In a Dark place need Help!

 Hoes Aint Loyal 14 (@DidMeDirty14)6 years, 11 months ago

I’m in a 10 yr relationship with 2 beautiful Lil girls that mean more to me then I can explain…. In the past yr my Gf suddenly became unhappy with me n decided to have n Emotional n physical relationship with a person I considered to be my best Friend….I literally caught here 8-10 times calling him by checking her phone records. Now I’m not perfect n when we 1st got together n before we had kids I cheated twice.(I also had a bad drug habit that I’m not using as a get out of jail free card,but it definitely effected my judgment) once my first daughter was born I got clean n never cheated again even after her cheating with my friend I had a chance to but couldn’t do it nor do I want to unless we are completely over n not getting back together….. That’s the 1st heartbreak n loss of trust that happen then while this is going on at 28 yrs old with no doubt ever in my mind I find out the Man I thought was my dad turns out really isn’t n my biological dad had passed away 5 yes ago in jail…n I also have a half brother n sister that r around my age….this was a secret kept from just me n my brother I grew up with n thought we had the same dad all these years all our aunt’s, uncle’s, cousins, grandparents, family friends knew n just kept it from us….My mom was gunna take it to the grave with her,but my cousin slipped n told me while I was losing my Gf to my friend……I just need advice n Sumone to help me get over this mountain I’ve come to….I trust no one in mylife, they all just want to sweep all this under a rug n not talk about it n maybe we’ll all forget it all is going on,but I’ve lived my life on drugs keeping secrets n cheating on my Gf when we 1st met I denied it forever cuz I didn’t want to hurt her I knew she knew but I held it in for all these yrs… Once I confirmed she was cheating with my friend I spilled my guts to her nething I ever kept from her whether Big or Small I got it off my chest n have continued to not hide nething from my Gf…… i just don’t know if its salvageable my heart wants it to be but my mind is telling me to run,I’m just having the hardest time with my kids I take a lot of pride in being a Dad n also a FATHER… I feel like I would die if I wasn’t under the same roof as them every nite

July 4, 2014 at 9:25 am
Kris (328) (@kjbaran) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

Negative emotion is a result of a self-made expectation not being met. Take out the emotions and see things as if they were on paper. Live without expectation and emotion will be less powerful in clouding your judgment, resulting in more balanced thinking, further resulting in making better decisions. Ultimately, only You Know what to do. Peace and Love brother :)

Anonymous (64) (@) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

If you still love her and she still loves you then it is worth fighting for.

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