals, motions, and even sacred books. It may be the same ritual but with different meanings, or the same story but with a different book in a different language.

I googled what I wrote down and could not find anything supporting it, or doubting it. (Oh by the way I was raised Roman Catholic, I’m in love with a Jew, and I like everyone not depending on which religion you are, but if you are an ass hole to me. I would consider myself religiously confused and I am a sweet ass person. So your feedback in general, supporting evidence, or falsifying evidence is greatly appreciated.

May 2, 2014 at 3:27 pm
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