Loaded Question: Why keep going on?

JustAKid (@tban126) 8 years ago

If at the core, each one of us is the whole universe from beginning to end, why should I even care about what the role I’m playing is doing? In the grand scheme of things, is living worth it? It seems the majority of people still seem asleep at the wheel continuing their same old routine… How do I know I’m not asleep at the wheel? (I don’t want to fall into that trap!)

Or a different question: how much should I care about my life or my friends’ and family’s lives? Should I be going all out all the time?

Or is questioning life in turn actually wasting it? Should I simply enjoy every moment and go with the flow of things and not care about the why behind them?

June 25, 2014 at 1:10 am
Aaron (4) (@aevans8) 8 years ago ago

Each of us is the whole universe, and the universe granted you this life to live so that you can experience it. That’s why it is worth living.

Aaron (4) (@aevans8) 8 years ago ago

We are the universe experiencing itself.

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