Lost My Positive Energy Mojo

 Baxter (@Baxter) 7 years, 5 months ago

So I ‘ve witness first hand the power of positive thinking over and over in my life .
If anything water seeks it’s own level and so does energy .
I also believe it just does not come about from just the process of thought it takes some physical action to get results.
I’ve always questioned the whole process because it’s not really something tangible, being a logical analytical thinker I am .
I’ve lived a pretty charmed life and created it all myself but feel I’ve lost my mojo the past few years.
Mostly because I’ve decided to really step out of myself and change my career and lifestyle .
To live a more conscious simpler life .
Most of my family and friends really don’t understand my decisions so it leaves me a lone a lot in my journey, I’m ok with that most of the time .
They just don’t understand why someone who had it made in the shade would rock the boat or jump ship .
The career part is coming slow……. and I keep on wanting to run back to safety of my old career -(.
I’m doing a lot of ground work to find a job in the field I desire to work in ,but……….. I have these constant negative under tone negative thoughts I think may be hurting my results mostly fear of the unknown . It’s not going to happen ,I’m going to go broke bluh bluh …………
I guess fear of my unknown future is killing my positive energy and results .
I use to be so sure of myself and trust myself but I’m in such un chartered territory now, so it’s hard let go and to trust, it also creates much unwanted anxiety .
I believe these thoughts in themselves could contribute to holding me back, definitely they are keeping me from fully enjoying living in the now ,which is actually pretty good .

May 18, 2014 at 7:30 am
Ray (4) (@brainofmorbius) 7 years, 5 months ago ago


This is a quote from a book titled “Quantum Leap Thinking” by James J. Mapes:

“To obtain what we want (the desired state), we must pass through the uncertain, uncomfortable phase of the transition state. Every change looks like a failure in the middle of the process.”

I have found that to be true with any major life change or creative endeavor. You start off enthusiastically, but once you get really into it, in the middle of it, it can really drag you down with the ambiguity of whether it is working or not, the complexity of the process that you didn’t assume would be part of it from the beginning on all sorts of levels (social-cultural, financial, personal awareness…)

This is especially true of aspiring novelists. They get started on a book they are really excited about, and get a few chapters into it, then…they quit because of this loss of clear direction and joy in the middle…

You have to commit to where you are going and just trudge on.

Baxter (16) (@Baxter) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

Thanks Ray that exactly how I feel Trudging ,I keep working at it trying different things and feel like I’m getting no where, which is not true .
It does not matter cause I’m not turning back ,I could never live with failure by default of not seeing this threw . I’ve lost a lot of older family members early in life being born a very late child .In there final days I’ve listen to many of there regrets of not at least trying .
That thought has always been a great motivator for myself .

thatcrazyswayze (24) (@thatcrazyswayze) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

When you feel uncomfortable, this means you are growing. We must overcome the challenges in life. Dont trudge on, skip onwards with the devotion that you started with. No matter how dreary the situation, no matter how down you feel, know and trust your heart in the fact that you will make it to the other side. Why become depressed, why limit yourself?
Even if you never truly accomplish what you want, you learn how to overcome challenges and you will be better prepared to handle future ones. We all have our own ways of interacting with the world, and you are just building your game piece, building yourself.
Stay strong, dont let the lies in your head tell you that you wont be able to make it. Just trust your heart, listen to what that says, not the things in your head.

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