Living Another Life in a Recurring Dream

EmmaElizabeth (@emmaelizabeth) 10 years, 1 month ago

Starting three weeks ago, I came back from a trip, exhausted, and slept for about 15 hours. In those 15 hours, I had a dream that spanned 17 years. The dream started with me waking up the next day and I lived out my normal and mundane day to day life for 17 years. Everything was exactly as it should be, and time was never messed up, as it normally is with dreams. Everything was normal, within all bounds of physics, clocks worked, mirrors worked. It was exactly as waking life should be and is. I did every mundane task of life, as well as continue with what I imagined my life would be like. I finished college, went to law school, got married and became a divorce lawyer, living outside of Boston. I went to bed every night and had dreams. When I awoke, to reality, I believed I was having a dream about being in college again. For that day, I believed I was lucid dreaming. I lucid dream regularly and most of the time I don’t have full control of the dream (i.e. making things appear and going flying are out of my control) but I am aware I am dreaming. When I woke up the next day, I was confused why I was still 19 and at my parents home. That day I started to realize that this was actually my real life, and I had dreamt those 17 years that had passed. It took me about a week to fully accept that this was real life, and to say the least I was very emotionally unstable after the event. I felt as if I had to start over again and that I had lost everything I worked for and basically had lost my life. I had to redo my life. After a week and a half had passed and I truly accepted my dream, I had had the dream again and awoke the next day in my 36 year old self, believing I had had a weird week and a half long dream about being 19 again. In that dream, as the 36 year old lawyer I lived for about a month until she went to bed one night and I woke up and I was 19 again. This time I was severely confused and unable to determine which one is truly a dream and which one is my real life. After that night, every night I go to bed and have a dream of waking up the next day in the other body. Every dream begins with me waking up and ends with me going to bed. In my dual life, as a 36 year old lawyer, I am going to shrink about my recurring dreams of being a kid again. The therapist tells me it’s because I want to escape my dull monotonous life.
I am pretty sure that this is my real life, being 19 and in college, but I also don’t want to mess up anything in the other, just in case this is really the dream.

Has this happened to any one else? I.e. living another dual life in a dream? Dreams have always excited me ever since I was little. I’ve kept dream journals for years, and can always remember most of my dreams, normally three or four a night. But ever since this recurring dream has started, I have had no other dreams, just the one of the other life. I keep looking for signs in both lives to help me determine which is the dream but neither hold any of those markers which normally help me identify when I’m dreaming.

I would love some advice, help, or anything anyone has to offer on the subject!

Also, I am 100% sober, so this isn’t caused by any drugs or narcotics.

July 7, 2012 at 4:53 pm
sian (109) (@siantastic) 7 years, 10 months ago ago


CierraCheyenn (0) (@CierraCheyenn) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

I have this!! Mine is less complex and I can still tell when I’m dreaming. My other life is playing out right alongside my waking life – as in, I am the same age (give or take a year). Also, my dreams are mixing more and more with my memories so that I am never quite sure if something I am recalling occurred in the dream or in my waking life. It is getting hard to function this way and I am looking desperately for answers as to how to make it stop. Please help, if you can.

ShinyBug (1) (@ShinyBug) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

Since I’m not a psychologist I advice you to go at one of them if you think you need it; however my opinion is that you should enjoy what you are living, without thinking if it is “real” or not. Read my 2 comments bottom to understand better, this is all the help I can give to you :)

Campfirecowboy (3) (@Campfirecowboy) 7 years, 4 months ago ago

Wow this sounds pretty cool. Don’t freak out, but this is the 19 year old you reading this. As to the dream and/or 36 year old lawyer, be kind in your dream and see if there is anything you can help with. Also keep up with the therapy so “if” there is something else that is not healthy about all of this, you have someone you can trust guiding you to a positive conclusion. Must have been one heck of a holiday (smile).

JustinDanger (41) (@JustinDanger) 7 years, 4 months ago ago

Your story is extremely valuable and I encourage you to seek out some way to either document it more thoroughly than this thread or turn it into some kind of art that stays truthful to the real life details.

Thank you so much for sharing!

hypnotic (4) (@hypnotic) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

First of all, sorry if i make some mistakes in writing, english is not my mother language. I searched the whole internet, and this is the closest i found similar to what’s happening to me. This Emma’s story is amazing, but i have something little different going on. I frequently have dreams, where i have memories of some past events from that dream (world/reality), and i know that i didn’t dream of that before. I couldn’t find anything on the internet on that subject, so if there’s someone else experiencing this, please reply or point me somewhere where i can find someone who touched on this, forum, book, blog, whatever :) I would like to understand how is this happening, and how is it possible. I call this phenomenon “History in dreams”…because i have previous history in those dreams, that i remember the same way as normal memories from this everyday reality :) and at the same time, i know for sure that i’m having a certain dream for the first time, so i don’t know how to explain that…it’s as if there is some parallel “me” that i’m not aware of in everyday consciousness, and that other me is having experiences in other realities/worlds/dreams that i’m not aware of…and somehow in dreams i connect or merge with him, and have those memories, i don’t know….but i would really appreciate any answer/opinion on this, thanks :)

s (4) (@stanpercy) 7 years ago ago

How’s it going now, may I ask?? 

ObsidianSoul (4) (@ObsidianSoul) 7 years ago ago

I have had many dreams like this. Many dreams where you can feel more than is possible to feel, dreams that feel like memories but you can tell they are not your own. It’s amazing to experience.

legionzero (0) (@legionzero) 6 years, 12 months ago ago

I thought I was alone.

 I had a similar experience – only it was 33 years. A whole life. Every single day of it. A wife I never met. Two sons I never had. One died in an accident, the other went to college and had just gotten married. A successful career that existed only in my mind.  Then I wake up and I’m 20 in my old room from college.

I didn’t even recognize it at first  – or the guy in the mirror for a split second. Then I was in shock for a week as I realized that my life was just a dream.

For those of you who think this is cool: imagine waking up one day to find out that the people that you love most; your family and friends –  do not exist. You are starting your life over. That is grief. I knew these people.  I loved these people.  And they weren’t even real. It’s the kind of thing that makes one question reality… and sanity.

Even now, 24 years later, I sometimes find myself identifying with experiences that never actually happened to me in the real world.

And I sometimes wonder if one day I will wake up and find that this life is just another dream… 

SoulPerfection (25) (@soulperfection) 6 years, 12 months ago ago

End of age, collapse of timelines. All soul aspects are merging to one and returning to source.

stella_lebret (0) (@stellalebret) 6 years, 11 months ago ago


Sorry I am 3 years late in replying! lol.

When we go to sleep our spirit body releases from our physical body and we enter our dream world. When we dream we are not dreaming at all we are just living our other life. When we pass, we see our full physical life and our full dream life. Both are real.

In fact it gets a little more complicated than that, we actually live multiple time line’s all the time. Different versions of you living different lives. Like the butterfly effect.However most of the lives we remember are almost similar to our physical life because it’s on the nearest frequency.

You have simply had the memory of both lives. They are interchanging. Your therapists view point is rubbish. They have no idea of the quantum world or what’s going on. You have a gift of time travel. It’s wonderful but confusing.

I hope you get this message. If not we’ll have a chat in our dream state.

Sicerly (0) (@Sicerly-Yaw) 6 years, 9 months ago ago

if possible I would try to find someone else in both worlds, asking them something in the future something significant then asking their past self about the answer, if both worlds are connected somehow then the older person should have memories of the younger one and that would mean at the least that both worlds are relatively real, however if the older person doesn’t seem to know then the two worlds may not be connected and you may in fact just be dreaming about what you think the future will be like perhaps even with great accuracy 

Kacy (0) (@Kacy-Goebel) 5 years, 10 months ago ago

I have done this. It can be very traumatic when say I got a divorce and moved on but continually wake to still be married to the last man living a life with him instead of the man I am married to now. I have accepted this is my life because I like it better. However my age in both seems to run alone the same in both. I just accept this one and cope with the other.

Jaydagreat (0) (@jaydagreat) 4 years, 8 months ago ago

Hi Emma, 

I recently had a similar dream, but it was short, 1 day. I thought it would make a great movie. If you are still linked to this account, can you send me an email to [email protected] or if you are on FB, send me a friend request to the same Name Johnny Praize. I would like your help to convert this into a screen play!

Elien (0) (@Elien-Schoenmaker) 1 year, 10 months ago ago


This post is so long ago.. So i don’t know if you will even see this.

But to my understanding you are shifting realities. You are not dreaming, you are shifting to another dimension/reality.

I thought that i had to tell you this to help you so you can take controll. You can learn to shift yourself so you can choose wich reality to stay in (or to go to a very different one)!

If you want to you can join an amino community or find information thru Google.

I really hope you see this!! Because honestly not having controll and just going from one reality to another without meaning to doesn’t sound pleasant to me..

Hope to hear from you! :)

Angela (0) (@Angela-Hoffman) 1 year, 7 months ago ago

I am definitely living in a real world. From one of your latest replys you said you took a long time to respond because of your classes. That means that definitely your 19 year old self is real. This don’t mean the other isn’t, but it does mean the 19 year old self is. See if you can come to this forum and do a reply as your 36 year old self. Speak of being a lawyer and working in the reply. Then the next time you are 19, come and reply and say I messaged here as my 36 year old self. If it is not here then the 36 year old self is only a dream and not real. If it is here then it is also real. Make sure to respond as the 36 year old one day and the 19 year old the next time. This will confirm that you done this for real and will show of they are both real or if only the younger self is real. 

Brian (16) (@briancrawley2) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

So your saying both are real and that the other person im dreaming i am is in some way shap or form me

ShinyBug (1) (@ShinyBug) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

My english isn’t so good so excuse me if I’m not clear. I meant that the real you is that “thing” that watch both realities, that “thing” in wich realities are created, watched, lived… Me, you, this PC monitor etc. are just ideas formed by our ego-controlled mind. When you stop belive you are a person, you just are nothing/everything and you found your true nature. You are living a real valuable opportunity that could make you easy to find your real YOU.

alive (7) (@alive) 7 years, 4 months ago ago

You (the younger self) should create something today – a painting, a message, something – for your future self. Promise yourself to keep it forever. When you fall asleep and wake up as your future self, see if you can find this message you’ve left for yourself. Then maybe you’ll find out if both are reality…

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