Ideas worth meditating: True living and the individual

 Dumpster Kitty (@Dumpster-Kitty)4 years, 11 months ago

We no longer live in a world of nations. It is a world separated by corporations. The big oil, motor vehicle, food industry, electrical and banks are now this planets means of what we used to call nations. They go to war for resources and power. It is a game of chess and only the big wigs that sit in the hall of Valhalla can play. Many will disagree and love to discuss/debate over this, but I see that as just another part of the chess game. You see, We the people are the major cog in the overwhelmingly powerful mega machine that is the world economy. Without us the engine stops running. So then, we stay in the machine, as if we would be lost without it. We do this by means of consuming and getting involved with the political agenda and trying to make a difference in anyway possible. We see these things as trying to give change to the world but the real change will only come from totally reverting from all that we are fed. Changing our social diet. It puts oil on the cogs when we conspire, when we argue, when we separate, when we battle, when we compete, when we fear, when we hate, when we protest, when we rant. On and on. These are all things that take us further away from our natural human self. Away from our connection to the power of what is. You say, ‘well, we need to protest. we need to stand up and shout! we need to debate! we NEED these things. we NEED.’ It is nothing more then an illusion to keep you oiling the cogs. To keep your mind occupied and unfocused. To keep you pretending at life.

The older I get the more and more I realize that the simplistic life, the quiet life is literally the only way to actually get any happiness out of anything. The coexistence of one being with its surrounding. Fighting this is to be, simply put, humanoid. A confused and questioning being that latches on to anything it can get its hands onto to free itself from this sort of shackled, clouded complex and overwhelmingly uncomfortable cell we assume we are trapped in. And thats all it is. Illusions. The reality is that we actually have created this sort of jail ourselves. We’ve been building the bars for a very long time now. You can see it in all forms of our every day life to the major deviations around the world. Everyone is so afraid of each other. Fearful, angry and jealous with one another. Our planet Earth has turned into a giant orb of dirty business. A place where something non existent is the center of everyone attention. Our currency. We have been raised in a world of competition, greed, desire, addictions,constant sex,massive stimulus overload ect. ect. This is not our fault though. Its no ones fault. It is how we evolved and it is all that there can be. It wouldn’t and couldn’t be any other way or it would be. It is what it is. Its what we have to go through in order to become what we are meant to be.

Don’t just take a step back and have new perspective. Turn around and run as fast and as far as you can until your out of breath laying on the ground gasping for air. When you come to, then stand up, look around and tell me what it is you really see. Don’t think outside of the box. Blow that bitch up. There is no loner a box. Don’t play the peon. there is no peon. The feeling that you’ve always wanted has been there all along. That feeling of being satisfied, of being loved and able to love. You have had it deep inside of you from day one. Don’t give yourselves to brutes. Look inside and tell me what you see. I see creativity, love, kindness, friendship, companion, peace, zen, understanding, forgiveness, laughter, real raw emotions. I see hope. I see perspective in everyone. I see forward thinking and a way to no longer just live this life to survive but to live.

Deep down, cutting away at the weeds and thistles of our inner most being we will find that the individual is not separate at all. It is a vast, well tended garden. So grandiose that you fall to your knees weeping in awe of its magnificence. It is here we see the connection through the love and tenderness that is at the heart of this garden. We see that everything is beautifully entangled and intertwined from the cosmic level to the quantum. So then, through this deep search of who we are individually we can come to find that we are all, the whole universe, every spec of dust to every void of black space, simply put. One.

Dumpster Kitty

November 10, 2013 at 8:19 am
Anonymous (20) (@) 4 years, 9 months ago ago

You should give Sacred Economics a read

SpiritofSix (10) (@SpiritofSix) 4 years, 9 months ago ago

By saying that “corporations” are playing some sort of chess game, you are highlighting them as the enemy, as the blame. By doing this you are contributing to the “problem” you are trying to fix.

“It puts oil on the cogs when we conspire, when we argue, when we separate, when we battle, when we compete, when we fear, when we hate, when we protest, when we rant. On and on. These are all things that take us further away from our natural human self.”

Everything we do as individuals will in some way involve our individual egos. THAT is the real game. You are missing the entire point by targeting things on such a massive scale: we do not need to change the world from the outside (it will only end in suffering, as it always has). The price of a new order is revolution, and that price is always paid in blood.

Everything else you said is merely half the understanding needed to overcome the initial “problem” you highlighted. If we face our egos we can destroy the things that were initially created by said egos.

Yes, we are “one” as you said in the end: that means every dirty business, every enemy, every killer, every sinner, every “wasted life,” is us, and our own. There is no “pretending at life,” everything anyone does is life in motion.

You can, however, choose a side but as many great modern philosophers believe: it doesn’t matter what side you choose because in the very act of choosing you merely shift in one direction, and over time there will be those that want to shift back. This continues forever.

But by not playing at all, there will be no shifting, only existence. The only way to do that is to accept every ego and to fight for all of them.

Just my thoughts.

i4c1m2b (70) (@i4CiM2B) 4 years, 9 months ago ago

Dear Kitty, This is just my opinion and is not intended as a critcism. The inspiration you offer that begins with “I see ceativity, love, kindness….” would have reached further, and touched so many more lives with the goodness you intended, if you had just began your post with that and left all the rest in the pits of despair where it could not infect and bring greater despair to those so in need of the hope that is yours to give. A doctor learns about all the nasty viruses out there so he can become the healer.

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