It is not a passive battle…

Anonymous (@) 7 years, 11 months ago

Take back the power to say “No” to the painbody locked inside your head. Mara, Satan, Yaltaboth, Ego – call it what you will its various names do not describe its wretchedness. It does not matter its origin. Fuck it to hell where it belongs. It is weaker than your true self. Know that it can be defeated. You knew this once. Have slain this beast before. Rise up. Shed the apathy, the fatigue, the dark veil, the heaviness and mute the incessant chatter once and for all. Command it. Say ‘No’ and it will obey. Chop off its snake like tendrils and many heads wherever they arise. You need not give it time to take root. Do not absorb it with your intellect or reason with it. Kill it at it source–at the moment it arises. Kill it by saying ‘No’ and do not look back. Kill it as many times as it arises and it will die. It can be defeated. Yours is a pure light. A true light. Reclaim what is yours. Love all other things, but not this evil. It is not of you. Kill this thing first. Focus your attention. Sharpen your mind. And in the moments of sanctity that follow be grateful, but never let down your guard. Be resilient. “No” is your shield. “No” is your sword. You may be pacified in all things except this. Swear to destroy this evil. Kill it swiftly but do not be prideful. Kill it each time it arises and don’t give it a second thought. You will work incessantly at first. But stay strong and resolute. Soon moments of clarity will give ways to hours and even days of peace. You will not recognize them as such at first but instead feel an inner relief. Give your body and true consciousness time to heal. There is a luminous ember deep inside that you will soon remember. Feed it with love and passion and it will grow till it becomes the infinite light you once knew. Do not give up hope. Do not wait. This is not a passive battle. Do not agree to coinhabit this place. Take up arms and fight. Reclaim what is yours. You will be victorious. It starts now.

June 12, 2014 at 3:02 am
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