Jobs for the best in life? living simple and making a change?

L.L.L218 (@clara.jensen75) 7 years, 10 months ago

I’m going to graduate this spring and cant decide which direction to in with my life. I am sick with the thought of going into a corporate career. I want to get out and explore and reach into my inner humanity. Society today puts so much pressure on finding a job that will ‘rake in the dough’ rather than what can help the world. I want to escape and live simply and help others. Im considering Environmental Engineering due to the fact that humanity is destroying the planet. society is so based on religion its slowing our progress as a race. science has multiple ideas and prototypes or propell humanity into the future, but we as a race are too afraid of the fact that there is no “God”. humans cannot live without a reason to live. such as heaven. so what im basically saying is that i want to go live naturally and live life. i want to look back on my life in 60 years and know that i did as much as i could have to make the world better. does anyone have any ideas of jobs or field can allow me to travel and live simply and help others in other countries.

December 1, 2014 at 3:56 pm
Josh (213) (@reinvented2012) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

You can travel, live simply and help others without a job. Thats the first thing you need to realize. But if you want to be a contributing member of society you get a job. If you want to be happy you do what you love.

For me I am traveling and living simply in my camper. I got lucky with my job ( I recruit people for jobs for my company). I majored in Business and went into an entry level job doing the same thing I am now and did the office grind for 1.5 years. Then this company called and offered me a job to work from home. So I decided to start traveling the country and continue working, its great.

So again, find a job you like to do and things will fall into place.

lifegamer (28) (@lifegamer) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

Fabulous choices of stuff to Be, L!!! What’s Your Passion? Give Humanity your Passion!

How to Discover Your Passion:
Definitely research & find good teachers of body mechanics…Anatomy, Botany, Biology, Chemistry…Their designs, construction processes, inter-workings…Focus on nutrition & resources of it.

While into that part of the process, find avenues of internship & volunteerism through local environmental projects to hone skills in Nature…It’s designs, construction processes, & inter-workings…Focus on tools.

Then, check out stuff like “Solar Freakin’ Roadways” (via Youtube)…follow what rings your Soul Sounds as ya view through.

Then, Make a Good Life! Have fun with your process! :D

b_a_mn (5) (@Ballen651) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

I agree with everything in your post, nicely said! I can tell you, that at 28 years old, I’m just now making the switch from a corporate job, to something much more fitting for myself and who I am. I did the corporate professional financial industry gig for about 10 years, which gained me a priceless amount of professional experience and personal growth. I feel I am at a completely different level now and better suited to take an education in something I am passionate about seriously I am glad I experienced the last 10 years of my life as I did, and do not regret how anything played out. BUT, I also am strapped for time and money because I now own a home, and have 2 jobs on top of school to afford everything.

So, I see pro’s and con’s to both sides. But it sounds as though you are very passionate about this, so if you know 100% that it is your calling, why waste 1 day of your life doing something you know will never get you anywhere fulfilling? I was iffy about what it was I wanted to do with my life when I was 18, so I decided to go the route you’re “supposed” to go… now 10 years later I look around and realize that this is not where I am meant to be and I still want to do what did not choose at 18.

Good luck and remember that whatever decision you make now does not have to define the rest of your life. If you decide in 5, 10, or 15 years that you do not want to continue down this road you took initially, you can always change directions.

Marquice (0) (@MarsQuice) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

I am a junior in college now and have tons of loans from UNCLE SAM. I know those debts will come back to haunt me unless i set myself up for success now. instead of working a corporate job I am currently working as a social marketer for a new online retail brand. The freedom of this job is amazing and the only way we get paid is by teaching others to become successful. If you are interested in the opportunity I would love to work with more conscious young minds. let me know

JollyFolly (0) (@JollyFolly) 7 years, 3 months ago ago

As others have said, I would suggest doing what makes you happy— and to let your morals guide you.

It is my belief that you are no way obligated to society at all.  There was no contract signed (other may argued it’s implied but what choice in the matter do you have to accept or decline it).  That said, identify what makes you happy on a day to day basis, and replicate that.  Determine your morals and live by them — nothing else!  Our society is set up in a way to lead everyone down a general path, namely consumption. Consuming is what drives the world economy now and if you can break away from it, you’ll be less influenced by societal norms (like going to college, getting a career, etc.). Develop yourself in the way you believe best. Advertising advice is shared with you to profit the one doing the advertising.

Again, its best just to do what makes you happy, and to do so by following the laws of your own moral laws (not the laws of government).

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