Is consuming weed the Ego simply taking inn pleasure on its deluded path?

Ymse (@Ymse) 7 years, 2 months ago

Many people today are quite familiar with the connection between weed, psychedelics and other substances, and awakening. They open up your mind to new perspectives, increase/activate creativity and overall gives you quite a pleasurable event. They both have sort of a path long side the path of enlightenment or awakening, containing many similarities. LSD for instance could blast you into extreme present moments with a level of alertness and awareness to that of a man meditating for 10 years straight would possess. When I am at a creative block, sometimes, weed is necessary to give a spark of creativity (I am aware that a place of no mind is where creativity thrives, but combine it with weed and this increases). Also, weed can create quite the amazing ideas and many memorable moments. All in all, weed has had a positive effect on my life, without these substances, I am unsure if I would have reached the level of awakening I now find myself in. However, the initial reasoning behind the consumption of these substances are largely ego-driven, the ego is in a constant search for pleasure and this will never end unless you dis-identify from it. I am at a very early stage, I have one foot in each the room. At moments I am aware and conscious, thoughts are simply… thoughts. I sometimes find myself “waking up” and its been quite some time since I was last conscious, I had let thought in. But more and more do I stay in the other room, the room in which I am. I realize that many things in daily life are ego-based, watching Netflix all day, eating junk food, looking for sex, gaming, everything surrounding money etc. I’m not saying you cant have one relaxing day of Netflix now and then or stop enjoying the tender touch of another person! However, by continuing my previous routines and doings, I do the same things the ego wanted in the first place and no true changes has happened, nor will it on that path.
Hence I am to do what I, truly, want. Without the ego influencing my conscious choice. I find that I have reduced my weed consumption after my initial awakened moment by up to ninety percent, naturally. Yet there are times when I do consume it, especially with friends (whom I have passed on my ideas of awakened experiences to), they are on the same path, not a few steps behind but on their own path, similar yet different. Is it possible that weed consumption is a choice I make conscious to simply increase my presence in the moment time to time, simply for the enjoyment and practical use of the event, and not because of a fragment of the ego is still in hold, searching for pleasure?
Is there room for the consumption of weed and/or other substances on the path of enlightenment?
Or will it slowly decrease by itself as i become more and more conscious?

At one point I am sure that there simply is no need for it anymore, the serenity of aware and awakened consciousness sparks creativity in itself as well as it creates moment of happiness, peace and bliss. it was like this the first few weeks after the initial awakening, i would only assume that higher “levels” experience something the likes. 

I may have answered my own question but I still would like to hear opinions on this from experienced people on the matter :)

Also, do you feel we need to be a certain age to be able to awaken? It seems most people I see that are on similar paths are a few years ahead of me, and most my age are neck-deep in the ego, it might just be that way where I reside and maybe you are more prone to awaken once you have experienced a certain amount of experiences to make the connection.

Note I just turned 20. And English is not my native language, excuse the unfortunate mishap ;)

July 24, 2015 at 3:15 pm
Gare (32) (@JurassicParking) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

Weed amplifies whatever I’m feeling. Pleasurable things become more intense, so if you have a knack for vices and short lived gratification it’ll be harder to fight. I like to think upon reaching certain levels of awareness weed can help regulate balance. If I smoke too much, I lose myself in an ego trip, but when I feel dissociated with reality it brings me back to child-like experience of wonder and questioning. I think bud is a tool that shouldn’t be relied on too much. That’s all me though man

. And I don’t think people need to be a certain age to be awaken. I think all you need to realize to feel awake is that you’re the universe, and its always happening, even through the smiles and tears. “Waking up” has a lot of different meanings, so I don’t think I fully understand haha. You communicate through English well,  I couldn’t even tell it wasn’t native :)

Sergeant Major General loony tunes (15) (@downscript) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

Weed just slows you down, it seems it heightened your thoughts, but they are random, and not of use, mostly, unless you trying to think out of the box, in chemistry/science i’d imagine it help a bit, if you could still focus, but any substance that produces euphoria can be abused, and it’s one of the side effects of cannabis, it’s a pleasant one, a state of wellbeing, so yes it’s part of your nature to crave this type of experience, which is part of your ego.Now that i think about it the hit of dopamine could lead to more thoughts, creativity, but your memory is also effected, so if you want to use this, try a less, knock you on your ass type of weed/hash such as indica, and stick to sativa, the stuff that energizes you, but note everyone reacts differently, indica can have a paradoxical effect, such as if you have chronic pain, it can make you more motivated, and work better, look up CBD and protective effect of memory from THC, CBD is supposedly high in sativa strains, i’d say don’t even bother with hash, because it’s mostly just an extract of THC, with less CBD, you want the CBD for your memory, and yes, look it up, weed slows down your reaction time.

Ali Senegali (0) (@Albouri) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

I’m just now entering my late thirties and am also
pondering over the effects of marijuana upon my journey here. I often wonder
whether it is helping me, or whether it is an obstacle for me to overcome upon
my path to a higher awakening. To me, the fact that I even ask myself these
questions as often as i do, hints at a consistent kind of inner conflict. There must be a
part of me that wants to keep enjoying the pleasures that marijuana appears to provide,
yet another side of me which, evidently, is not at peace or not fulfilled with these drug
induced states. I tend to think that the latter part of me is a deeper and
wiser one, and that perhaps that first one is indeed my ego. <div>Regardless, I
appear to be on a journey away from drug induced feelings of peace and towards
a more grounded kind of peace that comes through consistent patience and the practice
of mindfulness. (The Jedi kind?)</div><div>I am using marijuana, but I am feeling some holy pressure to
give it up and finally take definite steps beyond drugs and beyond the pursuit
of pleasure and “spiritual experiences”.</div>

jjj (0) (@jjj7) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

You know all of the answers to your questions. It is your ego that puts doubt into your answers. It does this in order to survive as the ego cannot exist in the truth that is consciousness.

there may be times where there is a struggle between consciousness and the ego. Conciosness questions whether you need the attachments that you have. Whether the attachment is money, drugs, relationships, sex, possessions etc etc.The ego then tries to convince you that you do need these attachments. Your ego has been working on your identity to all these things your whole life. You can’t live without these THINGS in your life. Who do you think you are? You think you are better than your friends? Join them. They are having a good time. Who do you think you are? Buddha? Jesus? Just some of the ramble that the ego may use in order to survive.

So what is your truth telling you? About weed? About everything?

Also, try to notice when you may have judgments on levels of consciousness whether that of friends or people you observe. It is as Eckart Tolle put it ‘ the ego slipping in through the back door’. You will end up laughing at some point as to how good the ego is. Observing it for what it is lessens its grip over us.


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