Marijuana instead of caffeine?

 * (@Thewakinglife)8 years ago

I’ve found that anywhere from 2 or 3 hits of some good weed actually helps my motivation. I have more energy and it helped a lot with my occasional depression and anxiety. I feel like it helps me to live in the moment and not over analyze things.i can make any type of work fun and enhance my mind and life with just a couple pinches of weed. I think it might be a miracle. I’m normally pretty quiet but when i smoke a little i feel like i can talk to anybody. I just don’t know if i should rely on weed to get me though my day. I’m not sure if i could function at the same level without it. I know it has improved my life in the past month a lot. I was getting more quiet, unmotivated, and depressed. But now i feel 100% better. Has anyone had the same experience as me? Is it just a placebo? I don’t want to rely on drugs to be happy and motivated but right now that’s all that’s working. Do you think i should stop self medicating like this?

September 17, 2013 at 6:44 pm
inna (95) (@paintedbeings) 8 years ago ago

In my experience, the effects of weed largely depend on strand/type of weed (and secondarily on how and when it is smoked plus your overall current mental situation). I’ve had very different experiences even with supposedly same batch, and I don’t recommend relying on it like a magic crutch or reliable fixer upper.
should you keep self medicating? Yes and no – not long term, but you can use what you have to enrich your life with something that’s gonna be left after the weed is gone (for ex, introspection).
You smoked, gained perspective that perhaps your life doesn’t have to suck, and now you can use that knowledge to work on what you need to start making the relevant changes/ achievements. Don’t mistake that idea for miracle weedies flying out of your pipe and patching up social anxiety and everyday blues with their little green hands while also doing the laundry for you while they’re at it. It’s not a happiness gasoline, it’s something like a checkup visit to soul doctor.

Akshay Makhija (16) (@akshaym) 8 years ago ago

@thewakinglife You can check out the discussion on Marijuana + Meditation where everyone has different experiences with it, more or less the person that you are (or in your case want to be) come out while having this. I feel that while high it is much easier for you to tackle these problems, but to reach that level while sober, you would have to pick up each negative aspect you don’t want in your life anymore, make small but daily changes everyday, it can start from smiling or saying hi to people that you normally wouldn’t, keep making gradual changes everyday and you’ll be amazed as to where you reach. I’ve read it takes somewhere between 21-30 days to break a habit. Work on one aspect for that long, eventually you’ll get around to most aspects and then it will be a habit to break bad habits, and that’s really a great place to be at!

Work at it! :)

R (3) (@Fleshbeck) 8 years ago ago


I found your response very interesting sir.

Thus Spoke Haze (102) (@ehsan) 8 years ago ago

@thewakinglife, It’s like taking vitamin C dude.

It can’t hurt you, but don’t overdo it.

ericlive (2) (@ericheinz) 8 years ago ago

@thewakinglife, I’m the exact same way man. And I agree with what everyone is saying – I really feel that weed affects everyone differently. But as for me, I definitely find that weed is a stimulant. I love the huge surge of energy/motivation I get. I was even smoking once first thing in the morning, and after a few tokes I had no desire for the cup of coffee I just brewed. Not sure how accurate this is as well, but I’ve heard that Sativa weed is more stimulant base, and Indica is if you just wanna chill.

ELizard (229) (@heavydreamz) 8 years ago ago

@thewakinglife, Im a long time advocate for taking small tokes for functionality. You can control your high a lot by how hot you burn/vaporize, how long you hold your hit, how slow you exhale, etc.

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