K: Capitalism is Compassionate, Moral, the Only Sustainable Form of Government

K4RM4 (@K4RM4) 6 years, 9 months ago

Capitalism is the most compassionate, moral, and sustainable form of government. It allows human beings the most freedom of any option available. Unfortunately, most have no idea what true capitalism involves, as most confuse the “crony capitalism” to which many have become accustomed and despise (rightfully so) with “free market capitalism”, “free market anarchism”, or “anarchocapitalism.” Observe this video or listen to the audio and perhaps your mind will open to see why capitalism is the only smart choice:


The gentlemen in this video discuss the phenomenon of R vs. K neurological wiring evident in amygdalas found in both the animal kingdom and human beings. While they don’t delve into capitalism/free market anarchism/anarchocapitalism at the depth that Murray Rothbard does in his wonderful book “For a New Liberty,”  it’s a wonderfully thought-provoking conversation that proves why conservative strategies make more sense than liberal strategies.

I must note that an anarchocapitalist is the most conservative type of human. Conservative is defined as “limited government and instead allows rule to be determined by a free market in which coercion is absent and a natural order exists in its place.” This is NOT the Republican form of conservative; it’s beyond that. It’s freedom. It’s founded on the nonaggression axiom. It allows the best innovation and the most philanthropy.

Since war is addressed in the video, I’ll mention that I’m pro peace, compassion, love, and thereby liberty that is rooted in such choices. If one follows the ultimate path of these values, it may be argued that all ought to take the approach Jesus did (read page 107 in “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass if you don’t understand). However, it could be also be argued that if all live in this way then all will be crucified as the evil, unconscious, fear-driven ego kills everything in its path. Then the question becomes, “is it righteous to prevent future murders by killing the murderer as a form of self/family/friends/consciousness’ defense if the murderer may not be peacefully stopped and rehabilitated through neuroplasticity and neurogenesis?”.

I look forward to the enlightening thoughts sparked by the above video and comments.



November 16, 2015 at 5:26 am
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