Lucid Dream Experience – Simple Fun and then… Spiritual Revelations

TheSeer (@drallarnnat) 8 years, 2 months ago

I’ve had plenty of lucid dreams; ask any of my friends and they’ll say I’ve ranted to them about it plenty. However, just last night, it had been taken to the very next level.

A series of lucids. Beginning in a school setting with me simply manipulating the environment, exploring the weird properties that allow rooms to hold entire cities and empty midnight streets to morph into classrooms. I messed around, controlled dream characters ( this is actually the first time I’ve had such a degree of control that I’ve been able to manipulate DC’s so powerfully) and enjoy the gift of telekinetic powers. I let the dream proceed naturally besides the occasional manipulation. It brought me to a party where I entered a break dancing competition around a fire at night. My newfound acrobatic skills were quite enjoyable… The next part of the dream brought me to a car ride with a few secret agents. I was in the passenger seat. I was ordered to execute one of the agents in the back seat, and so I telekinetically pointed a gun at his head. I then refused, at which point the other agent in the back seat shot him. I had more memory of this moment this morning, but it wasn’t an important part of the dream, comparatively, so I forget what happened next…

This is where the good stuff starts to happen. I am floating up into the night sky. Brilliant, beautiful lights of all colors flash and dance, disappear and reappear, all across the sky. In the dream I thought to myself ” This is incredibly beautiful. It reminds me of some of the DMT trip reports I have read about.” Then I begin to descend into some sort of greek style parthenon, but without any walls or ceiling. It is absolutely huge, buzzing with activity of different people doing different things. I descend right into the middle, where the Goddess of Dreams awaits me. She talks to me for a while, though I forget what she says. Then she brings me over to a door and reaches inside. She brings out an insignia that belonged to a pair of ancient greek heroes. My personal design, she said, was similar, however my design consisted of only the flower-part of this pair’s insignia. At this point I was thinking “well how cool. I will remember to research this in the morning. What I must do now, though, is do some field work. I need to ask her some questions.” So I asked her if the mind survived when the physical body died. She said ” You already know the answer to that.” At which point I began to give her some half-assed answer, but as I spoke information flooded my mind. It told me that the mind as we experience it is unique to physical perception, but that the mind, as a broad term meaning thoughts and awareness, does indeed exist even after the physical body dies. The only thing that changes is the way in which it organizes perception.

So then I let the dream carry on, checking out the awe-some world that I am exploring. Paying close attention to the facial features of the goddess so that I could remember what she looked like ( which is ironic because no matter HOW hard I tried, I could not keep the image of her face in my mind, only an impression. Which is doubly weird because later that night in another lucid dream I visited her again.)

I ended up in a room that propelled me into a weird state of being where I no longer felt I had a body. Instead I felt every cell buzzing as an individual unit. It felt very very very cold, like the cold was a fluid making its way around each and every cell, encasing it. I also somehow understood I was in an in-between state between this dream reality and the physical reality. Not in the way that I was partially awake, but I felt I was witnessing a cooperative process, as in I was resting in the connection between the two states. What I saw was the process of creation of physical reality. How it is constantly upheld by a propulsion of thoughts into a more intense state until finally it manifests as a part of physical reality. It looked something like this: I was my vision was completely filled with blue. I had 360 degree vision. All the sudden I saw concepts come from me and propel outward. As they got further away they became physical reality. This was coupled with an understanding of what was going on. I woke up after that, very excited. It most definitely motivated me to further explore the realm our awareness visits when our body is asleep.

July 5, 2014 at 6:59 pm
Davey Jones (0) (@daviruss08) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

That’s exciting! Sounds like you are very familiar with the dream realm. Monotomics (Oniros in particular) can provide a new level of awareness/manipulation in the dream state for people. I’m curious how it would influence your already vivid dream experiences. Give it a read!

Boy Elroy (5) (@boy8elroy) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

This is insane man! I just posted this on the discussion board
I reckon we have a lot to talk about. Have you heard at all about Carl Jung’s dream archetypes? If not I suggest you read up a bit on it. When I met the Old man/Old Father archetype I remember looking at the great detail on his face, looking at each wrinkle. But when I woke up I couldn’t really remember what he looked like, I only remember that when I did look it was intensely detailed. Also wondering if you smoke pot? do you find it affects your dreaming ability? I hear it can suppress REM cycles so that it makes dreaming in the deepest REM cycle (5) hard to accomplish

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