Inspiration in movement

RichardBird (@DickyBird) 8 years, 12 months ago

When we find inspiration this is known as a stimulus, the inspiration has caused a reaction within ones self that causes you to act out in a certain manner, thus stimulating a new behavior.

Now, we constantly have stimulus around us all the time sparking new behavioral patterns, new thought patterns and even changes in our lives. However, confronted day to day by the same stimulus’ our brains become numb, the reaction from the same stimulus becomes less and less and we no longer get the same feelings we once did from said stimuli. For example, to constantly eat your favorite food day in day out it would be very likely you would become sick of it, and it would temporarily no longer be your favorite food (I say temporarily because the stimulus can be regained over time without any exposure to the given stimuli).

Ridding yourself of becoming numb to your surroundings through simply MOVING. Movement is life, when ever your in danger movement will keep you alive, when ever your life feels trapped movement will re-energize your life, movement is the key!

When I say movement i mean to travel, getting up having a little jig then sitting back down may make you feel lifted but it is a temporary solution to the bigger picture.

Traveling is not just about sandy beaches and late night parties, travel if you want it to can be the up most lifting and life enhancing tool one can ever use because of three little things we all encounter everyday but get to see through a different perspective.




People are everywhere, and a lot can be learned from people. The person sat within close radius of you right now could probably teach you a lesson about something you never even knew existed, no matter how brief or unrelated you find it to yourself it is knowledge. When traveling you will get meet hundreds hopefully thousands of new diverse PEOPLE, i mean how amazing is that, what could be more invigorating. Making new friends, connections, bridging the gaps between race and religion and coming to the realization that we are all ONE together as earths PEOPLE.

With new people comes new cultures, new ways of living, new beliefs. Becoming aware of the different cultures on our planet is something we all need to do because it allows us to view from a different perspective which is important in understanding each other. Experiencing new cultures can help you find where your culture or yourself may have been going wrong in areas of your life, you’ll find that somethings really don’t matter that you may have stressed out about repeatedly, and that you need to draw more attention to certain aspects of your life to better yourself, which without travel and experience would have led you into a downward spiral of constant stress and loss of directional purpose.

Last but not least is something that I believe keeps the world moving, drives ambition and the creative/imaginative spark in society and that is STORIES. Human beings since the beginning of man have told stories, on cave walls, in libraries, around fires, at holy gatherings, anywhere you go anyone you meet has a story behind it and the best stories are the big ones with great details although sometimes a little exaggerated that is the grace of story telling build your structure for your story, how would you like your life to be spoke about, mystical adventures or stressful late nights on excel.

Now look around you, do you still get the same buzz from your surroundings or do you feel the urge to find better new things on the walk of life.

August 21, 2013 at 6:04 am
nOrthPeace (8) (@nOrthPeace) 8 years, 12 months ago ago

I agree with your perspectives on meeting various people, understanding and experiencing different cultures as well as story telling skills. But for me personally I have to add more elements of what creates inspiration in myself like music, weed, entheogens, nature, silence, creative mind, time alone, post-meditation and talk to close friends and family.

Otherwise, I agree- movement, in terms of committing to action is highly important. Action bridges to new inspiration and invites positive momentum continuum. This flow certainly feels better than the opposite :-)

Anonymous (127) (@) 8 years, 11 months ago ago

All you gotta do is gravitate towards whatever it is that makes you smile.

Colleen (0) (@cmm6451) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

This is perfectly spoken.

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