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“Mors Certa, Vita Incerta” – Latin Proverb
Translation: “Death is certain, life is not”

There are so many outlooks upon life and even more quotes to follow, and I’ve taken all of them into consideration. I’ve weighed the options, the pros and the cons. I’ve researched philosophies that say ‘A man doesn’t truly live until he fears death’ to ‘Don’t take life seriously, no one gets out alive’. The one I really connect with is ‘Death is certain, life is not’, a Latin proverb.

As many theories, philosophies and sciences there are about life, we are still left without a clear answer. It makes me think we are looking at it from the wrong perspective. Instead of studying life, we should be studying death. It’s the only concrete thing we experience throughout our existence here on this planet we inhabit.

Changing gears for a moment, I am going to define the life aspect of this topic. From birth, we begin to learn and we don’t stop until we die, assuming death is the end. We experience things that either change us, make an impact on us, or we just forget certain experiences. From my experiences, whether I have forgotten them or not, I have taken to learning from everything that happens to me. Every experience, big or small, is a lesson to be learned. If life is repeating itself, you haven’t learned the lesson it is attempting to teach.

Experience can make you happy or sad, make the outlook good or bad, or be holy or unholy. Fact of the matter is these things happen. Dwelling on the situation will not help you get out of it. One must take these lessons and learn from them, like in school. You might not like the assignment, but that’s not the point. Your disposition means nothing to the teacher. Life is telling you something. Don’t let it upset you for weeks on end. Take it and learn from it, and in the future you will know how to deal with it again.

With that said, what is death? Is it the end of a story, reincarnation, or judgement? There is no definitive answer, because when we die we can’t just magically come back and tell everyone what’s up.

I’m going to go ahead and say that humanity spends trillions of dollars on keeping people alive every year. Then we spend millions upon millions researching the statistics to put it all together. Though I am just saying this, I could very well be wrong. That is just a simple example. We fight to stay alive as long as possible, even through immense pain and suffering. Not even 200 years ago the life of a general man would live to be 37-43 years. Now consider that it has doubled since then.

A quote I have drawn from Batman and Robin;
Alfred “For what is Batman if not an effort to master the chaos that sweeps our world, an attempt to control death itself.”
In this quote ‘Batman’ symbolizes Humanity as a whole trying to control death.

We’ve put so much effort into learning why we live. When the answer is, and always has been, right in front of us. Some people find purpose in trying to find the answer to life, others find purpose in God. Occasionally we find the answers within ourselves. Whatever your position on the matter, the answer is always right there. Open your eyes and realize it. With that said, if we can finally see what’s going on, we can move onto the next unknown area, such as the possibility of an afterlife.

Many of today’s religions have teachings about the afterlife. They talk about spirit and soul moving onto a different realm past the grave. Egyptians believed for one to pass into the afterlife they must be mummified, and from there they would be judged by a demon and a Goddess. Depending on the verdict they could pass on, or they would be devoured. Christianity believes in Heaven and Hell, we all know that story. Buddhism teaches reincarnation, depending on your Karma determines how they will come back after death. So on and so forth; there are a lot of speculations on each of these.

Given those theories, the afterlife can go whichever way you chose, depending on your religious beliefs. Based on a matter of perspective we can end up in Heaven, Hell, end up as some epic creature, or devoured by a demon. The thought of going to Hell, or something like it, scares a lot of people. Something about burning for all of eternity turns them off. So, they either listen to their deities’ wishes so they get accepted past the gates of Heaven; or, they just chose to remain ignorant. It is everyone’s individual choice. One cannot force beliefs upon another, that’s impossible.

There my mind goes wondering for the first time! Back on track, many religious beliefs state that there is, indeed, an afterlife of some kind. There are few religions that don’t state anything about an afterlife. Atheism is a popular one, due to the fact it’s simple to understand and follow, because there is nothing to follow.

I referred to life as a lesson earlier, like school. I would say death is graduation. It’s not the end, but the beginning of something new and unknown. Death isn’t easy to swallow as we all know, if a family member or someone close to us has passed, or is passing, it’s understandable to mourn and have issues with letting it go. Otherwise, if we don’t know who they are it hardly phases us; sure we feel bad about what had happened, but it hasn’t directly influenced our lives so it’s hard for us to give it more than a second thought. If you can relate to the situation in which someone else was affected, you might feel encouraged to help them through whatever it is is going on, that’s really good! Not only would you be helping them, but you could also realize something yourself from looking at it from an outside perspective.

If I were to say what I thought death could be I would only be talking out of my ass; because it is something I, myself, have not experienced firsthand. It’s not like one can just come back and tell the story. Death could be an infinite amount of possibilities, from it just ending or it could press on to the universe. No one rightfully knows.

In conclusion, I have turned that Latin proverb around on itself. It is life that is certain, death is the variable.

Remember, GLHF!

January 21, 2013 at 8:22 pm
dr. hamsa (42) (@s7221919) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

Interesting! I think death the thought of death is something that draws our attention to the great questions of life, and our fears. Accepting death, and finding peace with returning to nature and energy can take a burden off of life as well.

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