Lifetopia. Travel to start from scratch. Any tips?

 existentia (@existentia)7 years, 8 months ago

Hello HEthens.
Nearly every idea I’m gonna explain in this post is inspired by your awesomeness!
Thank you for that :) But now I need some more specific advice.

I. Winding up my two obligations left
This year I’m going to finish high school. (Finaly!)
Then I travel a little bit with a friend before I will move to Vienna in Autumn 2014,
where I’ll have to serve military service replacement in a kindergarten till…

II. Juni 2015 – The magic Date
It’s gonna get exciting from here on.

– I’m completely free to do anything I want
– I have 20.000$ on my account + steady cashflow of another 500$ per month (for 4years)

So I would want to replace my formal education with travel and self-directed education.

My dream would be to found some kind of eco-commune that is also a center for Personal Development (Talks, Coachings, Courses – combined with a Internet Platform [somewhat like HighExistence])

The focus should lie on educating and supporting people all over the world (globalisation makes it possible I think) to bring there own ideas to life or being leaders in there home-communitys.

Very important is that all that should be embedded in an alternative context (like HE)

I would also really like to offer the possibility to work with psychedelic substances in a
secure, spiritual and ingenious surrounding. Im really interested in the power of the unconscious in general. Same with utilizing dreams.

———— Thats the dream, but now, back to reality

How could I get there? As I think there aren’t universities for that kind of stuff.

My idea would be to spend my first few years travelling to:
– some kind of mentors.
– other people that are willing to teach me.
– already existing communities that are likewise.
– indigenes, in order to take part in their rituals.
– visit monastaries.
– participate in other side projects that help me grow for this task.

Sounds simple. But how to find this possibilities?

I’m willing to do nearly everything that brings me closer to my goal.

Please share your wisdom and tell me if you know somebody who did something similar, or how you would start out.

Thanks beautiful people :)

November 20, 2013 at 9:42 am
Corrosive (4) (@Corrosive-Morality) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

@existentia Wow ,that’s splendid!I have though of doing the same thing too ,it may not be easy but it isn’t dfficult either.As long as you have the financial privilage you mentioned you can travel ,but at one point you’ ll have to have a steady income to continue your dream.Now the idea of the platform is really intriguing and you may not notice this but …you are already building it.All you need is a stable audience ,and expansion.Just be active ,talk to people ,meet new people and don’t be afraid to share your ideas like you are doing right now.I am willing to support you in this attempt and you’ll find even more as long as you search ;)

Anonymous (21) (@) 7 years, 8 months ago ago


Awesome! Total respect for your vision and the way you lay it out. Just off the top of my head. I’d go do some hiking in Nepal. Get off the beaten track and go visit some remote villages and see their serenity and peaceful buddhist and hindu ways. While you’re in Nepal smoke a lot of hash. Climb in your sleeping bag in the pitch black when it is 10 below and after you’ve trekked all day surrounded by 25,000 foot mountains and just suck down a couple of bowls so you can dance in the cosmos. Then watch the movie Samsara like 30 times. Then travel to central and south america (costa rica, peru, mexico) and pay deep respect to our plant companions and dear guides – ayahu asca, pey ote, psylo cibin mush room, and san ped ro. I’ve heard there are place you can partake in ib oga. in costa rica even though it is african in origin. Go to Angkor Wat in cambodia and breathe in those hindu and buddhist temples. Never been but consider Burma too. Volunteer a lot while you’re in those countries. Read the gnostic gospels, the tao te ching, breaking open the head, DMT-the spirit molecule, the perennial philosophy, food of the gods, and fingerprint of the gods. Listen to a lot of allan watts and terrance mckenna lectures and podcasts. Read everything on erowid. Read Sasha Shulgin’s books. Watch Jason silva videos. Learn a lot about quantum physics. Lucid dream. Listen to all episodes of the psychedelic salon podcasts. Surround yourself with like minded people. Go to Burning Man in the US. Then buy a deserted oil platform more than 12 miles off someone’s coast, declare yourself a sovereign nation, and start a commune. Let me know when you’re ready I’d love to be a part of it. Cheers and namaste.

Anonymous (21) (@) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

Oh yeah, and practice a lot of meditation. I like vipassana meditation, but find the one that works for you. Or just do it on your own. Maybe start with a 10 day silent meditation retreat. Keep us updated on your journey. Godspeed.

existentia (89) (@existentia) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

You’re totally right, I think a good way to bridge time till I’m finally ready to set off is building some sort of community right away. You’re officially the first person I know who is also appealed to combine a calling with living together with like-minded people. I think it’s a great chance to escape our normal western lifestyle. And it’s true what you mentioned about a stable income. Maybe some ebook sales or coachings between nomadic lifestyle and settling into the commune. My plan to finance it was crowdfunding or investors btw.
Jordan showed us it’s possible.

Thank you for your great input!
I would love to read the stuff you mentioned in my diary one day!
Meditation and lucid dreaming is part of my practice already.
Also going to check your ressources. Would have read more from Watts and McKenna anyway ;)

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