It is possible to heal fully and completely.

Stewart (@Stewart-Alsop) 3 years, 1 month ago

Many say that there are some things that cannot be healed.

Fine. Let them say that. And they are right, of course.

What they are truly saying is that “there are some things I could not heal in my life”. They are right. Let them be right.

When it comes to your life, never take the model of someone else and fully apply it to your own life. Never lose that spark of optimism that allows us to achieve our most heartfelt desires.

Of course its always valuable to hear the stories of others and take what is of use.

What does it mean to heal?

It means to become whole. To recognize those parts of yourself that you had to hide and repress and bring them into the light of awareness.

Nor is this process one of drudgery and dismay, pain and annoyance. It can be one of joy and remembrance of that which was lost when we cut ourselves off from the source of all that is.

There are no rules to this. There can’t be. Your existence is an entire microcosm, a universe of feelings and expressions. Its time to let it out, free it from its mind created prison.

Please don’t take this as a spiritual bypass. Some situations cannot be fixed in their material manifestation. Some cancers cannot be healed by thinking positive. If you lose your foot in an accident, that foot is gone.

What I’m getting at is the spirit of consciousness underneath the pain of losing a foot or dying of cancer is unbound by its material manifestations.

In these trying and difficult times, can you recognize the beauty of all states of being? Can you let yourself become whole regardless of the temporary situation you find yourself in?

May 8, 2019 at 9:37 pm
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