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Beeuf (@beef) 9 years, 7 months ago

So..i tend to lucid dream a lot! At first id panic once I realized i was dreaming, but the more i did it the more i relaxed and let myself play with it. Relaxation is most defiantly key to being able to enjoy and play with dreaming, for me anyway! But yeah this might seem like i’m going off point but it will all come together I promise. I’ve also tried acid three times. So I’m not that experienced with is but I defiantly have a feel for what acid is all about. So with acid relaxation is also defiantly key to enjoying it, letting yourself enjoy it. When I was tripping I knew everything was a bit weird, like in a dream when you know everything’s a little strange but you can never quite seem to put your finger on what it is, well i cant anyway! Apart from the obvious hallucinations and things being morphed and moving and changing and all of that…with acid it was a feeling that feeling i get when i’m dreaming, that everything’s a little different but you don’t know what it is thats making it strange. Also like in a dream when I came up off the acid it felt like i’d been dropped in something. All of a sudden I was in my trip I suppose. Like in a dream where you cant remember how you got there or why your there. I guess i’m just trying to point out the similarities between being lucid and being high on acid. Is your brain in similar states of consciousness when lucid and on acid? Or am I imagining these similarities in my head! Would love some feed back and to hear some opinions, especially from people who are experienced in either or both areas.

June 1, 2012 at 10:31 am
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