Is getting good grades worth it?

 APOAPE (@APOAPE)6 years, 5 months ago

I am currently in school and I have always gotten all A’s. However, recently I’ve questioned why I strive for this. I do not care if I don’t get into the best college, and I sacrifice actual learning in favor of getting a good grade. Can anyone provide me a reason to continue to get A’s at the expense of my sanity and free time? Can anyone convinve me fully that I do not need to get A’s?

January 15, 2015 at 11:56 pm
pierre (0) (@pierretherien) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

sanity happiness love are important. school is a daycare so the youth doest not cause trouble in the streets

Almeida (304) (@xetado) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

As a general rule, your results come mostly from your effort. If you don’t care much to good results, why bother? It’s pretty logical.

mup1537 (1) (@mattplatta) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

Yeah because the school system is not completely about learning. It is also about ranking people. Everybody should not be let into med school or become an astronaut. As shit as it is, there needs to be an objective (arguably) measure to facilitate this. Learning, you do that on your own if you are capable of it. School is a system and tool you use to get where you want to be in life (if the path way is even through school). The marks you receive give you a huge advantage and allow you to separate yourself from the pack. Hell, teachers will assume things about your personality and behavior that are postive based alone on the fact that you get good grades. Also, I’m not sure what level of education you are at but in a hard university program (science or engineering or computer science) you will not be cruising on A’s. You will have to work your ass off for them. What you are doing now is cultivating discipline. Guess what a doctor, astronaut, or any other hard, rewarding, in demand job has more of than most people: discipline. An A is just a testament to your discipline and efforts. There may come a time when you get a B even though you put in the same effort as usual. Hopefully you remember this post you made when that time comes. Good luck.

Giulia (4) (@abcdefgiulia) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

I recently took an online course called “Leaders of Learning”, which taught me about the different ideas people have about learning and the form of organisation that best suits them.
Traditional schools – and most universities – follow a model that was created during the Industrial Revolution, and which reflects how factories were and are organised (I’ll link you a video below); they are based on the idea of “hierarchical” knowledge, which means that one person (the teacher) retains information and is responsible for passing it on to the students, who are then individually assessed and evaluated.
This concept of education is rapidly becoming obsolete since the internet has made knowledge available to anyone, anywhere. Schools may fail to adjust in the next few years, but eventually they will have to take this second revolution into consideration and incorporate technology into their teaching methods.
So don’t worry about getting straight As, because the possibilities we have today to educate ourselves stretch far beyond what school can assess. Rather than worrying or losing sanity or time in order to get a specific grade, try to develop a habit of being curious and a thirst for knowledge. Get fascinated by physics, literature, woodworking or philosophy and studying them will have a whole new, personal meaning – and hopefully good grades will follow, but they won’t be the goal anymore!

Here’s the video about school design:

FilipT (12) (@Filip.Tanaka) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

I want to say two things.

1. Lip service, (look up the meaning if you are unfamiliar).
If you take a different perspective on education, we spend (wastefully) our young years in kindergarten, then school, then secondary school and college, high school and university. Only to end up face to face with an employer with a paper listing your grades and achievements that you have received after the blood sweat and tears you sacrificed. Only to be employed for your skills that they find desirable to do the companies dirty work, and not being employed because of your values, qualities and views and character. They dont really give a sh** about you as a character.

2. The system, you are being trained and not educated, you have a limited amount of years that you spend on this small rock drifting aimlessly through space, with a limited amount of seconds provided each day to invest into your happiness and purpose of life.
Essentially you attend education to finally get a good job just to get money, just to be able to use that money to do and get the things you want.

I beleive life is most deffinately not about living a 9-5 life peppered with good grades and and diplomas as a result of a wasted youth, not about a lot of monet, as Mahatma Ghandi said, “be the change you want to see in the world”, we all tend to conform ourselves to goals but not goals to ourselves, so we all keep changing and adjusting to be what we will essentially never become.

I am going through the same thing just as you, I was getting very good grades and felt good and but never truly happy. I have so much more to say as i sit here in this lovely cafe sipping and slurping on a good cup of coffee.

Feel free to email me as it could benefit you and also me to talk to someone who is going through a similar situation as I am.

Email: [email protected]

Zayn (17) (@Apollo777) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

Work on your spirituality, developing your consciousness and using love in your daily life.

Memorizing regurgitated information (that may or may not be truth) and scoring well in tests? I wouldn’t say thats what really matters in life.

danisurya (19) (@danisurya) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

I got a lot of A’s back in school but never learned or studied for it. The whole world thinks you are great if you get A’s (or they are jealous), and they will make you believe you have to do this and that. Anyway, I would say, figure out what it is that you would really love to do. Then follow it. nobody cares about grades many years later. You get the same diploma as anyone else. I also figured: make your own life, don’t work for anyone! grading is needed to succeed in the structure where you work hard and someone else takes your profits. You loose your freedom, they give you enough money and make you believe you are smart. don’t follow that system. Prefer an independent work with less money than being a slave to the system, weher you can be replaced. Your creativity is your real weapon not your grades, trust me!!

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