I'm afraid of a big life change

 Connor Williamson (@Conn)5 years, 3 months ago

Hi friends, 

I hope that you all find my message and want to share similar experiences or some good old fashioned advice with me. I am 21 years old and about to leave college in Jacksonville. To be exact, in one month from today I will be leaving what has been home in  to me for four extremely good years. I’ll spare you the intimate details but in that time I have developed a family of closely knit friends and I have fallen in love. A select few of my friends are aware of how early I will be leaving for Ft Lauderdale and even fewer are aware that I wont be back to settle in and make a more permanent home in “the real world” of Jacksonville. I guess I feel like if I don’t tell them then it doesn’t make it real and that’s comforting. However, work is taking me there and I have shared the news with my girlfriend and a couple of my self proclaimed “best buddies.” 

I am scared. I am afraid to say goodbye to them and even more fearful to leave my girlfriend. We have talked and said that we could try long distance yet we both understand our relationship and feel that it probably will get in the way of our love. I am afraid to go to a completely new city full of real world people. It’s unlike college where everybody is dumped onto this university where friendships happen every other day. My future job isn’t an community work space so I will only have my free time to meet people and that’s got to be hard when I will have little to no connections. I consider myself likable and open minded as I’ve never had issues connecting with others but now I am full of self doubt. I don’t want this next phase in my life to be all work no play. I’m genuinely struggling to manage the time I have left here in Jacksonville because I feel that every decision I make leads me to miss out on time with other friends or my girlfriend. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders and like I said I’m afraid of the future. 

March 18, 2016 at 4:33 pm
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