Love. Love. Love…

….just try to love.

And understand. And show compassion. And trust. And encourage. And support. And listen. And learn. And grow.

Let your emotions show. It’s ok to be vulnerable. It’s ok to not fit in. It’s ok to not win, competition’s only an illusion anyway. It’s ok to like what other others laugh at. It’s ok to just breath. It’s ok to believe. It’s ok to believe in you. 

It’s ok to just be. It’s ok to just be you. Love you. Love your enemy. Love me. Love my enemy. Love everybody. 

We are all you.  

April 21, 2015 at 7:22 pm
Kyle van der Walt (13) (@KylevanderWalt) 6 years, 1 month ago ago

Hello :)

It’s very easily said, but trying to put it into practice is something that I struggle with. How can you love someone who throws negativity and hatred at you? How can we transfer it into something beautiful like love?

NTesla (79) (@jmorales010) 6 years, 1 month ago ago

Because hate isn’t cured with hate but with love, if someone is always in a negative mood, you can try to bring them with you to that positive mood. Make them see whatever it is it is as you see not as they see it, because maybe they see it in a way that doesn’t seduces them, or maybe they see that being so positive may make people abuse them or not respect them. I dont kwow, i’ve always think that if you respect and treat eveyone as well as you can they will respect you. And latelly, i’ve being receiving that, treating me and others well because i always try to treat them well. But of course there are some others that seems to live in that agony of negativty, always “nah” always grumpy or thinking on the pessimism. So, i simply try, and if i know he/she/it will ignore me or will keep throwing negativity, i desist when i see it is affecting me or it will start to “invade” me, because it will be worse for both, as he will see it like a win

LifeInMyOpinionLIMO (51) (@dewanderingsage) 6 years, 1 month ago ago

The reply before mines was very well said and possibly more helpful than what I’m about to say. But here it goes anyway:

People are usually negative towards you for personal reasons in their lives than you never have the opportunity to even know exist. They see people and situations from behind their lens only, accept it as fact, and usually act on it.  Once you understand and accept that the negativity isn’t personal… You can proceed in the interaction free of any vengeful feelings or the need to reciprocate those bad vibes. We as humans usually meet negativity with negativity because we want them to feel what we feel but we only feel those things because we take it personal. Even if the negativity is being aimed at you directly… The source of such feelings come from within that individual.

You can always make the choice to love. It’s a personal decision. No one or nothing can ever do anything to take that choice away. 

NTesla (79) (@jmorales010) 6 years, 1 month ago ago

i think you explained yourself much better haha it’s exactly that, people tend to forget they are looking through their lens, when there can be much more options and they can even choose what to see.  

Other thing i always think is, that if i am complaining about something, i CANT do that something. There’s no way im going to do that because if not what i am talking about in the first place? So maybe i get tired of treating someone good when he doesnt care about anyone never, but if i act like him, what’s the difference? I dont know if i’m explaining myself, hope so !

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