Losing My spirtual gifts/spirtuallity after being really intuned.. Need help.

KG (@DaTruth) 7 years, 1 month ago

I feel like somethin has stolen my spirituality or soul from me as well… Basically two & a half years ago I was 17… & I had been doin music my whole life since the age of 6… But my father gave me this book called as a man thinketh… & from that point on I just began to have a hunger for bein knowledgable & conscious of self… So I began to read many books & meditate, sometimes using binaural beats… After a while I was able to hear entities, sometimes see them, I began having dreams and visions of future events.. & just became really intuned with my soul and purpose more then ever.. I was out of my peers the most wise & postive inspirational one.. So back to the books I read.. It started off with books such as “The secret” which teaches the law of attraction, basically being you are what you think, & I had learned how to apply it with positive affirmations & I became my thoughts.. Then I started reading very powerful high vibration books such as “Intiation” & “Transylvania moonrise” & basically these books really had a powerful effect on me.. They made me more wise of course, especially for my age but they empowered me & added to the “high” I had already had my whole life.. But my “high” became very strong & my vibrational frequencies as well… But somethin ended up goin wrong.. Somehow these vibrations were so strong that I feel they may have did something to my nervous system.. & for a while I just had a really strong high that I can’t even explain but I would be nervous all the time.. But fast forward the time… There was a day that I felt this very strong wind like presence come over my body.. & basiclly I felt like somethin was being sucked out of me & I ended up collapsing… & since this moment I feel like my spirituality/energy or soul had been token from… I don’t feel my high any more that I would usually naturally feel when I read books or write music.. I’m not able to hear entities any more or see visions/dreams of the future.. I’m usually very wise & positive but now I can’t think one wise thought or really express my self how I normally do & usually I would apply the law of attraction but my mind won’t let me create a thought how I normally would be able to.. & the people around me notice this change but they can’t comprehend that somehow somethin took my energy & the things that made me great out of me.. My body feels weak, I don’t even look the same, I’m not beautiful how I was inside and out, when I meditate, read or write I feel no empowerment and nothing happens… I feel empty and lifeless.. & all my life I’ve always been unique & great & gifted… Now I feel like my greatness had been somehow took & I don’t know what happened exactly.. Usually writing music would empower me and strengthen me but nothin happens now & my music doesn’t have the power behind it that its always had…. & im tryna push & I’ve always been known to be strong but I feel like my strength was tooken.. & im trying to push & somehow through havin faith be revived but I think it’s deeper then that…. I don’t know what to do.. Help me if you can.. Please.

May 28, 2015 at 12:16 pm
hypnotic (4) (@hypnotic) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

Hmm, i don’t know about the actual event of “something being sucked out of you”, but i know for sure that nothing and nobody can take anything away from you, your essence/soul/gifts, call it what you want…It may be that your mind is playing games on you, trying to stay in control, because you bombarded it with many new findings that threaten it’s integrity. In such situations, mind can be very nasty and cause various sensations in your body and soul…I don’t know for how long it lasts already, but just let it pass, don’t push, do other things, find other ways to animate yourself, and you’ll be fine again.

Barizona (1) (@Barizona) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

Hi there, (you can skip to my advice bro)

I can find myself in you. I really do . 

I meditate dayly,used to being so open to life, I had passion for everything I did. 

I red lots of books cause I was interested in spirituality,knowledge,(& other topics)… from early on. I loved to make music, played ukulele, aso.. 

I had changes in my life, women liked me for real, I had many good relationships with people , loved the way I lived, felt completely myself, and I was happy with the person I once was, but then something changed my life completely. 

It felt like I wasn’t the old me anymore, the real me, It felt like I was a piece of someone other then me(maybe a bad friend), . Then I became a little bit lost : My spiritual energy isn’t there anymore (third eye is even closed,can’t feel peoples energy anymore, empathicly i’m drowned,can’t appreciate the little good things anymore),broke my arm,went to psychologist, my attitude was below zero (doesn’t mean i’ve got a cold attitude ). Seriously, I felt blessed in the early days. I felt so strong for being me. Now I feel like I’m just living without purpose , and people will take profits out of me. I feel like people (maybe just me, but definitly also people) made me who I am now. I even don’t know how to make an intense conversation to someone. All these powers are completely lost. And if I keep getting in bad habits (thougths), I will continue to be one. I know it myself, I wish I could change or just had that perception of life back in the days, even if it was for just a day , it would free me from my day-to-day situation in life now.

My advice is just to start over again, or otherwise change your inner thinking (your deep voice , not your thoughts, your voice behind the thoughts, think of who you were in those days , and then U realise ‘hey, i’m thinking that, but it’s not completely me anymore, something from within isn’t truely in alignment with it.)

I know, it’s never going to be the same. I hope every single day for it. I wish it was that easy ,then just wow , I would be back again and no one could ever say something to me cause I was the one who ruled the world again,with purpose,passion and inner peace. If you’re attitude can be the same as in the past, great ! continue to do so if you really want to. Else, give life a chance ! 

I hope the best, I’m actually curious what life would be to you in like 6 months or so. Hope you’ll find your good old perceptions,encouragements,purposes,spiritual blessings,… back

Trying to find yourself again if you’ve lost so much of yourself is a tough nut. You had it all, and you knew it. to think you  have it all right now can be hard, but you still do. For some reason , life is a rollercoaster, for some people (including you and me) with uncertain events. Try to intensly think about your past for a while, and if that doesn’t help, just think a few moments of your future, and try to free yourself from the one who thinks it was better in the past. 

Hope it helped you a bit on your journey !

(sorry for my language,wrote in the future,the past,the now,..) 

Dave (5) (@TheDave) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

The one book you really need to read is Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chögyam Trungpa.  Seeking a “high” from spiritual efforts is a manifestation of the ego and has no real merit. Maybe look at the motivation behind reaching this state, and try to reallign with a purpose that serves more than feeling and self image. It’s easy (especially for me) to meditate and practice yoga for an end game: so I have more energy or so I’m more calm in social situations, but that’s not really the point. Trying just to “feel better” won’t get you or I anywhere. Understand that your true nature never goes anywhere, it just becomes covered up by ignorance caused by the ego. I hope this helps.

Kris (328) (@kjbaran) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

The only Law is Balance. Attraction is an effect with Repulsion as its opposite. I challenge you to look up Walter Russell and his work when you’re ready for a “next step”. As a fellow musician, I’m sure you’ll have no issue.

Eyeofpanther (7) (@Eyeofpanther) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

I agree with what everyone is saying, I would especially suggest yoga and meditation. Also, see if you can get your hands on Passion flower, a herbal supplement, which helps reset your nervous system (because you said you were experiencing high nervousness)…  I would say just go on a mental, physical, and spiritual detox… try to just reset your entire system.

KG (1) (@DaTruth) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

Hey, i really appreciate all of the advice you gave to me.. But i just want to say for the people who say “You can never get your being/gifts sucked out of you or tooken from you.” You have to remember that there are so many different levels to life and you can only understand things from your level of understanding so if something beyond what you understand happened then it would be hard to look at as actually being logical… & usually in situations like this i would just apply the law of attraction, but theres like a blockage that wont even allow me to create thoughts how i normally would be able to… But like i said i really do appreciate the time you took out of your day and the advice you guys gave me. Thank you.

hypnotic (4) (@hypnotic) 7 years ago ago

Well, regardless of the levels of understanding (and you can not assume somebody’s level of understanding) be safe that NOTHING and NO ONE can suck out your essence out of you. You don’t even have to think about it, it’s a natural law. Nobody can take that from you, it can only APPEAR as if something like that happened, but it didn’t, because it’s not possible. Most of the times, it’s just mind playing games on you, and making you feel tons of different sensations in your body/mind/soul, it’s that powerfull, yes…but so are we. Try adding something to your diet too (natural supplements that someone mentioned), that can be useful as well, try to get stronger on all levels (and start with the body, if you feel weak to do anything mentally) and you’ll eventually return to yourself again. :)

KG (1) (@DaTruth) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

@Eyeofpanther ill defintly look into those natrual supplements though.. Thank you.

A Hughman (85) (@AHughman) 7 years ago ago

I have a few suggestions. First of all it’s good you’re reaching out. Keep doing that, even if people’s answers aren’t satisfying, but keep reaching out in many different directions.

Philosophy really helped me when I was 19. I was in college, and even though it started slow, it ended up being a spotlight that lit up the labyrinth of my spirituality. I needed to reorganize and structure my thinking so it was more manageable. If you’re in school try taking a class or joining a club, or just finding a friend who’d be into that.

The collapsing bit makes me worried though…I don’t think your standard psychologist has been trained to work through a lot of what most people work through with their soul searching, so to speak, but a lot of our journey does rely on the vessel we travel in. If you’ve got a chemical or immune system thing going on that could totally play a role too. So my other suggestion is don’t be afraid to reach out toward health professionals. It may be as simple as eating right and exercising, if you’re going through hell keep on going sort of stuff, but keep your options open and have the conversation with people until you get results. Even if it takes years.

Anonymous (2) (@) 7 years ago ago

I believe this has happened to most people who seek more cosmic knowledge about reality. I read something recently which said obstacles on the path include both failing to reach firm ground as well as slipping from ground gained and giving up. After one has an initial expansion of awareness, or several, it is still possible to have that “dark night of the soul” or be walled off from those connections you made. It takes a lot of strength to sit in that place and start where a you are. 

Apparently mother theresa experienced this for the rest of her life after her initial visions and lived the rest of her life entirely on faith. 

KG (1) (@DaTruth) 7 years ago ago

Ok so I just found out if the kundalini experience goes wrong it can damage your nervous system. 

Harpers Dragon (7) (@harpersdragon) 7 years ago ago

Kundalini syndrome is also a possibility.

Either way, in time you should recover.

Di (239) (@dida) 5 years, 11 months ago ago

Hi there. Im so glad I stumbled on your post. I have been trying to find answers to same questions u’ve asked. Im in a same boat. I hope all is well for u. Hit me a message if u wanna talk. Also, about the kundalini experience going wrong..do you have the website/article where you found out about it? I would love to read more about it. 


Khadijah (0) (@khadijah) 7 years ago ago

<p style=”line-height: 21.7000007629395px;”><font face=”Calibri, sans-serif”>Know this….life is hard. No life goes without trial and tribulation. As blessed and talented as we are…we still have to go through test so that we can move to the next level of life. This is a just a phase and you can indeed get past it…mostly, because you want to.  The most wonderful thing about this situation is that you are enlightened enough to know that something has happened and to seek a solution. Do you know so many people fail at this? Most people never move past this level because they are not even wise enough to recognize that there’s a problem.  As I’m reading your message today I am feeling your pain. I experienced something similar to what you described except I did not endure the physical experience.  I will cut to the chase and tell you that this is not all in your mind and if you feel that it happened, it definitely did. I am no genius or spiritual coach and have been on this earth for less than 40 years but I’m still learning. The first thing you need to do is accept that fact that something is going on that you have no explanation for. Many of us think we know it all.</font><p style=”line-height: 21.7000007629395px;”><font face=”Calibri, sans-serif”>The next thing you should do is pray….seriously. Your prayers should be a series of questions….the same way that you’ve written this question on HE. I know you probably think that is the cliché answer but it’s so true. You need to get in touch with whoever you consider to be your God and have a serious conversation because people cannot help you. Somehow you lost your spiritual connection and you need to get it back. It’s like losing connection with a great friend. When you guys don’t talk…you feel distant and grow apart; you don’t experience the kind of fun that you had when the two of you were close. What do you do when you want to get the relationship back?  You need to get in touch and build it back up again.</font><p style=”line-height: 21.7000007629395px;”><font face=”Calibri, sans-serif”>One day after work as I rode home on the train…I was fumbling around as I usually do and my mind was racing and looking for the next thing “to do”. Something said…just relax. So I put my phone down and did just that. A few moments later I began to think about what I had been going through lately and wondering how I could fix it and something inside me said, Pray. Simple as that…I asked God to make it clear what was going on in my life; I asked him to send me a clear sign of what happened and what I needed to do to fix it…if it had to do with people that were around me…I wanted to know who. I even asked if someone had been praying against me… it was that deep to me.  My beauty was diminishing, I picked up weight, my charisma was fading and my personality was far from what it was.  Seemed like all my blessings were vanishing and I completely lost control of my life. For months I was searching for answers online…like you right now.</font><p style=”line-height: 21.7000007629395px;”><font face=”Calibri, sans-serif”>I was watching a ton of YouTube videos and reading books….mostly all of them helped me in learning new things, but nothing really mattered until I got silent and turned to my God. I gave in and stopped looked around the universe for answers that I had inside me the whole time. After I asked the questions…I sat still and my mind was at ease. Suddenly…words flooded into my head. I can’t even articulate the message that I received that day…but beyond that, I continued to receive other signs that further answered my questions…by no coincidence.</font><p style=”line-height: 21.7000007629395px;”><font face=”Calibri, sans-serif”>The part that none of us wants to accept is that…no matter what we think, no one has power over us. There are some things that are going to happen that are out of our control but there is no person that can cause you harm if it is not God’s will….and it never is. I am not not pumping religion..because  I don’t not consider myself a religious person but I am very spiritual.  I have my own believes and I’m sure that you have yours as well.</font><p style=”line-height: 21.7000007629395px;”><font face=”Calibri, sans-serif”>You might be hanging out with people who are zapping your energy…in which case you are still in control because YOU can put a stop to that. There are indeed people who don’t want to see you do well and may even try to get in your way but again…you are in control of that. Stay in control. Make sure that you are not engaging in relationships or activities that don’t benefit you or contribute to your success.</font><p style=”line-height: 21.7000007629395px;”>For my personal experience, I had to realize that blessings/talents can be taken away if they are not taken care of properly. T<font face=”Calibri, sans-serif”>his is just a test my friend and the mission is find yourself – the YOU that lies deeper than the YOU that you’re so familiar with. Be well and I wish you the very best on your journey.</font>

sherekeewoman (0) (@sherekeewoman) 7 years ago ago

I also had a similar “loss of contact” feeling when I was about 23.  I had been getting a lot of spiritual messages, feeling like I got the answers and they all just slipped away…  I didn’t know what to do or where to go… I spent years just moving through life wondering what I was doing wrong… but I finally realized that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.  For one, there is only so much inSight that we are supposed to know on this earthly plane, in my opinion.  We are here to experience life as a human being and learn the varied lessons that come along with this life.  Once I came to acceptance that every spiritual step wasn’t going to be this magnificent WOW or high, I was able to relax.  I started realizing that Spirit puts Guide Posts/Sign Posts for us to let us know He/She/It is always there, and that I am at the right place and at the right time.  I can’t really explain these much better, but it is when, in a moment, you get a connection… and the realization that you are on the right path because of a kind of confirmation.  I think this is an invitation to life life gracefully.  Perhaps your ego was getting in the way?  You say you were “wise” though from the feel I get from your words, you seem quite young.  Wisdom comes from experience, and internal realizations about Life and God.  Generally we don’t call ourselves Wise, as perhaps the Wisest person knows that they don’t really know much at all.  I think that you need to get out of yourself right now… start focusing on other people.  Now, I happen to be a nurse, so my time spent with patients has really given me a special kind of thankfulness that I can help people.  I have had a lot of spiritual awakenings in my work, holding the hand of a dying person, sitting with the family of a very ill family member.  I’m not saying you should go into health care, but helping other people helps us grow.  Go volunteer somewhere maybe?  Get involved with others and just let life happen.  As time marches on, you will see that you are moving forward on the right path for your life, even if (and when) you hit road bumps.  Connect with others… you don’t always have to focus on Spiritual growth… just be part of life.  Have fun.  Listen to music.  Enjoy the sweet smell of fresh lemons and the beauty of flowers growing.  And I agree with another person on this feed… keep praying.  Pray for strength.  Pray for connectedness with others.  Write down what you are grateful for and include those things in your prayers.  

Harpers Dragon (7) (@harpersdragon) 7 years ago ago


Harpers Dragon (7) (@harpersdragon) 7 years ago ago

To explain…

Prana can be taken from you if improperly use the “Law of Attraction”

Basically, if you were attuning your mind to a frequency that was on the same plane as one of these greedy entities (they are real, and they are out there) then you could have opened yourself up to them draining your prana.  

I believe in time you should recover, so don’t worry too much.

SoulPerfection (25) (@soulperfection) 7 years ago ago

There could be a couple of reasons for this experience. Dark night of the soul- part of spiritual progression or Melancholia- A by product of an ascending form. The dark night it is basically a phase in ones spiritual evolution where all they have managed to accumulate so far is stripped away, including the connection to spirit in order to be rebuilt, dissolve old mental patterns and gain new insight into what is truly important. -This is a very difficult stage and their tends to be 5 or so in ones journey. The later, Melancholia, is another phase when one has completed most of the initial Kundalini Activations and begins anchoring a higher percentage of the higher self (spirit) into the body. Here one looses all interest in the 3rd dimension and exists in the world but not of it. While experiencing this ‘Void” all conceptions & attachments are stripped away and the life-stream begins to be re-writen by the higher self to serve the greater good.

Which ever the case it will end, but it the next step for your evolution.

Try to observe from an objective standpoint and not get to invested in the matter :)

Seeker Of The One (0) (@loveboyhatch) 7 years ago ago

You got hit by evil eye. Seriously, someone envied you, by all meaning of the word. When a human being sincerely and deeply hates, they generate very powerful negative energy, that can attract catastrophes and give someone cancer. Someone must have been so jealous that they truly hated seeing you wise, beautiful and radiant! Whether they were aware of it or not. An evil eye can make you vulnerable to evil astral entities and negative energies, otherwise they can’t come near you when you are spiritually glowing. Been there my friend, I was just like you and same thing happened with me. Here are some options you can use to get back on your feet!

1. When I was there, making “Orgonite” REALLY helped! (check out warriormatrix.com if you wanna explore). and that took me to another world..
2.Gemstones and crystals! I found Amethyst to amplify my empathic and spiritual gifts, as well as block negative energies. Clear quartz even amplifies the effects of the Amethyst, so I keep 2 clear ones and the Amethyst near most of the time. Turquoise clears and protects from negative energies, hands down.
3.Burn Syrian Rue (Peganum Harmala) as an incense! IT IS POWERFUL! just do it every day and watch how getting back on track gets much easier! The compounds in the harmala smoke are actually anti-microbial (bacteria/fungal/yeast/viral) and can kill/eliminate microbes that are drug-resistant (scientifically proven)! So it literally purifies your place in one sense, in another, it spiritually purifies and cleanses your area/body, clears energy blockages and expells negative energies and entities from your area. Best to drink it as tea (w/lemon and honey) for 40 days along with burning as incense. Lesser to best, smoke it or swallow seeds. Other Incense that works similar to Rue are Oregano, Sage, Rosemarie and many others you can find on your own. So Rue expels and purifies negative energies and entities, now you want to attract uplifting energy and angels. One of the best ways to do that as I suggest, is burn Arabic Gum (Acacia tree gum) as incense right after the Rue (Or any other Incense that basically smells GOOD). To me, light Arabic Gum smoke smells like mandarin in a very unique and pleasant way.
4.Spray Salt water around you! Salt has a green energy which cleanses and balances.
5.PRAY! You don’t have to offer wise thoughts nor do you require inspirational contemplative philosophies to be CONNECTED. Just call out for help with whatever consciousness you have. Speak and cry for help and love to the living omnipotent/omniscient consciousness present and flowing within and without you, that is imagining you and willing you into existence every second and manifesting your perception as you perceive it! Just be present with this Higher Consciousness, be aware of it present with you and aware of you and what you think/feel beyond what you can imagine (It is willing every part of you into existence), and you shall get an immediate response that you are heard. The response varies from person to person, but is definite. Just call for help and Trust It.
6. Stay protected! Number 5 manifests protection. So keeping anything that symbolized it like a pentagram (5 pointed star) or a symbol of a hand, on you. Best integrate turquoise and/or amethyst with it.

Since inner effort to heal is difficult at this stage, I suggested you easy and simple external (physical) habits that can and will initiate/ease your recovery, as they have worked for me and others that have tried them. The ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ mirror each other. If you start by inner cleansing, it will soon manifest in your outer environment, and vice versa is true. So don’t worry, negativity is so easy to rise above! Many more options out there to uplift and raise your spiritual radiance higher than before! You’ll soon recover and discover new depths and dimensions to your beauty and wisdom :) So soon part of you is already there. So catch up with yourself!


KG (1) (@DaTruth) 7 years ago ago

Yeah, I definitely want my Prana back… I usually feel so high and so much energy but now I feel nothing.. I pray to God that I can recover.  @harpersdragon

Bryan (104) (@Substratum) 7 years ago ago

It sounds like a physical problem to me…not spiritual. It could be anything…and there is no way to even guess about a probable cause. I would suggest you start with a medical exam…it could be malnutrition or stress related or hormonal imbalance or depression/anxiety…It seems clear that “something happened”…it’s not about your soul…it’s your body.

KG (1) (@DaTruth) 7 years ago ago
Jon (0) (@jonsimmons) 7 years ago ago

I’d also like to thank you for sharing this with us. I’ve learned a lot
as I’ve become more spiritually aware and one of the most important
things is that once you’ve experienced insight, bliss, and other gifts,
it does not mean that your ego and your normal “old” life are now gone,
unless you are diligent and continue on your journey. Following many of
my biggest revelations, I’ve been struck by an overcoming feeling very
similar to yours. I’ve felt small, scared, alone, and even feared
whether all of these experiences are real or mean anything. But I have
overcome these feelings (lasting hours or days) by learning more about
myself or this journey in general and coming out of it stronger and with
more understanding than from the initial revelation alone. Following
revelation, the ego has a way of bouncing back even harder to try to
grip you as you drift away. It helps to be aware of this.

the reason I thank you is for what your post has taught me. I read it,
and it made me think of the hard times I’ve had. I could totally imagine
some powerful moment where my spirit is gone for good and all of this
would just be a blissful dream to look back on and yearn for. I thought
about this for a little while, and suddenly decided that I was being
selfish. I decided to pray to God for you to be find your way again
after this challenge, and before I could even begin, a wild sensation of
bliss overcame me and I realized experientially just how important it
is to be selfless in this. I could only be freed of my fear when I
stopped thinking of things in terms of my small independent self, and I
sent my good vibrations to you as best I could.

I guess my advice, if I do indeed know what you’re going through, is to
stay strong and to try and expand your perspective. The universe will
not reward you until you’ve expanded your desire for enlightenment from a
personal goal of spiritual gifts to one of connection and love for all
beings, where you can help people and make this world a better place.
The personal gifts are there for your enjoyment, as everything else is,
but must be secondary. 

as for kundalini, it absolutely is a very powerful thing that can
really mess with some people. I tried it a couple of times, the first
was the most powerful. Basically I had an intense ego death immediately
following the physical sensations, and felt extremely powerful and
blissful. But about an hour later I got in a fight with my girlfriend
about nothing, and was definitely a little bit manic for the next couple
of days. You are tapping into something that is meant to be slowly
poured out as you expand, not unleashed through deep meditation. I don’t
regret doing it, but would definitely recommend caution. Also, more
importantly, even if it did have a negative effect on you, and result in
all of this, it’s not the end of the world. You can build up to the
point where you can understand the experiences you’re having spiritually
without being overcome or having to wall yourself out. There are some
pretty crazy accounts of what can happen from unleashing kundalini, and
there are gurus out there that should be able to help you work this out
if you’re still having trouble.

Be patient, nothing will change if you try too hard or expect instant gratification.

luck! Even if some outside force did sap your energies (which I feel is possible), you are an infinite being that is capable of overcoming any obstacle.

Remember that this is a test for you to overcome, and that
someone who has been as attuned as you is surely going to do great
things for this world. We need you to come back, and I know you will.

Luke (0) (@Luke-LeGrand) 7 years ago ago

Though my experience is not exactly the same as yours this sounds very much like a period of my life.

It is normal to go through a spiritual desert.  The desert is an experience that nearly all the spiritual masters went through.  Think about it!  Jesus went into the desert for 40 days, Buddha traveled and practiced many techniques for 6 years until his breakthrough.

In one of Herman Hesse’s books he says that faith and doubt ebb and flow like the intake and exhale of a long cosmic breath.

Thich Nhat Hanh says you can’t always rely on an old spiritual practice; you change and you have to find new practices.

Have you neglected the body?  Get grounded with lots of organic greens and fruits and clean water!  Maybe you should try taking up a martial art or dancing or acting or painting.  Ride your bike to the highest place in town and watch the sun rise or set. 

Light-hearted fiction might help, too.  Read “A Wrinkle in Time” or even some Harry Potter.  Watch some Miyazaki cartoons.

Above all don’t worry.  Negative feelings won’t help.  Stay positive and believe that you’ll come out of it and then one day before you even realize it you will be feeling powerful again.

Rosa P (0) (@Theadores) 7 years ago ago

Hi how are you doing today, I have similiar things happen to me.  what helps me is prayer Open your self through other forms of communication for example if you need help with something you ask for a sign it could be look at certain time on clock and same times appears or you listen to music and you keep hearing same song read lyrics, you will get your answer but you need to make time for prayer, and another is also for me maybe like your watching a show and topic your thinking about is topic on the show, Please pray you will be fine, hope I helped

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