Ketamine: The Estranged Psychedelic

Jordan Lejuwaan (@jordan) 10 years, 4 months ago

Has anyone else tried out ketamine? I had my first experience with it about a year ago and have since tried it a few times because it is flat-out the most interesting and spiritual drug I have tried. Shrooms and Acid pale in comparison (no joke).

For those who don’t know, Ketamine is a very powerful anesthetic, generally known as a horse tranquilizer. This causes it to have highly dissociative effects — you lose many, if not all of your bodily sensations. This ranges from being numb in your hands, to walking and not being able to feel your feet hit the ground (the only way to experience floating!) to losing 100% of sensation, which is called a K-hole. This all probably sounds very scary at first, and I won’t pretend that it’s not. You must be an experienced drug user to get the most out of K. But if used with a psychonaut mindset, you can attain some of the most profound states you could (and could not) imagine. Many experienced users say that they can reach more profound states with K than even DMT/Ayahuasca.


– Insane time dilation — Your 45 minute trip will feel like 2-3 hours. Not in the marijuana way of ‘oh shit man, it’s already 2?’, but in a serious ‘I swear to god it was three times as long’

– Feeling connected to the universe / consciousness. This one is hard to explain. More than any other drug, K makes you feel one with everything to the point of being able to receive advice from what I think is the collective unconscious. You might also call it your guardian angels or higher beings. Yeah, freaking crazy.

– Ability to image the outcome of future events (and past events) with intense detail. I’ll let this guy from Erowid explain it:

Ketamine is good for personal analysis because in “eternity,” one can see all of the events and actions which shape and mold individual behavior. One can see the ego as a billiard-ball interacting, bouncing, and reacting in very methodical ways to events in temporal and spacial proximity. This is the “gem” of the Ketamine experience – the objective viewpoint one gets of their own ego and actions. It is as if one’s “eternal” self – that self which exists outside of linear time and 3-D space – is brought to the forefront of consciousness so it can look objectively down on the “solid” or “flesh” self. Facets of ego and personality begin to unravel into intricate cause and effect chains which shape who we are, how society functions, and how human beings interact within that society.

This process of objectively observing and intentionally altering personal behavior is called Metaprogramming – a term coined by John Lilly. Ketamine enables metaprogramming in individuals to a point where it seems like synaptic pathways are almost consciously being rerouted to acheive a desired reality shift. In the emergent state, one can literally “try on” new facets of personality, perception, and reality. For instance, you can invoke a new attitude for yourself, fit it into your old reality paradigm, judge possible outcomes and effects, then keep it or scrap it. You can project yourself into the future, into a new relationship, into a new career, or into a new life. This is not an abstract projection, it is as if it is actually happening! When you find a new reality, resolution, or answer that suits you, you can live it out and measure it against the reality you just came from. If you want to keep it, it’s yours upon reentry into the physical. How long it lasts is up to you.


Has your jaw dropped yet? Well let me drop one more piece of knowledge on you: Ketamine can be used to induce an out-of-body experience with ease. If you’ve studied OOBE’s you’ll know why. When trying to induce an OOBE while sober, your intention is to dissociate yourself from your body and imagine sensations outside of your body. With K, this state is a given with the right dose.

Lastly, the negatives. Ketamine must either be snorted or injected. It can be ingested, but it’s not as effective. Shooting anything foreign directly into your brain isn’t that awesome for you obviously. However the feel just fine the next day. From my research, this is not even as bad for you than a few lines of cocaine, and SO much more rewarding.

So that’s Ketamine. Anyone have some K experiences they’d like to share?

March 30, 2012 at 12:11 pm
LSDismyGOD (63) (@LSDlover) 8 years, 6 months ago ago

(@jordan) well Dear, K is addictive and collapse your veins…and i considered Ketamine Pale in front of LSD , in front of Acid experience of Music ( Synesthesia ) in front of Great realizations Acid offers and the capability to face your fears, and the clarity and sense of control u have over u, while u are tripping on Acid…. and Happiness and BLISS of the level that u are crying out of bliss….and every Psychedelic is unique and important in its own right, Dmt cannot give Acid experience and Acid cannot give Dmt experience..(@thomaschong) had also warned over use of Ketamine as it damage veins..and addiction for sure… whereas Acid and Shrooms are Physiologically and Psychologically safe.

Take care Dear

Anonymous (481) (@) 8 years, 6 months ago ago

I’ve always imagined the spectrum of psychedelics to be a bar, white towards the top and black towards the bottom. Sobriety is somewhere in the grey area. Most popular psychedelics take you closer towards the all, they dissolve boundaries. Some research chemicals take you down, into the self, but none like ketamine. It shoots you to the bottom, pulls you into a lonely void, into the self, cut off from the all. I’ve always felt that psychedelics like mushrooms, LSD, and mescaline have some extent of love for the user, but ketamine doesn’t give a shit about you, it’s a cold chemical, a bad trip on ketamine doesn’t have meaning, it doesn’t need meaning. Its a desolate chemical hell, read some of the stories on erowid, not something to be fucked around with, at least not by me. I know that it can be rather pleasant, but anyone can handle a good trip, if you want to do ketamine, and I strongly advise you not too, read some of the train wreck/disaster trips on erowid. Happy tripping.

Julesj (0) (@kudos100) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

Ketamine. My favorite drug ever. I’ve travelled to other dimensions, plummeted through parallel universes and had my body disintegrate into atoms before reforming again.

The problem with it is, although not physically addictive, it is the most psychologically addictive substance on the planet.

A good ‘hole’ can be akin to a religious experience where you die and are then reborn.

Not much of it about at the moment and the quality is terrible, which is probably a good thing as I would have a serious problem otherwise.

Enjoy, but proceed with caution.

Deke (0) (@Deke) 8 years, 1 month ago ago

I heard Stef say “WTF?!?” while I was having one of the most transcendental experiences of my well-explored psychedelic life. In 25 years of mind-bending exploration I’ve never seen fit to risk writing on the internet – but frankly I’ve got to share this one.

Who’s Trip is This Anyway?
I have to admit to being a bit reckless – a bit out of character where psychedelics are concerned and surely a complicating – if not mitigating factor in my experience. But was my experience a k-hole, or a ketamine induced re-birth? Are they the same thing? This time felt different. Very VERY different from my earlier experiences with K. It’s been haggling my psyche all week (not in a bad way mind you – the kind of questions that give meaning to life).

At 41, the best advantage to being an older “partier” is the privileged access to quality drugs. The b-side to that advantage is the naive notion that one can handle most anything – I almost didn’t this time. Raving in the 90s I had some modest experience with ketamine but found it to be less than stellar for dancing with a thousand people in a warehouse and left it at that (with no particular psychedelic results) for a good 15 years.

The Drugs
With an undergrad in biology I know what a good chemical precipitate should look like and this ketamine was excellent – we were having a GREAT night. The problem, I THINK turned out to be the amphetamine. There was, for the record, some weak LSD thrown in for some measure…But what I now know, or rather what I THINK I now know is that one should not mix dissociative drugs with amphetamine for fear of a permanent psychotic break. Fortunately my break was temporary – but at the time I was convinced that after a fantastic evening, I just may have lost my mind.

And There WAS a Break…
So we mixed some more K and speed and intentionally snorted our way to explore our dose limits for K. Now I’ve been in a K hole before – and I KNEW that’s exactly where I was – where WE were….and was relatively comfortable with that…but….

When Time Becomes a Loop
I found myself questioning not so much how deep this hole was – I knew it was deep…I’ve been in a K hole before…..but how long I was there. I found myself repeating discussions (in my mind)….the same conversation over and over again….I definitely felt dissociated and grew concerned that I had been for some time – some very long time….was I there for weeks? months? years? The same conversation looped – “Do you know where you are? You’ve lost your mind”. I worried that I had checked in and the people around me where trying to tell me I had lost my mind (tho no one at this pt was actually talking to me, in fact the conversations were with worried loved ones that were not even there). I seriously felt stuck at the moment of the Big Bang….conversing with God (or a pan dimensional being) in a conversation that kept looping back – repeating in a way as he demonstrate the farce of time – the very root of three dimensional existence – and ending in exactly the same words in which it started. Even tho I could accept that our reality may be anything but I nonetheless wanted to re-join the Society of the Spectacle.

Shared Consciousness
I could then hear the people around me, and though my eyes were closed I could see each of them (some of whom I just met, all of whom were cool) in neat squares rotating about in a Hollywood Squares kind of matrix that became increasingly ordered – a shared collective consciousness being ordered – by definition – in a mysterious and organized methodical linear way. And as that order increased, I heard Stef say “WTF?!?”. I’m SURE that moment was being shared….my two uses of “being” ..being entirely intentional (ok – that’s 3 ;) )…..I was not scared by this ordering….in fact it was comforting and I felt warm fuzzies for those around me….a kind of orgasmic though platonic oneness. And I resolved to ask my friends if they had in fact “seen” the same ordering….of course it being entirely possible they were each on their own entirely respective trips….but I just don’t think so! But as I resolved to ask the question about life the universe and everything I got….

The Shock of My Life
Literally….I thought I was being shocked. Electrocuted. I felt like I was paralyzed with electricity and could not move save for the electrical convulsions contracting my muscles. I was worried I had rolled over onto an electrical cord and resolved that if I did not try to “throw” myself from its current I would surely die if I was in fact not already dead. This was, to say the very least, a discouraging moment b/c I had returned from my Big Bang Dissociated Time Loop where I had spent some time in an intergalactic insane asylum at the bottom of a k hole and was successfully extracting myself rather comfortably with the realigning of our shared consciousness. This Shock felt distinctly different from the K hole. I had collapsed or convulsed on the floor.

The next thing I knew I was semi-conscious and walking outside into the night air to collect myself.

WTF Just Happened?
A dear close friend came out to check on me (thank God – which he might as well have been at that moment). He did not partake in the K though knows the drug well.
Rather than ask me what just happened I asked him. Though he wasn’t watching at the exact moment I felt I was convulsing, he was in the room and knew I had collapsed – they had heard the thud and I was on the ground from where I rose to walk outside. He reminded me that I had taken a rather strong dissociative analgesic – and too much of it. He at first made light of the situation so as to scare me….he chided me into believing they had in fact Tasered me in a misguided joke….and that I had been in cardiac arrest. I believed him at first – so sure was I that I had been shocked…..until he assured me within moments that was not the case. He guided the conversation toward my query that perhaps mixing too much K with any amount of speed was perhaps a tad reckless. “Yes” he said – “that’s exactly what I am saying”. He’d heard of this “Shock” and said I probably skated recklessly too close the edge and really did hit the bio-electrical reset – a function I am eternally grateful worked.

Ketamine is a wonderfully beautiful psychedelic I will sure do again more responsibly. A great evening almost ended terribly but I am a better person for it.

I was touched by a God, experienced the Big Bang, lost my mind and have been re-born.

kremer (4) (@kremer) 8 years, 1 month ago ago

Wait, shooting it directly into your brain? I hope I’m misinterpreting. K is a very interesting drug, I would use it again if some vials fell into my lap. Your comment on metaprogramming really resparked my interest in K + J. Lilly’s work

Charlotte (51) (@11mothernature) 8 years ago ago

I adore Ketamine. I have felt neither male or female on the stuff…
It makes music sound weird and I feel like an elephant stomping around.
My friends dubbed it as “psychedelic wasted”.
I feel like all opportunities are possible, I feel like a crank in the machine.

Tiger.9 (0) (@Sarahmoore) 6 years, 10 months ago ago

I have never had this drug on the streets, but it is used in hospitals a lot. I’ve dislocated my shoulder multiple times and every time they use this to put me out while they pop it back in. Because they use it as an anesthetic, I’m in a K-hole, I lose all ability to move or speak, but the trip is ridiculous. It’s a complete out of body experience and absolutely amazing, very euphoric. I always said I could see why this drug gets very addictive. Coming out is kind of trippy because you regain your senses very gradually. 

Ash (0) (@Ashdk1) 6 years, 9 months ago ago

I have had many intense spiritule experiences with K. One of the most intense was laid in a completely dark room with 4 other people whilst listening to music, we was able to completely integrate into each other’s concisenesses whilst feeling absolutely nothing in the body the mind seems to play out whatever scenario you choose. During one point of the trip we all seemed to be experiencing the exact same visions. K has tought me a lot about myself and seems to make me more creative after using it. 

Ketstepper (0) (@Ketsteppin) 6 years, 8 months ago ago

Ketamine isn’t for everyone I’ve noticed. To me it’s so beautiful… My ego shattered and I learn something about myself every time. Just kind of dabbled in that metaprogramming you speak of. Literally just came out of a hole where I was in a different profession and was trying it on so to speak. Didn’t explore to far into it. Now that I’ve read this next time I’ll go a little further. I’ve never felt more connected to everything in my life than on k or if in regular practice of meditation. Even then I’ve never achieved what I have with ket.. I’ve had an OOBE once but didn’t realize the beauty of it then or what was happening before it was too late. Then I was using it as a party drug. Now I use it alone in low doses or with a like minded individual as a spiritual guide or tool. 

ItsMeYo (0) (@MindYoNeck) 4 years, 5 months ago ago

@minxed That’s called a Death Hole.   At least that was the nickname we gave it.   Ya, that was like….. 1,000th Dimension shit going on LOL  (imo it wasn’t bad, it was just very… very.. VERY unlike anything else ever… definitely not of any dimension ever even written about).

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