Keep Creating…meop-poam-meop-poam

Dan (@Dwethli) 8 years ago

Confused were all forced to conform
Crafted in societal norms

As a little kid they put me down
That little boy didn’t know how

I’m sorry Daniel You don’t work hard
we just can’t relate to your inner heart

So broken we blame what we don’t understand
destroying many living plans

Joe, Chris, Brad and Ben
All know how to focus a pen
why can you do this Dan??
god damn it you don’t fit our plan

Follow your passion and you’ll break through
I’ll be here waiting for you

Who am I kidding though I’m still confused
I just like to act like a different brew

Teacher, teacher your just confused
Its all ok your souls been bruised
focus, focus, I’ll show you how
Just agree, to not put me down

Feel the beat just dance to it
It gets easier if you take a hit
Don’t judge me now your almost there
I’m just answering your inner prayers

May 12, 2014 at 10:06 pm
Ko’olei (0) (@koolei) 8 years ago ago

Damn. I like.

Dan (25) (@Dwethli) 8 years ago ago

thanks!! i love hearing that, i’ve just started doing this in the last week actually.

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