Life on earth, a happy accident?

It is possible that evolution and creationism can co-exist, it very much depends on your personal belief about who or what “God” is. Every bodies interpretation of God is different, even amongst those who share a religion or faith, no one idea of God will be exactly the same as another and also how each individual chooses to interpret the bible or Quran or whichever religious text they choose to believe in will vary greatly from person to person. In the world of science, one scientists view of the world may vary greatly to that of another, even those who share similar beliefs and theories will not agree about absolutely everything. Ultimately all information is subjective, subject to the mind that receives and processes that information. In quantum physics, photons behave differently depending on whether they are being observed or not which still baffles physicists today! Evolution is unfolding before our very eyes so it really is difficult to deny its existence, we can see it in the way species have changed over the years and some have declined and some have thrived even in our own lifetimes, the process of natural selection is observable, those who have adapted to the changing environment will thrive, those that can’t adapt will decline. Also man made selection, look at all the breeds of dog that now exist through mans understanding of how to manipulate nature! Man also creates his own environment to a large extent, we can see this every day in our own neighbourhood. Whether intentionally or by default we contribute to our environment. We can either surround ourselves with things that we love and appreciate, build our dwellings to suit our wants and needs, landscape the very earth itself to please us, or through lack of care we can allow our surroundings to descend into chaos and decline, so we are all creators. The question we should really be asking is how did it all start, where did it all come from and to what purpose and what end? When you look at nature it is hard to believe that it is all some kind of random accident. Bees seem to be for the purpose of pollinating a large percentage of our vegetation, without which we would all die. The trees seem to be for the purpose of providing oxygen without which we would all die. Rain seems to be for the purpose of providing fresh drinking water to all life on earth and without it we would all die. A happy coincidence that this planet seems to have all the elements necessary to perfectly support life in such huge and glorious variety? And not just support it but allow it to thrive and evolve and develop into beings that are conscious and becoming more and more so. We have everything we need right here on our planet, we need and Mother Nature provides. Perfect.
When you really think about it, natural disasters don’t happen as often as one might expect considering the extremely delicate balance of nature. When you think of the disaster to the earths vegetation and therefore to all other life forms if the bee were to decline, such a seemingly insignificant creature but so essential, it is wondrous that life on earth has survived so long and been so successful. It is as if not only each and every life form has an all consuming instinct to survive and pro create but that the very universe itself has a vested interest in our survival. When viewed from space, the earths protective atmosphere looks so gossamer fine and delicate, and space itself is so huge and hostile and full of volatile, destructive and unpredictable forces such as asteroids, we have either been very lucky to have avoided any external destructive force that could wipe us out or there is some other protective force that we are not aware of…..yet. Perhaps something loves us, I hope we continue to inspire that love or things could get quite tricky!!

June 3, 2014 at 9:23 am
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