Ingrained morale and how it still affects you after youve explored true empathy.

Jackie Midkiff (@PipBunny87) 4 years, 4 months ago

Some time ago I realized there is no 100% right or wrong, especially with basic morals that are generalized. Life is alot more complicated. “Right” is just what we care about, put focus on and what we have knowledge about. For instance in the u.s. even people in the worst poverty like myself dont understand our comforts because we look at those who have it better, not knowing we are kept float from slavery(slavery here too but not on that scale) in different countries. I explored empathy years ago thinking it would make me a better person. Exploring why “cruel” people become the way they are. All I can do is understand everything and sit on a fence of conflict especially with circular arguments where everyones only concerned about their side thinking they’re doing the right thing but hypocritically turning a blind eye to each other. I have to block out alot due to lingering conflict and having to carry on, but all I can do is seem to choose the less worse circumstance but even then I realize being too sympathetic is counter productive to humanities accomplishments for instance letting people with unhealthy genes reproduce generation after generation. But my problem is that im still a bit stuck on sympathy and how emotion holds us back. From making rational progressive decisions.

February 23, 2018 at 7:58 am
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