Is ADHD bullshit?

 Zykanthos (@chodebalm) 5 years ago

I am very curious to see how many of you can relate to my experience.

I remember being in school as a kid and having the teachers recommend to my parents that I be tested for ADHD.

Even into my high school days, I would often find myself daydreaming, or my mind would be on a completely different subject than what the teacher was talking about. I’d be off in my own thoughts about something, and then I’d hear or see the rest of the class do something such as turning the page in the textbook, or take out a paper we were supposed to refer to, and I’d snap out of it and scramble to catch up with the rest of the class because I didn’t hear the teacher’s most recent instruction. That’s how school was for me basically from 1st grade all the way up until graduation.

When I was in 6th grade, my mom did finally have me “tested” for ADHD by a child psychologist. I’ll never forget his diagnosis and how he summed it up to my mother: “He doesn’t have ADHD. He pays attention when he wants to. He can turn it off and turn it on whenever he wants.”

And that’s the thing – it wasn’t that I couldn’t pay attention, it’s that I didn’t fucking CARE what the fuck the teacher was talking about, because I couldn’t see why it was important to give a shit about most of the meaningless bullshit that was being taught.

On the other hand, put me in a class that I actually CARED about, and I’d get straight A’s. My Spanish class, for example, was a class that I felt would actually benefit me. So what did I do? I paid attention and got straight A’s, and years later I became fluent in that language.

Even to this day, I’m very passionate when I talk about this sort of thing, because I feel so strongly that so many kids are thrown into classes that are so fucking meaningless in the grand scheme of life. And then just because they don’t pay attention in class, we think they have an attention problem, or just because a kid has a lot of energy it means he’s hyperactive.

Are you kidding me? It’s called BEING A KID.

It reminds me of a John Lennon quote: “When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”

I’m no psychologist. I don’t have a degree in psychology or neuroscience. But I am a firm believer that ADHD is a made-up disorder that we assign to our children because they recognize how much bullshit we’re throwing at them, and they’re much smarter than we give them credit for. They understand that a lot of the material taught in school is meaningless. I give credit to those who were able to just float along with everyone else through school and do your assignments and classwork like a good little boy or girl and not question why you’re doing them. But as for myself and many others I know, my mind was simply too curious about the world to care about what was being written on the board or how I’m supposed to summarize a century-old novel that’s boring as hell.

Has anyone else had the same or similar experience? Do you feel ADHD is a real disorder?

August 26, 2013 at 1:43 pm
thrashnard (0) (@thrashnard) 2 years, 1 month ago ago

I ended up being perscribed ritalin in 1st grade, because of a teacher coercing my mother into thinking there was somthing wrong with me, because I woulden’t pay any attention, because as you said it was pure bullshit, the interest I have now are none of what was taught in gradeschool. I went from Ritalin to stratera, to adderal, but after all the years, of me not eating right, not sleeping right, people asking whats wrong with me, and me hiding the the pills in my cheek. In hindsight i now know instinct played a role in my choice to refuse anymore pills in 7th grade. I am 27 now.  I kept this short because i could have went forever. I am disgusted at the DSM and of the dagnostical criteria that has changed over the years,which is a red flag, and disgusted that there is any criteria at all, I am also disgusted in a country that lets capitalist businessmen of big pharma destroy and supress the minds of the youth. If theres one thing you should look up its this: The Story of Fidgety Philip. its an old poem, it wasn’t called adhd then, but this poem helped as it was an early source, it it fit there bogus argument that so called ”adhd is a thing”. look it up. And bro I am glad that doctor didn’t put you on meds, i went through hell.

Bryan (0) (@Bryan-Vest) 2 years, 1 month ago ago

I was misdiagnosed with ADHD many times through out my life, first time when I was 5 years old. From then until I was 16 I was on daily Ritalin. The last time I got the same diagnosis I was i my late 30’s, I was going through some very stressful months at work. I went to see a psychiatrists and was prescribed Adderall almost instantly after the doctor spent about 10 minutes looking at my past ADHD problems though I tried to explain that never was the case. The Adderall just made the problems worse. After finding another doctor that gave my case more than 10 minutes of his time it finally came down to anxiety problems with focus on social anxiety which I had caused myself over the years. I am still working my way out of those anxiety problems through exercise, meditation both mindfulness and clear-mind. I have also used this as a path to yoga which eventually will lead to Buddhism…

As far as my thoughts on ADHD being a real disorder. I believe in some cases it is but not as much as people are told. I would make an educated guess that out of the tens of thousands of ADHD diagnoses every year probably around 0.5% of them actually have that kind of issue. Adderall will give an edge to people who don’t need it. I know from experience. I was on Adderall for 6 months and all I could think about was work. I didn’t care about my family, my personal health or anything that was not related to work. I also made very rash decisions and the smallest interruption to my schedule would cause me to angrily lash out at whoever got in my way. I made a joke at the time that all of the powerful CEO’s and a bunch of Psychiatrists got together and said “Let’s make a drug that we will make people think they need then they can just work until they die and we will replace them.” At the same time I personally know of cases where parents lied about symptoms to get Adderall for their children/themselves because it does give you an edge. In the end after I went cold turkey off of adderall I started referring to it is legally prescribed crystal meth.

My youngest son who is now 16 years old showed all of the traits that would classify someone as being ADHD. The school, grandparents and even family friends told us multiple times that he needed to “be on something” to control that. Not to mention that the school tried to force him to be right handed when he is predominantly left handed but somewhat ambidextrous. We refused medications, pulled him out of public school and worked with him to refocus all of that “ADHD” energy into doing something he liked. He chose music and now has a mini recording studio setup in his bedroom, can play almost any instrument you hand him and can mix music better than some pro-mixers I have heard. Of course he gets to do what he likes after he finishes what he needs, school work, chores and so on.

I think what it comes down to in the end is we are training a workforce of robots. Their imaginations have been ruined, speaking your mind is frowned upon, just do the work you are assigned and be mentally numb for the rest of your life, everyone is just supposed to fall inline do what they are told. So the easiest way for this to be accomplished is with drugs tailor made for this specific purpose on one hand Adderall give them all the energy in the world where the only focus is work on the other hand drugs like Ritalin which always made me tired so I barely had the energy to focus on what was being taught, let alone anything outside of that like oh, imagination… I know I have taken both, not to mention Concerta which put me into a severe panic attack after taking it for 4 days. After that bout I started referring to Concerta as legally prescribed Cocaine.

In summary I do believe in the rarest of cases ADHD is an actual problem, but the over prescription of these ADHD treatment medications is a problem caused by society and parents. Society as a whole trips the parents into believing that all kids have ADHD, the parents believe it, the schools and society who only know what they have heard on television reinforce it. On the adult side of the ADHD spectrum I believe the problems are anxiety and stress related as companies march forward with this new “more work with less people” mantra, I know our company just bought software that they want us to stay connected to a live messenger 24/7, not to mention, email, cell phone and the ticketing system. And the pharmaceutical companies laugh all the way to the bank. I know, when I was on Adderall it was $143USD per month.

LBSC (1) (@LBSC) 8 months, 1 week ago ago

I have ADHD. I hear people say how hard their lives is with ADHD, but mine isn’t. Once one of my teachers asked me why I behaved like that and I always replied “I do not know”, in reality I did: I behaved like that because the class was so fucking boring and I felt like I learned nothing, I never replied that to not seem rude. Since that day, most teachers treated me like a fucking 5 year old and I feel so uncomfortable when people treat me in a “special” way. I was forced to take some medication that tries to “normalize” you makes you feel like a robot. I eventually stopped taking my medication because I hate it.

When I was young my uncle had a girlfriend who was a psycologist and I told her “I have ADHD”. She did not belive me until my mom showed her a paper or something.

If I really had ADHD and I do not take medication, how come I can focus on stuff I like? How is it that I can relax? How is it possible that I am a self taught computer architect? How is it that I never forget my stuff? How is it that I do not act retarded?

I only focus on stuff I like. I’ve always been getting Cs in school not because I was dumb but because I never studied, I never payed attention and only listened a couple things.

flower21 (17) (@flower21) 8 months, 1 week ago ago

ADHD is a real disorder for sure, though a lot of people that are considered to be normal don’t pay attention when they don’t want to. I can see that you are rather romantic person and dreaming about smth more interesting for you is a habit based from childhood. This is normal. This is your character point, not a disorder. 

ADHD id diagnosed when people try to listen and they can’t, and that concerns all of the topics, though not the certain once. 

jb (1) (@juanbee) 8 months, 1 week ago ago

the peeps who say that adhd is “made up” and that meds are a scam sound unbelievably ignorant.  i’ve worked with K-12th graders for 15 years, many of whom had diagnoses of adhd.  i’ve seen miracles when, kids who are struggling academically and socially, are prescribed medicine(s) and one sees the difference the very first day they take it.  they are finally comfortable in their own skin.  so if adhd is b.s. why do things change so significantly when they start taking meds??  i know, because adhd is REAL

koaasst (1) (@koaasst) 8 months, 1 week ago ago

call it what you want, but there is some fucked up shit going on with neurotransmitters in plenty of people. maybe call it the 80% completion syndrome. i suffer from something, and countless hours trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with me leads to this adhd label, but hell i dont know. my dna results correlate with countless publications of genes and adhd studies. some sort of reward center that dopamine quits activating during a task until there is no desire to continue it, even when the task is a loved hobby.

im 44 now and have tried for years experimenting with ways to tweak these brain chemicals without using speed the doctors prescribe, though without trying their method i may never know if it can truly change my behavior and goal anticipations. im getting closer though, with nootropics, but still struggle.

truthfully this comment section sounds like a parrot box of scientology, ‘mental illness doesnt exist’ yada yada..

have you ever seen someone who lives with schizophrenia? that shit is why is it so easy to dismiss other disorders of brain chemistry? who the fuck cares what the fuck its called or if you are angry you have been labeled this, the point is to treat it, to try and beat it.

my life has been a ruined shambles, and i take responsibility for that, because in the end, there is no one else but self, who will take care of it. humanity really doesnt care if you live or die, prosper or wither away. commenters like the ones here contributed to my nihilism over the years, high fiving the condemnation of the suffering.

dont be lazy, just pay attention. try harder. you can change if you really want to. that deep dark hole of depression is not real, you are just creating it. stop it! you are the exact same as everyone else, so file in line and fucking act like it!

J. (1) (@jennaydoesntloveyou) 7 months, 1 week ago ago

To be honest, I do not believe that ADHD is bullshit. However, especially parents and teachers tend to “overdiagnose” it, and see it where it doesn’t exist. 

ADHD is the result of neurological differences. For instance, there are certain parts of the brain that are either over- or underreactive in some individuals. One of the signs might be difficulties with the so called phonological loop, meaning that a person cannot remember well what somebody just told them. To help with that, teachers tend to use visual stimulants. At school that might be a To Do list or symbols so that the student can remember the task they’re supposed to do better, and stay focused.

I think the main problem here is that ADHD is incredibly stigmatized and conceived as primarily bad; something that needs to be fixed.

But just as you said – some people with ADHD can achieve such great things. What matters is how people deal with it and make use of their strengths. I have a friend with the diagnosis who refuses to take any medication. Teachers used to tell her directly that she should never try to learn any languages because she’ll fail anyway. Today she successfully graduated from a University in China and got her BA in Business Management. 

My take on this, overall, is that generally we as a society should focus less on someone’s faults and support their abilities. 

mister22twister (0) (@mister22twister) 7 months ago ago

I happen to work in the mental health field, and personally, I believe that majority of the “Psychosocial disorders” are a scapegoat. People understand their script to receive a benefits package from the state/federal government in compliance with the clinical diagnosis of “Generalized Anxiety Disorder”. The issue here is that these disorders are hard to test for accuracy and instead we have to be reliant on the testimonial of a weak-minded individual. The majority of these people are cheating the system to receive free healthcare and $750 check each month. Sadly there is no easy answer to alleviate this kind of corrupted practice. The FDA will continue to fuel “mindless zombies” to rake in prescription fees and doctor visits. While the disabled will continue to feel a sense of comfort in taking advantage of a path of least resistance. We have transitioned into a new era of sensitivity and these conversations will always be masked in the spotlight and behind the scenes will look more and more like a Mr. Rogers episode of hand puppets.

johnson (0) (@doctorsolvepharmacy) 6 months, 3 weeks ago ago

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Gregory Pincus (0) (@Triangulum) 6 months, 2 weeks ago ago

You are me. Teachers did the same, but my mom had the same view as you and refused to put me on medication. I’m thankful everyday for that. Im not a hyper kid, just a girl who gets easily lost in her thoughts. Especially when a subject I don’t care about is being taught. OR especially if i have a professor/ teacher who clearly doesn’t give a shit about teaching. How am I suppose to focus on or like a subject when teachers don’t care about it themselves? but thats a whole other problem. 

I truly believe ADHD is NOT a real disorder. Kids are kids. Some just have more energy, that doesn’t mean they need medication. That just numbs who they really are. 

drugshome (0) (@drugshome61) 6 months, 2 weeks ago ago

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Gloveman (0) (@gloveman5) 6 months ago ago

     When I was in high school (I am 71 now.) the City of Chicago was influenced by all the for-profit trade schools. They told then Mayor Daley to have Chicago Public School system drop vocational training. We used to call it majoring in shop. Then the for-profit trade schools would have more students and would donate more money to the Democrat party.

     That forced everyone into an academic tract. The city-wide grade point average went into the gutter and the dropout rate went up through the ceiling. Many students were diagnosed with ADHD. The real reason for their academic problems was that they were in the wrong classes.

      The result was it ruined the lives of many students. I had friends who would sit in class and not listen to one word the teacher said. They would read books on auto repair or how to be an electrician. Of course, their grades were awful, and they dropped out of high school and thought of themselves as a failure.

       When we did have vocational training, some students would graduate and go on to college. Other students graduated and had a trade. They were plumbers, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, etc. Everyone was happy because we were able to major in something that was important to us.

     If memory serves me correctly, the reason Mayor Daley gave for dropping vocational training was that it was too expensive.

Paul Howell (0) (@hallertau) 6 months ago ago

It is only ADHD when intelligent people are supposed to keep pace with the slower students.

Mai* (2) (@IamMai) 5 months, 4 weeks ago ago

It is just another make believe BS from Big Pharma (True Drug Dealers) Kids need to learn to think not repeat Bullshyt from ages ago… They don’t have enough to do and with Parents needing to both work, no one to keep them real busy and educate them right…Too much enbergy and no one to teach them how to use it, it’s much easier to pack them full of meds so all have peace?

Juan Largo (1) (@JuanLargo) 2 years, 1 month ago ago

I’ve been diagnosed with adult ADD.  As do many others, I suspect that as a human, a raptorial toolmaking ape, I am like other predators in not having been designed by evolution to sit still and look in one direction while doing one thing for hours at a time, but instead to be on the move, looking in all directions, up, down, beneath and over. Consequently, I do not do well in an industrial civilization requiring that people “do jobs” in the manner of cattle grazing on pasturage, but prefer instead the Pleistocene mode of wandering about finding cool stuff.  .

Interestingly, though, the drug I’m prescribed, methylphenidate, does indeed permit me to remain patient while completing otherwise onerous tasks requiring complete concentration.  As a result, I do take the drug when society requires me to, for example, “make money” by performing certain complex sequences of actions.  Once I have the money, though, my tendency is to drop the drug and return to my natural state of maximal curiousity.  

In the end, I suspect that ADD or whatever acronym you prefer is merely the natural state of a human, and that the drugs are provided to permit us to adapt to the unnatural conditions of industrial life, however temporarily.  I accept my place in the tree of life as a predatory primate, but occasionally “domesticate” my behavior to “make money.”  

Lehay (1) (@Lehay) 8 months, 1 week ago ago

Interesting point. I think that some people like being labelled as “mentally ill”, since there are a lot of benefits to being considered ill by society, and viewing yourself as ill. This means that you can continue to behave in unsociable ways without being blamed for it, since it is due to your “illness” and not just bad character of lack of self-control. You can also be pitied and pampered, getting extra attention for being ill. Furthermore, when you consider yourself “chronically mentally ill” (whether this be ADHD, Depression, or whatever label you fancy), you take on narrative that this is just something that happened to you, bad genes, toxins, bad luck, anything but your own doing. And in my experience, a lot of people love blaming external causes for their state, rather than admitting that they are in control and responsible of their own life.

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