"I'm CRAZY about you!" ? ? ?

 Jamie (@Jamie-Simko)5 years, 6 months ago

Ok… So I’ve got this question floating around my mind lately in regards to intimate/romantic relationships.

Have you ever heard or seen a person say that they are “crazy” about someone and seen those feelings genuinely reciprocated with a partner who genuinely feels the same amount of desire towards them? I feel like the second that someone claims they are “crazy” over someone it will immediately create an imbalance which will cause the other person to withdraw from the relationship in some way or be in a position to be taking advantage of the other.

I’ve seen this in my life on both sides. Any time I’ve ever felt a deeply intense, passionate desire for someone where I literally feel like I’m “going crazy” for them I’ve never been able to have successfully attract them into my life on a deep and intimate level. I also feel like any time I’ve ever seen a person going crazy for me that I want to withdraw or possibly want to use it for my own selfish motives.

Maybe subconsciously it’s all just a big game. Maybe the only reason any person ever goes crazy for another is because they don’t think they can have them? The second they attain them they’re over it? Moving onto the next challenge?

Hmmm…. Your thoughts?

December 18, 2015 at 5:22 am
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