LSD and claircognizance

Mel (@mhart1) 9 years, 2 months ago

Hi guys!
I was wondering if any of you knew or thought it was possible to gain some kind of psychic connection after taking psychadelics??
So I’ve done small doses of LSD twice, and ever since, I have felt like I have had claircognizance, which is a form of psychic ability that’s basically “i know this, but i have no idea how i know it.” It’s like clairvoyance, which is knowledge in the form of images, but claircognizance is in the form of thoughts.
Anyway I’ve been getting all kinds of weird knowledge like I can always tell when people are lying and also just all this insight to how the world works and what people are thinking and I really have no idea where it all came from but it started around the time I did acid.
Do you think psychadelics can cause this kind of thing???
Also, if I keep doing acid do you think it’ll get stronger?? Or maybe I’ll develop some other kind of awareness?
I’d love to hear what you think.
Thanks! :)

June 9, 2013 at 6:12 pm
Matt (10) (@madcat) 9 years, 2 months ago ago

@mhart1, In my understanding of it, the action of LSD is to magnify and externalize mental/emotional/spiritual processes to the point of caricature. So what it does is to show you in extreme detail stuff that is already happening under the surface at all times. Additionally, I believe that all humans function constantly on the psychic level, though few are consciously aware of it. (nor need they be)

You don’t need psychedelics to develop psychic sensitivity, but they do pull down the barriers of perception really fast. Like everything, there advantages and disadvantages to that strategy…

Anonymous (53) (@) 9 years, 2 months ago ago

@mhart1, Hi Mel,
I used LSD quite extensively for many years beginning in 1970 and ending around !990. This doesn’t make me an expert and I do not advocate it. The old expression “expand your mind,” though vague is indirectly accurate. The chemical does indeed cause a chemical/neural reconnecting; whether expansive or restrictive is determined by the outcome and personal values. There is the quandary of becoming so changed that remembering normality can be complicating.

Simply put, psychedelics are, in the slang parlance of biochemistry, ‘chemical cousins.’ This means they are so closely similar to certain neuro transmitters that they mimic their function. LSD is quite literally dreaming in a waking state. From its ingestion you are altering the neural makeup/configuration of the brain, thus affecting the mind. Chemically altering the brain to have a neural state similar to the dream state (which is a chemically conditioned state.) This is why dreams, like hallucinations can be abstract beyond practical meaning and consequently be symbolically prescient and meaningful.

Now you of course have now entered/ experienced a state of consciousness that is reserved for the very few and is not really normal or natural. Because the drug is hallucinatory partially, it is only sane to doubt possessing a heightened sense of awareness. After all, the chemical can exacerbate or mollify what you brought to the state. You may have already had those attributes and didn’t notice it until now. It can be quite complicated.

You will meet people in life that will cause you to doubt yourself because of their ignorance. Listen to your heart and intuition. I am greatly sensitive and empathic. I can read people very easily. Sometimes you go from being myopic to a enjoying wide visual field/spectrum. I liken it to visualizing on the atomic level. That doesn’t mean you literally see the individual molecular activity of course, but because your imagination is now broadened you may never see things as simply as before.

You sound very sensible. Happy trails, and God bless you. Wherever you go, you come back again. love- K
(a poem/song)

Anonymous (5) (@) 9 years, 1 month ago ago

@sobroquet, HEY Sir Keith please help me
i have 250 ug paperbolt LSD with me, Dalai lama Stamp, i get it in New Delhi by lot of Hard work, i want to take LSD not only for fun, i want to take it for Insights and for positive results for the first time…..i will take it when the proper time will come, when i will be emotionally balanced….coz an bad set can cause bad trip….

my friend who get me LSD ask me to take HALF of it, not full 250ug, as he himself had taken Dalai lama stamp and even half of it is strong, he warn me not to take 250ug for the first time….

Friends if i want a very STRONG TRIP…the one that will give me wonderful experiences, Ego Death and can bring changes in Prespective of my life, 250ug will be great………..i don,t want to take half….but the benefit of half is i will have 2 trips…2 times….

please advice me 250 ug will give a STRONG, trip that will make me feel as Lost…..

Anonymous (53) (@) 9 years, 1 month ago ago

@LSD-Nirvana, The ‘stamp’ you refer to is also called a blotter. Without the technical means provided by a laboratory, there’s no way to apprehend or gauge how much of the substance is put on the paper (micrograms). I suggest you listen to your friend. Maybe take even less. Again I must reiterate that I do not advocate taking this drug, or any drug for that matter.

Of course “setting” and circumstances are of the utmost importance to help assure a pleasant experience. Taking a potent hallucinogen (especially for the first time) is a lot like gambling, a crap shoot so to speak. As I posted before, it is in essence dreaming in an awakened state; there could be nightmare type hallucinations. That’s why its advisable to trip with a guide/friend that can be calming and reassuring in the event that you can no longer distinguish the difference between what is real and what is imaginary (psychosis)

True nirvana doesn’t come in a pill or a tablet. True nirvana comes by strict deliberation and introspection (honesty) and is hastened by meditation. Meditation eventuating into a cessation of analyzing and over-thinking, dwelling in a transcendent state and achieving an equipoise state of consciousness; Om Tat Sat can be translated to mean the ‘Supreme Absolute Truth’ or more literally ‘all that is’. Truth Beauty Bliss.

Good tidings and blessings young one, I wish you the most pleasant of experiences. You will be amazed at the complex structures of mind and life, and hopefully will derive some insight and illumination. Happy Trails…

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