kundalini awakened too early

Hi everyone, I’m 19 years old my names Nancy (don’t wanna say my real name) and I think I awakened my kundalini energy too early. Ive done some research and some of the effects such as unvoluntary movement and seeing serpents snakes have happened to me. A little background story though, Ive had out of body experiences since i was very young maybe around 10 and ive had some scary ones to say the least. im not sure if it was all in my head but the spirits i encountered seemed to be evil or of low vibration so i still have the fear to this day. the bad experiences have happend quite alot and maybe its related to drug use or depression. ive had some good experiences too. but anyways, lately ive been getting weird feelings some being soul attachment related or maybe just thinking about life too hard but they both lead to social anxiety and at times im scared of going insane. so i recently just yesterday started deep meditation and for the first time reached a level of meditaion where i felt total bliss and happiness and i think i met my spirit guide. then today i meditated again and it was alright, my arm randomly flew up during meditation (involuntary movement) and later on today i saw a serpent in a couple pictures while scrolling through the internet. and then i did some research and read about kundalini awakening and think that maybe i have awakened mine too early. i think i would be ready but not all of me is on board with it because a part of me is scared and not ready to see or hear other spirits again. can someone please tell me how to stop it or maybe send me an email of someone who does know how? thanks. 

August 10, 2016 at 3:05 am
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