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jim (@jvie) 9 years, 7 months ago

I recently made a Pandora playlist that I call “Tychonobotic Ch!ll” that is a mix (added variety) of some of my favorite artists | Tycho, Bonobo, and Quantic.

Jazz funk trip hop electronic smooth chilled music. I listen to it as much as possible. I blare it in my house and nobody objects. I feel great when listening to it; I think it’s made me a happier person. Good vibes.

Does anyone have any other rec’s? I don’t like overly happy foo foo stuff, but please share anything that I could possibly add to this playlist!

June 23, 2012 at 7:20 pm
James (100) (@ilooklikeawaterbottle) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

@jvie, is there any way you can share your Pandora station with me? I liked to feel how this music makes you feel. So I guess I could just create one similar right! (If you cant share stations)

rec’s short for records? or recordings?

collin5491 (0) (@collin5491) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

check out emancipator, fat jon the ample soul physician, dj frane and dj shadow

collin5491 (0) (@collin5491) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

also bonobo and little people

Anonymous (2,654) (@) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

Great stuff. Although this is only for super chill lifestyle. And chill-out music is for chilling out, not for motivation and energetic happy mood. At least it doesn’t have that boost effect on my mind like a good ol’ rock n roll sexual menacing style. I’m not talking about the overly happy, but about the overly cool. Here’s a lifestyle example – ANYWAY!

@jvie, ever heard of Trocadero?

Do Make Say Think? –

Kruder & Dorfmeister? –

Ah, magic.

Tom (7) (@420dreamsheep) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

Fat Freddy’s Drop, Nujabes, Plej, Flunk, Blockhead, Nightmares on Wax, Damu the Fudgemunk, Paul Kalkbrenner, Explosions in the Sky

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