LSD: Dream Emulator Part II (Spoilers)

DaJetPlane (@lytning91) 10 years, 4 months ago

Ok, so this is the rest of my most interesting encounters with this game. I will try my best to portray the emotions felt when perceiving the stuff in this game, but in the end, it is better to play than to read.

This game, in addition to really strange animations and figures, artwork and designs, also has integrated into it some actual footage as well as images.

For example, I had a dream once that was entirely video. It featured many strange elements, ranging from the inside of a projector as it operated, images of what appeared to be a graveyard, a lone man walking down a sidewalk carrying bags, a goldfish within a bowl within an elevator, a small turtle on someone’s dinner plate, and the list goes on. I have captured numerous images that I could provide if asked, but there are many examples of game play available on youtube and elsewhere.

In addition to these abstract features, the textures that I previously mentioned sometimes changed into images. These images normally ranged from peoples eyes, to faces of men and women in different shades and tones of color. There are images of children and sometimes images of lips.

I thought nothing of these, completely unable to discern whether their nature was pornographic or not…but then I found the one I needed to find to know this game really was trying for something more edgy than it seemed: a picture of a young woman, completely nude, using her hands to cover her eyes and breasts, still allowing for 100% accuracy in identifying her sex via the unclothed vagina captured within the image.

Returning, now, to the creative images constructed for the game, there are no real limits to what can be seem, as far as I am aware. You are likely to see things twice, but hardly ever with the exact same textures. There are lions roaming that will have bands of Japanese text across their faces for no reason. You can see ninjas rounding around a village, bull people who carry carts for passengers to ride in, slow-moving geishas wandering the town, a king and queen dancing in a toy town, and a strange giant man stuck inside a room of a house that lunges his face out at you when you come to close

Sound interesting? Play it

The last thing I will revisit is my continued finding of the Violent City. My interest in the game slow trickled as I began to adjust to the strangeness of it all, but the city with all of its blood and gore had me stuck. I returned and have since found a trash can filled with bloody limbs from a human body, a man repeatedly kicked a dead body on the ground, a single hanging lady falling from the streetlight and slow chasing me no matter what direction I went, and even watching the man that can kill you killing another person fenced in and against a wall.


This game was rumored to have graphic images depicting violence, which it certainly does. It was also rumored to have graphic images of people, which it does to a degree, but not the degree written in the creepy pasta story mentioned in the first post. Overall, this game has a largely mature theme for the time that it came out, and for the audience that my purchase such a game. It was said that this game was created from the dream diary of one of the men who worked on it.

The game fascinated me, and I hope you give it a try!

May 16, 2012 at 11:40 pm
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