Love overcomes distance.

mother of dragons (@khalessi) 8 years, 9 months ago

In October I moved across the united states to be with my boyfriend. We moved in together before officially dating because that was the easiest and best decision at the time. Despite skipping this important part in establishing a solid relationship, everything worked out and we have grown even closer than before. He’s moving to Hawaii in January and plans to be gone for six months or more. He will be working on farms and won’t have the best cell service and it will be difficult to talk some days. Our relationship is so new, the distance worries me a bit. I want to do everything I can to remind him how much I love him so I am writing a little book to put in his backpack that he can look at it during his travels. I have included it with many things that I love about him and short poems I wanted to share. I plan to add pictures of us and I have some petals from the first flower he ever bought me.

So what I am asking of you wonderful HE users, is:
-What things do you love the most about your significant other?
-What are some experiences that have made your love stronger?
-Are there any ‘love’ poems or quotes that have touched you?
-What sort of things make you feel most loved/ cared for?
-Do you have things you like to complimented on more than others?
-If you’ve experienced a long distance relationship, what worked best?
-What sort of things still give you butterflies?
–and anything else you think will help me make this book beautiful.

and I’m hoping by this post, and with the help from you guys, I can make my book even better and have it really touch a place in his heart. He doesn’t know I’m making it, and I don’t plan to tell him. I am going to hide it away in his backpack before he gets on his plane and one day while he’s in Hawaii he’ll find it and read all of the wonderful things. Any suggestions are much appreciated. xx

December 16, 2013 at 11:55 pm
inna (95) (@paintedbeings) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

Sorry to burst your love bubble, but my advice would be to give it to him in person and earlier so that you can reap the benefits of his reaction to what you’ve made, (not leave him alone with it for time that is longer than your irl relationship and no way of contacting you).

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