Innovation and creation in learning and entertainment, bring it back maybe?

Seabass (@toketsuari) 8 years, 8 months ago

I’m currently everywhere and no where, I work a job like any other job, I am a parent of a brood, I have close friends over decade and closer to two that i’m constant with, all the while my mind is in everything it can get its nerve ligaments attached to.

I’ve been writing (Book to novel to script to comic bubbles) and building a foundation for a company that will go from a simple web based graphic novel to mass media anything we can get our hands on. Self teaching everything from programming to guitar to meditation just to make sure as I lead I learn and can input to any spectrum as we move forward.

My point, the only reason we exist as a unit or collective, is pure Fucking outrage. The movies we grew up with, the cartoons we would watch where even the songs had substance, the general consciousness of the world I believe was just in a state of reaching for more and more love and life and learning. Schools taught all-around curriculum, we went outside, we learned art, we learned different languages, there was no such thing as ADD being the issue, parents would walk in and bark down a teacher for not TEACHING, therefore subduing and harnessing the mind of the young who are all over the place unless tended to with thought provoking care.

We used to want every game, every album, watch every movie, read every comic or book…now in one year MAYBE one movie/game/book/song will inspire new consciousness…maybe.

Games were a major aspect, I played it all and to my fathers dismay, learned quick reading from RPG’s, puzzle and event solving from things like Resident Evil or Mario, patience with games like gladius from trying to achieve and understand all that I could from any game that had something to work for, whether that was a weapon or a character the worlds took you in and taught you that life in any existence is both precious and majestic as well as dangerous and hurtful; but we can always look for the positive in any end (Chrono Trigger with its 11 plus endings).

Movies played a role with it, Alien and Aliens made Halo and anything after it..but nothing more, music was up beat and heart felt, epic without digital encumbrance, it wasn’t about the image of the pretty singer as much as it was the melody and the writing of the lyrics or the endless simple rhythms that never left your head, I could go on but…

I’m at the point where in building and growing and learning with focus and a balanced mind that few understand that the easier, the more accessible the more mainstream a thought an idea a creation…the stupider we become. This pop-culture popcorn entertainment is sickening because it spoon feeds idiocy and the major public have been tactically taught to enjoy it till the last slurp, Am I alone in all this? I know not but can I get some input, why aren’t more working to create mind bending things, I don’t want to hear the government or entities are too big…we have the internet, so WTF?

January 29, 2014 at 10:23 am
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